Guest Post By Mark Long.

DIY Rug Cleaning Tips and Maintenance


All area rug owners will agree that a clean area rug looks much better than a filthy area rug. It is therefore important for area rug owners to clean their area rugs regularly. However, most commercial cleaning services such as deep cleaning can be expensive. Therefore, area rug owners can learn some DIY rug cleaning tips that will help them to maintain their area rugs for as long as possible before they need to call the home cleaning services companies.

Get yourself a vacuum cleaner

Any area rug owner who wants to properly clean and maintain their rug should consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner. They should always vacuum their area rug after every three days in order to ensure that any dirt or dust is removed. This will leave the rug looking cleaner for longer. It is important to empty the dirt bag before vacuuming as dirty bags and filters can reduce the power of the vacuum. Furthermore, it is important to vacuum at the right speed, as a few slow vacuum passes are always better than many fast vacuum passes.

Keep cleaning items nearby

It is always important to act on a stain on an area rug immediately so that it does not dry up. This is because a dry stain is harder to remove, and it could cause the area rug to appear filthy. A cotton cloth is always important for dubbing or blotting a stain as soon as possible. A little water can also help to remove the stain easily. In case these two items fail, the rug owner could use vinegar or baking soda to carefully remove stains from their area rug. There are other chemical solutions and detergents that can help them to clean the area rug. They should check the manufacturer’s instructions on which chemicals are good, and which ones are not.

Steam cleaning services

Unlike the other cleaning and maintenance tips, steam cleaning Brisbane should be done less frequently. It is ideal to steam clean an area rug at least once in every six months. The process is very easy, and the rug owner simply has to hire a steam cleaner for the process. They can clean their area rug from home and ensure that it is free from dirt, dust, pet hair and mud. When using steam cleaning Brisbane services, it is always better to clean the area rug when the dirt is still manageable. If the rug is too dirty, it may be better to get professional area rug cleaning services. It is also important to not use too much moisture when steam cleaning, and to allow the area rug to dry completely before walking on it or returning the furniture.
DIY cleaning for area rugs is quite easy and straightforward. The best part is that it is quite cheap, and it still ensures that the area rug is clean, well maintained and attractive for longer. Individuals who follow these tips will be able to properly maintain their area rugs so that they serve them for as long as possible.

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Mark Long is a brilliant writer, an avid researcher and a passionate reader. He often gives his readers advice on a number of topics that range from cars and machines to home décor and design. Some of the tips he has shared with his readers include tips for home cleaning Brisbane and steam cleaning Brisbane.

Carpet Rinse Solution Neutralises PH Levels Insuring Zero Colour Migration.

Clean Your Carpets But Please Do It Without Changing  Your Carpet Colours.

This Solution Prevents Colours Migrating Into One Another, Prevents Colours Bleeding Into The Cleaning Solution. But Most Importantly It Enhances The Appearance Of Carpet Colours.


Have You ever cleaned your carpets  and the water you extracted out was the same colour as your carpets. YES you have! Well, I can tell you now, the problem arisen because you used a high alkaline cleaning solution. Please don’t get me wrong,  because carpet cleaning solutions, like any cleaning solution must be high in alkalinity in order for them to clean.

But like most folk, all you were probably interested in was cleaning the item in question. So most cleaning solutions are in fact high in alkalinity because that is how they can clean.

But carpets often have delicate colours in the dyes in the fibres. Using a high alkalinity cleaning solution will clean your carpets, but the chances of you loosing colour from your carpets is also high. That is why we use a rinsing solution. Also the rinse solution must be a neutral PH solution in order to neutralise the solution we use to actually clean the carpets with.

These two carpet cleaning solutions compliment one another. The product Multi Pro will do all your carpet cleaning for you. It is a high alkaline cleaning solution and will clean heavy soil, grease, walkways and seating areas too. It will give you great results cleaning most household stains. You can clean any room for instance, bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, lounge, dining room, stairs ext.

But you must never use a high alkaline carpet cleaning solution on it’s own.

Here’s the rinse solution details.

