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3 YouTube videos on page one of google in two weeks. Post 4.

3 YouTube video’s on page one of google in two weeks. Post 4.

Day 13. Post 4.

Hi again folks, just to let you know how things are progressing. Today I checked on my YouTube videos, I checked their position on google. And it seems that I created and indexed  8 YouTube videos. I won’t give you the actual keywords for the niches these videos are representing, I’m afraid I can only give you a general description of the videos. I can tell you though that from the 8 videos I got three showing up on google;

A sports car hire video, showing up at page 5.

A plasterers video showing up on page 7

A scaffolding hire video showing up at page 2.

The other 5 videos did not show up searching on google through the first twenty pages. However, I uploaded all of the videos to three video sharing sites,

Each of the 8 videos showed up in search results before the 20th page. The videos showed up from these three video sharing sites.

Also, and this will surprise you. On google you can do a search for just videos. Its a tab which can be selected on the tools menu in google search. All 8 of my videos showed up before position 5. I have 3 videos showing up on the first position. One video showing up on position number two. The final video shows up at position 4. So in affect, I have accomplished my goal. But still the results where not as I expected. My goal was to get 3 YouTube videos showing up on the first page of google.

My guess is this; These videos will continue to climb up through the rankings. I have taken out 6 gigs with fiverr. The gigs are SEO related and will help improve the rankings of my videos. The link for the one gig I used is here;

Very soon after I started to work towards accomplishing this goal, I had a feeling that I would need more time. Today is the last day of the goal. This is the conclusion. Here is a list of the 8 videos which I created using Easy Sketch Pro 3.

What I did was, I went to a telephone tracking numbers site and I purchased 8 numbers.

All of these numbers where local numbers at £2 each per month. For each video representing each city, I have allocated a local number. Now, these numbers are actually diverted to the recipients business number which they use for their advertising on the internet. For instance, the photography video, I placed my purchased number on the video and diverted the number to the photography business number. Do you see how it works? The divert can be changed to any number I choose. Therefore, the same number stays on the video even if I divert it to one or several different numbers.

Now, although the expiry of this particular goal is tomorrow. I don’t think there will be much movement in the rankings of these videos in just one day. I will continue to rank these videos ongoing. My guess is that I can get them all on page one. But I need time to do that.

If you’d like to try easy sketch pro 3, you can for FREE. Download is available on the link.

As far as I know these people are giving it away. No strings. Or you can do a search for Easy Sketch Pro 3, there you will find the product available  also.

They say practice makes perfect. This is my second goal which I have attempted to accomplish publicly. Its fun doing it this way don’t you think? But I also guess that doing this repeatedly, I will get get better at it. My next goal is debatable just now. I purchased another product on line last night. I may give it a whirl or maybe not. The product was recommended to me, I payed for it and have not really examined it yet. I will take a look after I complete this post.

One more day on this goal.

I will, if there is anything worth while reporting, do another post tomorrow on this subject. But if not, I will be moving on to my next goal. I will give you the link to the telephone tracking numbers site. The site is a little confusing when you first set eyes on it, but after you set a couple of numbers up, it gets easier. The site is

That’s just about it from me now. If you need any additional help or if you have any questions or something to share, please leave a comment below.

I look forward to my next new goal. I hope you come and pay a visit.


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3 YouTube Videos On Page One Of Google In Two Weeks. Post 3.

3 YouTube Videos On Page One Of Google In Two Weeks. Post 3.


Day 8. Post number 3.

Hi again, I hope all is well with you. Today is the middle of the time I have allowed to accomplish this goal. I have said it right from the very start, that I may be short of time. But I will continue to make a serious attempt at accomplishing this goal with in the two week period.

A lot has happened during these few days. One of the things is that I managed to find a cheaper telephone call forwarding service. At first it took a while to get used to the new set up. I found it to be a bit complicated. But the more I played about with it, the easier it became. Now I think I’ve mastered it and I think I will have no trouble using it now.

The difference in price is from £6 per number to divert. To just £3 now. Because if this system works and I start to generate some leads for a few local businesses, I will do more telephone call diverting. Right now I have 6 numbers all running at this time. So as you can see, with paying the £6 per number, it can start to become expensive. These numbers are rented on a monthly basis. So for 5 or 6 months renting, the cost can be high.

With 6 YouTube videos out there online, I have two ranking on google, one at page 5 and the other one at page 9.

