11 carpet cleaning videos

Watch 11 practical videos showing exactly how to clean any carpet effectively.


There’s 30 years of practical carpet cleaning experience behind these 11 videos. You’ll see instantly how you’ve been doing it wrong. Carpets need to be cleaned properly. Doing it wrong will cause all sorts of problems. Over wetting being the most common carpet cleaning mistake. I’ll show you just how to avoid over wetting carpets. How to get carpets lovely and clean and dry in just about 5 to 6 hours or less.


You’ll discover what I paid hundreds of pounds for, from professional carpet cleaning training classes.


This is the information that you must have in order to keep your carpets in good shape. There is so much that can go wrong when you try to clean your own carpets. Its imperative that you follow the sound teachings which come from these 11 practical hands on videos.

When I first got started cleaning carpets back in 1986, I did it all wrong. My guess is that you too will make the same mistakes or similar. It was because I was persistent that I came through the learning process and made good of it. But like so many people, the mistakes must be made and learning replaces mistakes with effective carpet cleaning. The results from learning how, far exceeds previous results. Suddenly, cleaning a carpet or two is a very worthwhile thing to do. Carpets look clean, they do not re-soil, they look good, just as how they are supposed to look. Your carpet cleaning activities pays off. The results are very good.

There’s no up sells with this product, no down sells or any other sort of selling. You get instant access to the videos for just the stupid price of £1. That’s right, just £1 gets you in to to see these 11 videos for your self. But don’t sleep on this one time offer. Grab it now while you can. The normal price of this offer is £27 per month. Get it now while you can grab it for just £1.



1/Carpet cleaning products

2/Hiring a carpet cleaner machine

3/Carpet pre-spray and rinse solutions

4/How to mix, test and apply a pre-spray solution

5/How to use a carpet pile brush

6/How to remove a carpet stain

7/TV carpet cleaning interview

8/In’s and out’s of a carpet cleaning machine

9/How to clean a carpet

10/Carpet cleaning machine tips

11/Vacuum cleaning


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