3 YouTube Videos On Page One Of Google In Two Weeks. Post 3.

3 YouTube Videos On Page One Of Google In Two Weeks. Post 3.


Day 8. Post number 3.

Hi again, I hope all is well with you. Today is the middle of the time I have allowed to accomplish this goal. I have said it right from the very start, that I may be short of time. But I will continue to make a serious attempt at accomplishing this goal with in the two week period.

A lot has happened during these few days. One of the things is that I managed to find a cheaper telephone call forwarding service. At first it took a while to get used to the new set up. I found it to be a bit complicated. But the more I played about with it, the easier it became. Now I think I’ve mastered it and I think I will have no trouble using it now.

The difference in price is from £6 per number to divert. To just £3 now. Because if this system works and I start to generate some leads for a few local businesses, I will do more telephone call diverting. Right now I have 6 numbers all running at this time. So as you can see, with paying the £6 per number, it can start to become expensive. These numbers are rented on a monthly basis. So for 5 or 6 months renting, the cost can be high.

With 6 YouTube videos out there online, I have two ranking on google, one at page 5 and the other one at page 9.

I created these 6 videos as you know, with easy sketch pro 3. The videos on YouTube are ranking very high. I’ve got 3 at position 1. The other 3 are on the first three pages of YouTube.

Just today, I went to fiver and bought a gig. The gig is to boost the video which is on page 9. I got a another gig a few days ago, the same one. This time the gig is to boost the YouTube video which is on page 5. The page 5 gig is now complete and I am anticipating a leap from page 5 to page 1. Funny though, after the gig was completed, the video vanished. It was on page 5 for a few days. I looked today and its gone! Nowhere to be found! I guess that I must just sit tight and wait for the rankings to settle down. I have heard of story’s similar. A few days should sort things out.

The new phone service I am using is called Voipfone. The one before was switchboardfree. Both very good services. But I went for the cheapest. Although the first switchboard service is very easy to use. Both are good services but for me, price is important right now. After all, making money online is still beyond me. It’s not for the want of trying either. For me right now its all about patience. Hopefully I can get something to work.

Oh yes! As well, in the search results on google, there is now a button to use for searching for videos. There is also another tab for searching for books. I have 3 or 4 videos ranking on the first page of google in the videos search. I suppose in some way, that concludes my goal. First page of google in two weeks. But I am not satisfied with that result. I want my videos to show up on the first page of all results, not for just videos.

I’ve kept all of my work on this goal variable. I have chosen several different niches. Also I have selected various areas for these niches.

I simply looked on Wikipedia and got a list of towns and city’s in the UK. From this list I selected my geographic targets. I just did this randomly. But tried not to select highly populated cities. Just the mediocre cities and towns with a good population was OK for me.

I’ve got the hang of doing all the tasks now. Creating and uploading and optimizing the videos. The first couple of tries was difficult. I kept getting it wrong. But like I said, practice makes perfect. So I just kept plugging away at it. Really quite easy now.

That just about wraps it up for today. I am hoping that I will see a jump in rank from my page 5 position to the first page of google. The other gig I have booked with fiverr should boost my rankings from page 9 to the first page. Just a matter of time really. But I would like to see these jumps soon rather than later.

That’s it from me. Take care for now and I will hopefully see you here tomorrow.

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