You tackle rinsing by mixing your rinse solution at 100 warm water to 1 rinse solution. So you can fill a 10 litre bucket with warm water. You then simply add  100 mls, that’s just a 1/10th of a litre of carpet rinse solution. There’s 5 litre of the stuff in one container, so you get to clean your carpet twice a year 5 rooms for about 10 years!

Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution

      I love this rinse solution so much. Having used it yourself, you’ll see why. Carpets glow! I didn’t know how to make a carpet glow until I discovered rinsing, especially rinsing with Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution. Not only does this solution rinse out soils, rinse out Pre-spray cleaning solutions, leaves carpets soft and bouncy with enhanced colours, it smells absolutely wonderful too.

Honestly, I’ve used tanker loads of this stuff over the years. Not one single time did I ever fault it and my customers never did either. One of my frequent quotes from customers was always “it looks like a new carpet”. I guess that phrase was said to me dozens of times a week. I even hear’d them people while I slept.

If you are considering having a go at your own carpets, I applaud you. But while I’m clapping, please make a bee line to Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution. You’ll be so glad you did.

One last thing,

Alkaline will attract soil to it. If you’ve ever cleaned or had cleaned your carpets and they re-soiled rapidly afterwords, you now know why. It’s so important to rinse carpets through in order to prevent that wicked problem of re-soiling. I won’t even mention how you might react to colour changes in your carpets!!!




Discounts Available When You Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine.

Never Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine Without Thinking DISCOUNTS!


This tactic is very available to everyone. Unfortunately though, few people are aware of it. To explain it more for you in detail, I’ll give you an example.

Many years ago in my business, I used a machine hire company. I was just getting started with my carpet cleaning service. I had only a carpet soil extraction machine at the time. Many of my customers wanted me to do carpet maintenance. But I did not have a carpet buffing machine, hence, I used a machine hire shop.

Now the main element in this example is this; I got 30% discount off the price of the carpet cleaning machine hire. You think about that, 30% discount. At the time, I think the carpet cleaning machine hire was priced at £24 per day. £80 per week and about £130 per month.

Now I used the carpet buffer machine allot. In fact I was hiring almost every week, sometimes even for a whole month. The good news in this example is the savings I accounted. Lets say for this example I hired the carpet buffer machine every quarter, total price without discounts £400  every 3 months. But now, take a look at my discount savings, it was £120.

Ask For Your Discount

All you need to do to get up to 30% discount yourself, is ask! You see, these machine hire shops want your business. They don’t want you going off some place else for cheaper machine hire, they want you to hire a carpet cleaning machine from them regularly.

How you do it is like this. You frequent the machine hire shop at least two or three times to hire a carpet cleaning machine. But do make absolutely certain that the machine you hire is right for you. If the machine hire shop has a variety of carpet cleaning machines available to you, that’s even better.

After you’ve hired a machine a couple of times, next time you frequent the hire shop, just simply ask for a discount. They may ask ‘ are you a tradesman’. Be honest. Tell them if you are and if your not, tell them. Of course it does make things easier if you are tradesman, but don’t worry about it. You may well not be a tradesman, but you are serious about hiring a carpet cleaning machine regularly. Tell them that you are serious. Tell them you’ll be hiring a carpet cleaning machine from them a couple of times a year at least.


Get Acquainted With Staff, Be Friendly With Friendly Staff, Particularly The Manager At The Machine Hire Shop


Don’t rush into this idea too quickly. Make certain that they are getting to know you at the hire shop. If after you’ve asked for your discount, they have flatly refused you, consider moving on. The reason I say this is because 30% discount on machine hire is very useful. If you use the same shop for 10 years 2 times per year, that’s a hefty amount of money.

Give this idea a go. You’ve got nothing to loose and a substantial amount of money to gain. Simply, ask for it.

Is Doing Your Own Carpet Cleaning A Pain In The Axx?

The Answer To The Question Above Is YES, Carpet Cleaning Can Be Difficult.


I’m not saying that you should never do your own carpet cleaning. I am saying that carpet cleaning only becomes difficult if you don’t know how to clean a carpet.