I created these 6 videos as you know, with easy sketch pro 3. The videos on YouTube are ranking very high. I’ve got 3 at position 1. The other 3 are on the first three pages of YouTube.

Just today, I went to fiver and bought a gig. The gig is to boost the video which is on page 9. I got a another gig a few days ago, the same one. This time the gig is to boost the YouTube video which is on page 5. The page 5 gig is now complete and I am anticipating a leap from page 5 to page 1. Funny though, after the gig was completed, the video vanished. It was on page 5 for a few days. I looked today and its gone! Nowhere to be found! I guess that I must just sit tight and wait for the rankings to settle down. I have heard of story’s similar. A few days should sort things out.

The new phone service I am using is called Voipfone. The one before was switchboardfree. Both very good services. But I went for the cheapest. Although the first switchboard service is very easy to use. Both are good services but for me, price is important right now. After all, making money online is still beyond me. It’s not for the want of trying either. For me right now its all about patience. Hopefully I can get something to work.

Oh yes! As well, in the search results on google, there is now a button to use for searching for videos. There is also another tab for searching for books. I have 3 or 4 videos ranking on the first page of google in the videos search. I suppose in some way, that concludes my goal. First page of google in two weeks. But I am not satisfied with that result. I want my videos to show up on the first page of all results, not for just videos.

I’ve kept all of my work on this goal variable. I have chosen several different niches. Also I have selected various areas for these niches.

I simply looked on Wikipedia and got a list of towns and city’s in the UK. From this list I selected my geographic targets. I just did this randomly. But tried not to select highly populated cities. Just the mediocre cities and towns with a good population was OK for me.

I’ve got the hang of doing all the tasks now. Creating and uploading and optimizing the videos. The first couple of tries was difficult. I kept getting it wrong. But like I said, practice makes perfect. So I just kept plugging away at it. Really quite easy now.

That just about wraps it up for today. I am hoping that I will see a jump in rank from my page 5 position to the first page of google. The other gig I have booked with fiverr should boost my rankings from page 9 to the first page. Just a matter of time really. But I would like to see these jumps soon rather than later.

That’s it from me. Take care for now and I will hopefully see you here tomorrow.

Please feel free and leave a comment about this post or any other posts on this site.

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3 YouTube videos on page 1 of google in two weeks. Post 2.

Hello again, I hope all has been well for you this week. Today is the  5th day of my goal striving.

Day 5. Post 2.

3 YouTube videos on the first page of google in two weeks.

You may remember, I am aiming to get three YouTube videos on page one of google in two weeks. A big leap ah? But right now I see obstacles because I don’t think I am going to have enough time. I created three videos last week and got them up and running on google. But you know what, they didn’t show up. Absolutely no-where to be found!

So yesterday I created another video in a UK location for local car rentals services. But these videos are aimed at people who want to hire sports cars. I created the video last night and today it was on page 5 of google. Not bad ah? But there is still a few things I can do to get this video onto the first page.

But today, having checked that everything was ok, I noticed a problem. I have actually set the location on the video with the wrong telephone number. The number filters calls to my chosen sports car rental people. I had one number on the video going to a local number and that number was actually the wrong number! So I messed up with the numbers I’m afraid.

So this evening I had to take the video down off google and replace it with the same video but with the right numbers.

Obviously I lost my page 5 ranking. But not to worry, just a small set back. It’s difficult trying to remember all of the tasks I have to do to optimize the videos. But practice makes perfect. I have to keep going until I get it right.

After I complete this post, I will start work on the second new video. That will be created in no less than just about 10 – 15 minutes. The videos are real easy to put together. I did say I was going to put one on this post or the next post. I will do that for you here.

No time like the present. Here’s a video I created but I have dubbed the telephone numbers out.


These videos only took about 15 minutes to create, very easy as well. There’s tons of pictures available in almost every area of life. I actually uploaded pictures from my computer and the app sketched them for me. You can add music to the files and lots of other ideas have been incorporated into the program. It’s really very easy to use, fast and you can get it here, simply do search for “easy sketch pro 3” if you want it yourself.

I just checked on my rankings and I managed to retain my page 5 position. The new video is there on page 5.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I will have sufficient time to complete this goal. But I will make an effort to get as far as possible to achieving it. I think with some YouTube videos the ranking changes quite rapidly. Others seem to take forever to make just a few jumps in positions. But I will see how this next few days goes.

