3 YouTube videos on page 1 of google in two weeks. Post 2.

Hello again, I hope all has been well for you this week. Today is the  5th day of my goal striving.

Day 5. Post 2.

3 YouTube videos on the first page of google in two weeks.

You may remember, I am aiming to get three YouTube videos on page one of google in two weeks. A big leap ah? But right now I see obstacles because I don’t think I am going to have enough time. I created three videos last week and got them up and running on google. But you know what, they didn’t show up. Absolutely no-where to be found!

So yesterday I created another video in a UK location for local car rentals services. But these videos are aimed at people who want to hire sports cars. I created the video last night and today it was on page 5 of google. Not bad ah? But there is still a few things I can do to get this video onto the first page.

But today, having checked that everything was ok, I noticed a problem. I have actually set the location on the video with the wrong telephone number. The number filters calls to my chosen sports car rental people. I had one number on the video going to a local number and that number was actually the wrong number! So I messed up with the numbers I’m afraid.

So this evening I had to take the video down off google and replace it with the same video but with the right numbers.

Obviously I lost my page 5 ranking. But not to worry, just a small set back. It’s difficult trying to remember all of the tasks I have to do to optimize the videos. But practice makes perfect. I have to keep going until I get it right.

After I complete this post, I will start work on the second new video. That will be created in no less than just about 10 – 15 minutes. The videos are real easy to put together. I did say I was going to put one on this post or the next post. I will do that for you here.

No time like the present. Here’s a video I created but I have dubbed the telephone numbers out.


These videos only took about 15 minutes to create, very easy as well. There’s tons of pictures available in almost every area of life. I actually uploaded pictures from my computer and the app sketched them for me. You can add music to the files and lots of other ideas have been incorporated into the program. It’s really very easy to use, fast and you can get it here, simply do search for “easy sketch pro 3” if you want it yourself.

I just checked on my rankings and I managed to retain my page 5 position. The new video is there on page 5.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I will have sufficient time to complete this goal. But I will make an effort to get as far as possible to achieving it. I think with some YouTube videos the ranking changes quite rapidly. Others seem to take forever to make just a few jumps in positions. But I will see how this next few days goes.

So right now I have one video on page 5 of google. The other two videos are nowhere to be seen. So I will create another 3 videos and repeat the process of getting them ranked. These next three videos should be easier for me to create. Before, I struggled a bit because I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Now I am more familiar with how to set the videos up.

The next step after creating the 3 videos will be to get them ranked.

I have two strategies to get the videos ranked. One is to share the videos to a number of sites and social sites too. That should get the ball rolling. Once I see the videos ranked, no matter where they are, I can work on bringing them closer to the first page. It’s not so easy when the videos are not visible in the rankings. The first few videos I did are still not showing. But hopefully, I can get these new videos to show up somewhere on google.

That just about wraps it up from me for today. My next post should be a bit more positive because I have climbed over the first hurdle. Things should be easier from now. So I will see you next time. Take care and buy for now.


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