It’s not enough to just hire a carpet cleaning machine and get stuck in. That will leave you with a poor carpet cleaning result, a bad back, and a wet for days carpet, not to mention a rapid re-spoiling problem. Another angle on the difficulty in cleaning your own carpets is time.

If you hire a carpet cleaning machine for the day, If you don’t know how to clean a carpet and you want to clean 4 rooms or more, you’ll rush the cleaning. When you rush cleaning a carpet, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with a mess on your hands.

Allocate At Least 3 Hours When Your Doing One Room Of Carpet Cleaning, It Won’t Be A Pain In The Axx Then.

You must never clean your carpets without assessing how much time you’ve got. If the kids are home from school at 3.00pm and your just getting started cleaning your carpets at 11.00am, you’ll be carpet cleaning when the kids want their tea.

So that I’m not laboriously trying to tell you about how difficult it is to clean your carpets yourself, here’s the good news.

Start off by just carpet cleaning one and only one room. If you want to do more rooms, you can. But focus on the day to simply just carpet clean one room, your lounge, dining room, or a bedroom maybe. Allow at least three hours for carpet cleaning from start to finish to get that one room carpet cleaned.


I Promise, Carpet Cleaning Is Not Difficult If You Don’t Rush It.


I’m suggesting you carpet clean only one room, because this will build your confidence. After you get to know what’s involved in carpet cleaning a room, you can then consider doing more rooms. But do get into the carpet cleaning know first. You can learn by cleaning a single solitary room.

Now, suddenly, we have time. Because time is of the essence when we are just learning. You may have done your own carpet cleaning several times before. That’s fine if you have. My guess is though, you’ve never used the DIY methods I’m showing to you on this blog. This is probably a brand new method for you to learn.

Faithfully follow the carpet cleaning techniques. Use the tools and the suggested solutions, then you’ll see a great result. This is not a race and should never be thought of in that way. Time is so important when your learning. By concentrating on carpet cleaning one room, the chances of your kids getting their tea on time is a reality.

Remember, one room only and increase your confidence first. See your results. Next time your carpets need cleaning, clean a couple of rooms, it’s not difficult. Always remember that you must allow time for this cleaning work. As you improve and you over come the difficulties by getting familiar with how this method works, then, do more of your rooms.


Shane Daley

Carpet Cleaning Cost’s


The Real Cost Of Keeping Carpets Ship Shape Clean


If you decide that you’d like to try my methods for cleaning your carpets, that’s great. But what about the cost’s involved? Isn’t it expensive using professional solutions and tools? And what products exactly would be needed?

If you are hell bent on using the methods for carpet cleaning which I have outlined, you’ll save £££!

Here’s why,,,

Once you have the few low cost tools and solutions, your costs for carpet cleaning is almost complete. You can pick up the essentials in your town for probably under £70. From then on, you need only hire a machine which again you get for less than £35 for the day.

So let’s say for instance that you are sure you want clean carpets 24/7. You have 3 rooms that you want to do every 8 months. Therefore, your initial £70 for tools and solutions will last you almost for a lifetime. Your only outlay is for the hire machine. You work it out. £35 or less 4 times over 3 years that’s just £140 for 3 rooms cleaned every 8 months. Works out at £46 per year, that’s just £15 per room per year.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs Can Hit The Roof.

My normal charges for this outlined type of carpet cleaning was £76 for one room cleaned. £63 for 2 rooms and £81 for 3 rooms. But that was 10 years ago. You try getting a professional carpet cleaner in to do 3 rooms for under £100. It’s unlikely you’ll find anyone.

So why not do it yourself. As you can see from these figures, you’ll save a bundle and your carpets will be clean too. At just £15 per room per year, over 5 years cleaning, your carpets will look good. But without cleaning, you’ll probably be thinking about replacing your carpets within a few years. It makes good since to clean and it makes good sense to clean them yourself.

The methods which I have described for you are top notch. You’ll always get a great and lasting result. Lastly, you’ll want to keep your carpets, they’ll be too good to replace. Remember, just £15 per room per year. In 5 years, cleaning every 8 months you’ll have great looking carpets that will last for many more years to come.


