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Home Carpet Cleaning Machines.

 Simple DIY Home Carpet Cleaning Machines.


If your not sure what to look for, for your home DIY carpet cleaning machine, here’s some simple tips.

Firstly, you’ll need to have some idea as to what you will be cleaning. One room, two rooms, three ext,,,.

In most hire shops, you can get a small low powered machine that will be good for  2-4 rooms of home carpet cleaning. Hire for a couple of days if you can.

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

A great little machine for carpet cleaning.

You can also get the larger machines that will clean bigger areas faster, therefore, you can do 3-6 rooms probably in a full day. But remember, I recommend that you use a pre-spray and brush agitation. This will slow you down with your carpet cleaning considerably, but pre-spraying and brush agitation will give you much better and worthwhile results.


My suggestion would be — hire the small ‘low powered home carpet cleaning machine’ to get started.

Get familiar with how it all works. Do two or three rooms using the pre-spray and brush agitation method. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be more confident with carpet cleaning and can then take on some larger tasks next time your carpet cleaning your home carpets.

Remember, home carpet cleaning machines do much the same as each other. Check out this post, small carpet steam cleaner. The bigger carpet cleaning machines have a larger solution tank and recovery tank. The motors are more powerful too. But the principles are very much the same. Both machines work the same. So do start off with the small hire machine and get the feel of how it works. Then maybe go for the larger machine next time you hire.

Carpet cleaning machine for professionals.

This machine is a professional type carpet cleaner.

The small low powered carpet cleaning machines are good enough to use on most home DIY carpet cleaning tasks. Do be sure though to pre-spray and brush agitate then use the machine for rinsing only.

For carpet cleaning tools and solutions and machine hire, go here.


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