So right now I have one video on page 5 of google. The other two videos are nowhere to be seen. So I will create another 3 videos and repeat the process of getting them ranked. These next three videos should be easier for me to create. Before, I struggled a bit because I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Now I am more familiar with how to set the videos up.

The next step after creating the 3 videos will be to get them ranked.

I have two strategies to get the videos ranked. One is to share the videos to a number of sites and social sites too. That should get the ball rolling. Once I see the videos ranked, no matter where they are, I can work on bringing them closer to the first page. It’s not so easy when the videos are not visible in the rankings. The first few videos I did are still not showing. But hopefully, I can get these new videos to show up somewhere on google.

That just about wraps it up from me for today. My next post should be a bit more positive because I have climbed over the first hurdle. Things should be easier from now. So I will see you next time. Take care and buy for now.


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3 You Tube videos first page of google in two weeks. Post 1.

Welcome to my new goal — 3 You Tube videos, first page of google in two weeks.

Post 1. day 1.

How am I going to do this? Is it possible? The answers to these two questions is, please follow along and you will see how. These recent couple of days, I have been busy setting the foundations for this new goal. I’ll tell you briefly how I intend to accomplish this goal.

I’m using a product called easy sketch pro 3. This product can knock out professional looking videos very quickly and easily.  Right now, I have three of these videos online. They took me just 20 minutes each to create and that was just learning the software.

Below, I will show one of these videos and I will try to record my screen and show you over the shoulder. But just to get started with this goal, I’ll  first of all create a demo video for you.

The idea of this goal is to create three easy sketch pro videos.

Then go to a telephone forwarding directory where I purchased 3 numbers. These telephone numbers are local numbers for any area of choice. What I have done is, I did a search for local carpet cleaners in xxxx area UK. I went straight to the 3rd page of google and found a suitable carpet cleaning company there on page 3.

Now, without this carpet cleaning company knowing it, I have linked them up. They are at the other end of my purchased telephone number. When someone calls the number on the video, they go straight to my chosen carpet cleaning company.

Can you see how this idea works? If you can, then well observed. If not, then here’s more info. My goal is to get these three videos which I have created onto page one of google. The three videos all have a purchased telephone number attached. I have chosen three UK carpet cleaners to receive the calls from the three videos.

These three carpet cleaning companies are in different parts of the UK.

I have allocated a local telephone number to each of these carpet cleaning services. That means that if someone see’s the video while doing a google search for a carpet cleaner in any of these three areas in the uk. They call the number in the video and they go right to my selected carpet cleaner. The number I have purchased has a divert on it. The divert goes straight my local carpet cleaner.

That’s how the system works. That’s why I want to get these three videos onto page one of google. Because once there, they will start producing phone calls to my three local carpet cleaners.

Once this happens, once the phones start ringing, my carpet cleaners are going to be wondering where the calls are coming from. It’s at that precise moment, I give the three carpet cleaners a call. Below is the typical dialogue which will take place;

Me; Hello is that xxx carpet cleaners?

Them; Yes

Me; Have you noticed this week, you’ve had 6 extra calls for your services.

Them; why no, we haven’t.

Me; You have, because I’ve been sending customers to you. I have a page one ranking video on google. Your company is hosted on there. My telephone stats tells me you’ve had 6 calls this week from my video.

Them; Oh them calls.

Me; Yes them calls. How much is a call worth to your carpet cleaning service?

Them; Oh I suppose a few pounds.

Me; Well, what If you rent this video from me which is on the first page of google right now. You can rent the video for £100 per month.

Them; No I’m sorry. Its not worth that much money to my business.

Me; Well how about £50 but for that you must rent the video for at least 6 months. If you don’t want it, I can rent it to your competitor.

Them; OK then. we can rent it for 6 months.

Me; Just as an added bonus, if you refer three of your fellow working mates, I will pay you £10 per month for each of them who becomes a client. These mates of yours must have a business in your area. Can you do that for me.

Them; Well yeh sure.


This dialogue is only a rough outline so that you’ll get the idea of what is taking place.

The three referrals from the carpet cleaner can be from any business. This idea works for all businesses.

So, now you have a brief outline of what this goal is all about. I will keep you posted as to my tactics and tools. Tomorrow, I will be giving you more super info as we proceed down the pathway towards accomplishing this goal. 3 YouTube videos on page one of google in 14 days. I hope you stay tuned, there’s lots of great tricks I will be revealing.