That’s mathematically it from me for now,

Take care and clean well

Shane Daley




Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaning

Here’s How You Pick Up More Than Double The Soils From Your Carpet Vacuum Cleaning.


I would like to show you here how to vacuum clean your carpets. But the problem is that your unlikely to use this method, but it is the best. Here’s how to improve your vacuum cleaning.

First thing we do is, we put the vacuum cleaner aside for a minute. Place your hand flat onto your carpet surface, then stroke your carpet across in all four directions, left to right, right to left, up and down. You’ll feel which way your carpet pile flows. There is a rough way when your stroke your carpet and there’s a smooth way.

What we are looking for is the rough way. We want to know which way your carpet pile flows. Remember, it’s the rough way we are looking for. Once you’ve found which way your carpet pile flows, then turn to your vacuum cleaner.

Check Out Here, How Your Vacuum Cleaner Works

On the underside of your machine there is a brush that rotates. The brush spins forward. Having this in mind, we think of the flow of your carpet pile. Remember the rough way. We want the brush on the underside of the vacuum cleaner to raise your carpet pile. So, if we vacuum clean WITH the flow of your carpet pile, then in all respects, we are flattening the pile down with the rotating brush. Soils get buried doing it this way and they become difficult to vacuum out.

On the other hand, if we work with your vacuum cleaner against the flow of the carpet pile, then we are raising the pile with the turning brush. Now the soils in your carpet can easily be vacuum cleaned out. We are in effect raising the carpet pile for the vacuum to follow and thus vacuum cleaning the soils from the raised pile. Can you see how this works?


Use This Soil Sucking Method Every Time You Think Of It


Now, I don’t expect you to always vacuum clean against the carpet pile flow. That would be too difficult for most people. But if you keep this method in mind constantly while vacuum cleaning, knowing which way your pile flows, then you will pick up much more soil.

Another great method is to pull your machine slowly towards yourself. The slower you can pull it, the more soils you will pick up. So please remember, work with your vacuum cleaner raising your carpet pile for the vacuum to pull out soils. Work slower with your vacuum cleaner and pull out even more soils.

This method works with cylindrical vacuum cleaners too. Rather than pulling the floor tool in any old direction across your carpets. Instead push the tool into the carpet pile. Doing this, your raising the pile pushing into it and the vacuum will follow. Simply feel which way your carpet pile is set. You can do that with your hand. Just stroke your hand across your carpet and feel which way the pile flows.

That’s all I’ve got for you on this post. Please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like me to cover next. I am eager to help you more.

Until next time

Shane Daley

You Should Clean Or Have Carpets Cleaned At Least Every 8 Months..

Cleaning Your Carpets At Least Every 8 Months Is Recommended By The National Carpet Cleaners Association. (NCCA)


If your following my suggestions, you are probably thinking about doing you own carpets. The benefits of doing so are huge. Think of it like this. Let’s say for instance that you have 4 people living in your home. Mum and Dad and two Children. Not forgetting your pet Dog. Now, during the lapse between carpet cleaning the daily bombardment of your carpeting can be quit extensive.

Preventing Embarrassing Home Get Together’s


Aim to clean your carpets every 8 months. This will prevent any build up of bacteria. But as we do, we have special occasions that bring us visitors to our homes. Like kids parties, weddings, Christmas ext,,, You may decide that a clean house is necessary for these special occasions. Just to have your home presentable will make you feel more relaxed.

A quick look at your rooms will tell you whether or not you want to clean the carpet. After all 4 people and a Dog can quickly soil your carpets during any 8 months. So how I would do the cleaning is to stick to the 8 month intervals but for special occasions, I would clean the rooms you’ll be using. Of course, in some instances, your carpets may well be fine (no visible soil) So you skip cleaning if your happy with the look of your rooms.

If you are one of my customers, you should have your own tools, solutions and easy access to a hire machine or your own machine. This simplifies your carpet cleaning activities and reduces your costs. For instance, if your hiring a machine and you’ve got your own tools and solutions, then a simple phone call or a web site order gets you a machine.


Expect Complements When People See Your Nicely Cleaned Carpets. “It Looks Like A New Carpet” Is A Common One.


After your done cleaning for your special occasion, then return back to the 8 month interval. But once again, if your having any house gatherings, repeat this process. Very quickly, you’ll get to know what your doing. Your carpet cleaning will become much easier and faster each time you do it. But please don’t rush your cleaning too much, that will tire you out. Just go easy every time. You’ll enjoy it as you become more proficient at this.

To re-cap — Carpet cleaning should be done at least every 8 months. This will evade health risks and keep your carpets maintained. However, special occasions can be catered for by cleaning carpeted rooms you’ll be using (if soil is visible) After cleaning for a special occasion, revert back to your 8 month intervals. Repeat this process ongoing.

I’m making suggestions here, these ideas are not set in stone. But this gives you some idea as to how often you do your carpets. Many of your circumstances may well be different. But the above example can be used as a guide.

See you in a bit,

Shane Daley


Carpet Pile Brush The Do’s And Dont’s


Newbee Carpet Cleaners Create Appalling Problems Without Professional Training. I Fell Victim Too. Here’s What Often Happens…


I remember one lady customer who invited me in to clean her lounge carpet. I set to work and got the job done within 1 1/2 hours. I charged £25.

That night, after tea, off I went to the pub to get drunk!

But one thing I remember so well about that particular job, was how I cleaned the carpet. I simply just went over and over and over it again and again with the machine to remove visible soils. The carpet got so wet, my guess is that it took at least two days to dry!

Now the lesson in this is about this one tool which is The Carpet Pile Brush. If I’d have had this one tool on that particular day when I drenched the ladies carpet, then things would have been better. If I’m honest, I did not even know that such a tool was available in those days. So who suffered? Well, everyone involved really. From the customer to the customers family to me and my business.

One Day I Spotted The Carpet Pile Brush. I Was Immediately Overcome By What Was Missing In MY Business.

I kind of knew intuitively how this tool would help me with cleaning carpets. Within a week I purchased a carpet pile brush and some pre-spray solution too. My work

Essential Carpet Pile Brush For Agitating Pre-Spray Solution

You should never be without A Carpet Pile Brush.

resumed as normal, apart from one major fact. Suddenly, my carpet cleaning results shot through the roof! I started getting absolutely magical results and from much less effort too.

This was not only good for my business but my customers too. It was like everything just turned around over night. Very quickly, I started getting tons of referral work. I was regularly asked back to do a re-clean months later. It was a complete turn around for my business.

For the small cost of one of these carpet pile brushes, you can get exceptionally good carpet cleaning results yourself. It requires a bit of work to use the brush, but you simply go easy. Just do a small section at a time, about 4ft square.

No other brush will be suitable for cleaning carpet in the same way. The Carpet Pile Brush was built for the job. If you try to use any other brush, the chances are that You’ll either break the brush or you won’t get the same great carpet cleaning results. You must use the right brush. The term for it is “Carpet Pile Brush”.


Your Local Janitorial Supplies Store Will Sell You A Carpet Pile Brush.


But some won’t stock it. Therefore you have to keep trying in order to get one. In the UK, probably 90% of janitorial supplies stores will stock the brush. But over seas, it may well be another matter.

You’ll also need a pre-spray solution and a rinse solution for the extraction machine. The pre-spray solution is applied onto your carpet first. Then you brush agitate the pre-spray solution into your carpet pile. Then you rinse through with the extraction machine. Job Done! You must search for the brush and eventually you will find it.

The Carpet Pile Brush comes as just the head. You need to attach a normal brush pole onto it. But this is easy. Anyone can attach a brush pole onto a carpet pile brush.

Do check out this vital tool. It will absolutely turn your carpet cleaning around. You get zero over wetting, you get a concentrated cleaning action, fast drying, and a thoroughly and lasting clean carpet too.

Check out The Carpet Pile Brush and put it to use in your home. It will probably last you for ever. So you only need to buy one. Then your carpet cleaning efforts and results will never be the same again ever.


Thanks for now,


Shane Daley

Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Solution.

For Exceptionally Clean Carpets, You Will Need This Very Simple Technique.