See you tomorrow.

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1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Day 22. Final day.

1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Conclusion, final day.


Day 22. Post number 14.


Hi again and welcome to this final day of my goal. Has it been achieved? Well, yes and no in fact. I have had the 1,000 visitors to my site, but they came from a completely unplanned source. As you know I have been using hitleap to get the 1,000 website visitors because my viral video plan ran out of cash.

So I needed about 900 website visitors in about 10 days with no cash to spend. I was in a corner. That was why I went to hitleap. Now, I have had 1,000 website visitors to my site and below I will show you the proof.

Today should be a celebration. Not only has this goal been accomplished, I already have my next goal in motion. But that next goal will be  monitored from a new set of posts on this blog.

I have a few things to say about this goal about how and why it failed to go as planned.

This type of thing happens very much so on the internet. I am sure you have probably experienced it yourself. You buy a product because it has been hyped up. You think it is going to do the job you bought it for, whatever that job may be. But having started to apply the instructions on how to make the product work, it seems to fail.

I don’t know about you, but I have hundreds of products which I have bought online. None of them have worked. They are all growing dust on my hard drive. Have you ever experienced this sort of thing?  If you have, please leave a comment below. Tell us about your experience.

I don’t know if I will ever get this Facebook traffic hack product to work for me.

When I first got the product, I was truly convinced it was going to work. I was very excited when I saw how the videos where going viral. How people where engaging with the post for less then one penny. But that was as far as it went. I spent exactly £110 on the video advertising with Facebook. All I have for that £110 is this blog post. I have made zero sales and had zero subscribers. Pretty crap if you ask me.

I don’t want to moan and grown anymore now.  I am hoping that I can make this next goal a success. My goal is to get three you tube videos ranked on the first page of google in 10 days.

I’ll show you the screen shots of a couple of pics I’d like to reveal.

These pics are in connection with this goal, 1,000 website visitors. So this will conclude the goal and we can now close it down. The screen shots are pictures of my google analytics stats. Plus my Facebook bill for advertising. The google screen shots show  how many website visitors I got during these recent three weeks. From the 13th of September to today the 6th of October.

Simply click on the screen shots for a clearer view.







Ok, I would now like to officially close this goal down. I won’t mention here about whether or not the goal was achieved. I can only be honest with you and say that in some ways it was achieved and in other ways it was not. But thanks for showing your interest in this topic. I am now looking forward to my next new goal.

3 you tube videos ranked on page 1 of google in 10 days.

See you there!

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1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Post 13.


1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Post 13.


Day 21. Post number 13

Hi again, how are you doing? I hope all is well with you. But today, there is some good news and some bad. I always think which one, good or bad should be said first. But I don’t think it matters too much.

Here’s the bad news first.

This goal will probably not be completed by the end of tomorrow midnight. It might, but personally, I don’t think it will. Here’s why.

I have set the hitleap program up and it has been running now on and off for a few days. But I must say to you now, it is very expensive in the way of using up my data allowance. But I have tried to be careful and I have only let it run for about two hours each day. That uses up about 1 gig a day.

If I am honest with you, I would say that I am not particularly bothered about the goal in general now. I know that 1,000 website visitors fell shortly after it started to run. As you know, I was using Facebook with a viral videos. It was doing really, really well until I ran out of budget. Then I had to stop the advertising and the video fell on its face.

So I turned to hitleap to make up for lost website visitors.

Don’t get me wrong, hitleap will get me my 1,000 website visitors. But I am just a bit concerned about the cost right now. Seems that this goal has delivered a home truth. That is, the fact that traffic does not come cheap on the internet.

But the truth of the matter is, I only get 10 gigs of data every month. If I continue to let hitleap run for the remaining website visitors I need to make the 1,000, I will inevitably run out of data allowance. I don’t really want to do that. But its my goal which is on the line here. My guess is that if this goal fails, then that is just a bad start to my goal striving efforts.

So, I want to try and achieve the goal. That would deliver a satisfying result.

So my idea now is to just play it by ear. I still have tomorrow. I can do a few hundred visits on hitleap in a day easy. The fact is I could do the whole 1,000 visits in a day if I choose. But lets just let it ride for now.