I know, that if you’re reading this post, the likely hood of you being serious about keeping your carpets clean is high. But just having a desire for cleaner carpets is sometimes not what gets them clean. That’s why I am writing this post.


Keep Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spraying At The Heart Of Your Carpet Cleaning activities.


Without a pre-spray, you will probably be creating a problem for yourself. If carpets are not cleaned properly, then you get all sorts of problems. Over wetting, slow drying, dull looking carpets, re-soiling, shrinking and many more other cleaning related problems too.

A carpet cleaning pre-spray solution for spraying onto your carpet before rinsing

Carpet cleaning pre-spray solution . Prochem 

In order to avoid such mishaps when cleaning your carpets, this pre-spray solution which I am recommending to you is pretty crucial. (There are many other pre-spray solutions you can use) You need one that will clean your carpets thoroughly instead of just whizzing over with a machine. You see, the pre-spray solution will actually clean your carpets before you approach them with a machine.

Like so many people who have a go themselves, cleaning a carpet with just a machine is not the answer. The machine you use for cleaning should be looked upon as a rinsing machine and not  a cleaning machine.

The carpet cleaning pre-spray solution does all the cleaning work for you first. Then you switch on your machine and simply rinse out the solution which has pre-cleaned your carpet for you. But his process does not take place without effort. The pre-spray needs to be brush agitated into your carpet pile for it to do it’s work.


See How These Two Solutions Interact And Cause A Cleaning Action.


There is normally a rinse solution in the machine which will work in combination with the pre-spray. The two solution together create a cleaning effect. The rinse solution works by attracting the soils which you have loosened, separated and dissolved with your pre-spay. As you rinse your carpets though with the machine, the soils are more prone to be extracted because they are no longer matted in your carpet fibres. The soils are loose and easy to extract.

You simply must use a suitable brush which you can only get from a suitable cleaning supplies store. You brush agitate the pre-sprayed solution deep into your carpet pile. Then and only then do you use your extraction machine to rinse out the soils from your carpets.

This procedure will help you to keep your carpets cleaner and for longer. You’ll get zero over wetting and as a result, you’ll notice that your carpet dry bright and healthy. Too much water in your carpets make them dry dull and they become unhealthy as a result.


This carpet cleaning method cleans carpets better than any other system available to DIY carpet cleaning customers.


In fact, not a lot of people know about this method. The majority just use an extraction machine, which means that their carpet will require cleaning more often. And generally, they have sick carpets because too much water has been used to shift stubborn soil.

Don’t be in the same category of the machine be all and end all group. Use a pre-spray solution then brush agitate your carpets then rinse your carpet through.

Also, last point, — you should never use a carpet cleaning machine without knowing how. So many people simply have no clue about how to operate a soil extraction carpet cleaning machine. See this post on this blog Hiring a carpet cleaning machine. Please don’t race out and get stuck in to cleaning your carpets without first reading the post. I’ll tell you exactly how to operate a soil extraction machine so that you won’t ever need to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

You’ll be the pro because you’ll know exactly what your doing. Please refer to the above blog post, it’s on this site, for further info.



Shane Daley

Hiring A Carpet Cleaner Machine

Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine Locally, But Make It Clean Using Much Less Effort.


The fastest and simplest way to hire a carpet cleaner machine is two fold. Either way, you’ll get what you want, and you can compare a few prices as well. Most machines available for diy carpet cleaning are much the same. You can visit any number of hire shops in your local area and each machine available will be similar in most ways.

The secret when your hiring a machine is to obviously get one that suits your needs. You can usually choose from an upright machine, (like a rug doctor) or a wand type carpet cleaner.

I don’t want to bear any prejudice about which machine you should choose, but I will tell you the benefits of each one.

1/ Using An Upright Carpet Cleaning Machine.


These type of carpet cleaning machines often come with a wand tool attachment. So you actually get both types of machine in one. You get a hand tool (remember to ask for it) with the machine for stair cleaning, carpet edges, stain and spot cleaning

The idea of the upright machine is that it can easily be pulled across your carpet. You simply just add  your cleaning solution and you pull the whole thing across your carpet slowly in order for it to clean. Because you are actually pulling the machine, the weight of it needs to be low as you would struggle pulling a heavy machine filled with cleaning solution.

Because of how the machine works, the whole thing is compact. You get less cleaning solution in the machine for you to pull it across your carpets easier. But the good thing about these upright carpet cleaning machines is that you get a rotating brush on the underside.

As the brush spins, it will loosen and separate carpet soils and the solution spray and vacuum will rinse and wash your carpets as you pull the machine across them. Please, please, please, do not be tempted to put carpet cleaning pre-spray into this type of machine. You’ll struggle to rinse out the pre-spray which in turn could cause colour alterations.

This type of carpet cleaning machine is for easier cleaning. It requires nothing more than pulling the whole thing across your carpets.


2/ Better Results With Soil Extraction Carpet Cleaning With A Wand Tool.


You’ve probably seen these type of machines used before. Very rarely will you see a professional carpet cleaner use anything but this type of machine. There are many advantages to this type of cleaning machine. But there are dis-vantages too.

The main reason why these machines are used by the pro’s is because there is a better and more precise way to control them. You get an accurate solution spray which you can use more precisely. For instance, say you have an area where you sit. There is soiling visible around where you rest your feet. By using the wand type carpet cleaning, you can clean these areas with much more precision.

The wand tool is not heavy, like pulling the upright carpet cleaner is. Therefore, these soiled areas can be cleaned more easily using the wand type carpet cleaning machine.


Note: Don’t Ever Try To Clean Carpets With A Wand Tool Without Using This Professional Technique.


My guess is that if you fail to use the right technique, then there’s a good chance that you’ll actually over wet your carpet using this type of machine.

However,  my own personal opinion as far as which machine is best, either the upright carpet cleaning machine or the carpet cleaner with a wand tool is this;

You can actually fill up the wand type carpet cleaning machine because your not pulling it across your carpets. The only part of the machine which you are using is the wand tool. This is obviously easier, as dragging a heavy solution filled machine across your carpets can be strenuous work.

Something else I’d like to mention is this;

The wand type carpet cleaner will clean more carpet on one full solution tank. Were as, the upright cleaner will need to be filled before it does the same amount of carpet cleaning and as thoroughly too.

My own choice if asked, would be the wand type carpet cleaning. You want to do a room all in one go. You don’t want to be stopping and starting to fill the machine.


Here’s How Professional Professionals Use A Wand Tool.


The carpet wand tool has a front and back where it rests on your carpet. To prevent over wetting,  you raise your wand tool up high when your bringing the tool back towards yourself (solution trigger spray on) Then,  stop after 1 foot and release your trigger spray. Then lower your wand tool to thigh hight and push the tool forward over your cleaned area. So, it’s raise your wand tool high bringing it back towards yourself with the trigger spray pressed. After 1 foot, release the trigger spray, lower the wand tool to about thigh height then push forward across your cleaned area.

The reason why carpet cleaning with a wand tool must be done this way is because, if you look at the wand tool, you will see a front and a back edge where it meets your carpet. If you was to simply push and pull the wand tool across your carpets, then there would likely be zero air flow through the wand tool. What I mean is, that the air flow will carry the sucked out solution up through the wand tool and into the extraction machine recovery tank.

The air flow is created by raising and lowering the wand tool. The air rushes in through the back end of the tool while your pulling it towards your self (raised.)

When you lower the tool, the air rushes in the front of the tool and sucks up access solution into the recover tank.

Any how, that’s how to use a carpet wand tool. Follow these instructions and the likely hood of you over wetting your carpets is greatly reduced.

If I told you everything I know about cleaning a carpet, you’d need to speed read my stuff for 3 months. But  I’m not telling you too much here. There is something I would like you to read. It’s my Carpet Cleaning Guidebook.


For serious people who want carpets clean and kept clean I’m urging you to get my Carpet Cleaning E Book.



I wish you well


Shane Daley


PS.  Hire a machine locally. Prices vary quite a bit. Source out two or three machines, get info about each one. Sit and relax a bit with the info provided, then make a choice. Remember prices do vary, quality of diy carpet cleaning machines often does not.