I’m going to put a few videos on this page so you can see how I was generating all the viral traffic on Facebook.

I will also show you a screen shot of my progress with hitleap. lastly, i’ll give you some good information about my next goal. Already it’s underway and I have created three videos which I have published on about 10 sites. I am aiming to get these videos onto the first page of google within the next 9 days. Just three videos on the first page I am looking for. The three videos I have created are for 3 separate areas in the UK; Cambridge, Norwich and Bristol.

I will give you all of the details as this next goal phases in and the first goal phases out. I don’t want to overlap the two goals. I would much rather create a new set of posts starting from day 1 for my next goal. But first, this existing goal has to end, which it does on the 6th of October. Tomorrow! And that was the good news.

Here’s the videos I made go viral.


This video below was the overall winner. It got;

245,565 reach




95,766 organic reach.

My guess is that, if I continued to pay for advertising, the video would have seriously got some views.

At just £5 per day it got some really good traffic to it. The lesson I have learned from this, is to be sure to see the video through. Stopping the advertising was not the best thing to do. But like I said, goals are goals. It would have been pointless to step outside of the rules. I can resume with these videos at any time. Maybe I will and soon. But for now, the purpose has been served. The goal expires tomorrow.

If you would like to discover all of the details about how to make a video go viral on YouTube. Simply just put your details on the form below. If you do, I will be sure to give you all of the tips and tasks you will need in order to DIY.


Click here for webform.


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1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Day 19.

Just to confirm with you, this goal expires on the 6th of October 2016.

1,000 website visitors in three weeks. Day 19. Post number 12.

From today that leaves just 3 days to complete it or abandon the goal. If I’m honest, I was thinking about simply just abandoning the goal. But that would be too easy don’t you think?

The goal I set was 1,000 website visitors in three weeks. My guess is that I can get 1,000 views on my site if I act now, today without stalling. The reason why I have done zero work on this goal during the past week or so, was because I have had no Internet credit. I could not get online.

So luckily for me, there is 3 days left now. So here’s the game plan.

As you know, I was playing around with a site called hitleap. Now, my intention is to get back on to hitleap and see how long it takes to get to 1,000 visitors to my site. Remember, I already have some visitors from the Facebook viral video campaign. So lets get some numbers rolling and see if we can get past that very first goal.

You know as well as I do, that to give up on the first goal would be complete defeat. But now, to go forward and try to accomplish the goal is win, win, win! So right now without delay I’m going to head over to hitleap and start the ball rolling.

OK, the hileap site is now active. In the background I am earning minutes for my own website views. The minutes are spent just like currency. I think I will need a lot of minutes to get 1,000 website visitors. But I do have three days left to do it. Also remember that my budget is used up. So every visit I get from hitleap has to be for free.

I’ll let you know here about my next goal.

The goal I will set is to get 3 YouTube videos ranked on page one of google within 10 days. The idea is to get these three videos ranked on page 1 then have a telephone call line which will be diverted to 3 local businesses. Do you see how this idea works? I simply choose a business in a certain town or city than I create a video around the business in general only. I then get the video ranked onto the first page of google. The telephone line I have set up will get re-directed to each of the local businesses. The YouTube video will hopefully attract some enquirers and they will call the number which is displayed on the video.

These callers are diverted straight to the local business answering service. How it works is that I will send about 10 calls to the local business. Then I will call the business and tell them that I have ranked a YouTube video on page one. The video is generating enquirers and they are going straight to this businesses answering service. The business will know right away what has been happening, because they have received those extra calls without any effort on their part whatsoever.

The idea is to allow these local businesses to rent the YouTube videos and the local telephone link up to their business. They rent the page one ranking for a fee every month. Could be £50 or £100 depending on the type of business and how much a lead is worth to the business. Do you see how this idea works? A very simple concept but it will be me who does all of the work to get the video ranked on page one of google.

OK, so that’s the plan for this next coming month.

I will make the goal official right now, starting today. Remember all of this is to be achieved in just 10 days from now. So I better get busy right away. Hopefully I won’t hit any unexpected hurdles which are difficult to climb over. Not like the past goal which I failed to accomplish because the unexpected happened. I did not know that people would be reluctant to click on the link which I inserted into the viral video. Everything was going perfect up to the point of reaching my budget limitations too. Anyhow, 3 days left. I will try to accomplish the goal still but it hasn’t turned out exactly as I had planned.

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