How To Keep Carpet Clean.

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

The very best way for you to keep your carpet clean is using a carpet maintenance system.

What is a carpet maintenance system?

Well, the traditional carpet cleaning method that we all know is soil extraction cleaning. But carpet maintenance cleaning is a system which works differently from soil extraction cleaning.

How does it work?

Well, if you think of it like this. First of all, your carpets need to be thoroughly vacuum cleaned. Get all of the dry soils out, as much as you can anyway.

Carpet buffing machine

Showing disk drive and pad.

Next, we use a simple slow speed buffer machine. On the base of the buffer, we use a micro fiber pad. this pad is damp and the system works by firstly spraying onto your carpet a special solution which is called bonnet buff. This solution is a solvent based solution and helps keep carpets clean. As soon as the solution hits the atmosphere it quickly dries. You may also like to read Diy carpet cleaning without a machine.

How we use the buffer machine is simple.

You spray onto your carpet first the buffer solution. You use a simple pump up sprayer which can be purchased from any good DIY store for about $10-$20. These few tools and solutions are required. This is how to keep carpet clean.

So, back to cleaning the carpets.

This system is best used approximately every 4-6 weeks. It works by removing light carpets soils regularity. Its a very easy system to use. It just glides over the surface of your carpets absorbing the soils as it slowly spins across your carpets on the buffer machine base.

One thing to keep in mind. The buffer machine should always be a slow speed machine. A fast machine which is used for cleaning and polishing hard floors is too quick for carpet cleaning. The machine going fast over the carpets may well pull away at the fixings, especially if they are not too secure to start with. So remember, the machine must be slow speed or at the very least, standard speed. But always try to get a slow speed machine

Buffing a carpet clean.

How the machine works.

Normally, for this type of carpet cleaning we keep furniture in place. We simply just buff round furniture and concentrate mainly on the main carpet areas, walk ways and seating areas especially.

Anyone can do this sort of carpet maintenance cleaning.

The buffer machines are really easy to use. You simply just lower the handle on the machine and it moves across right. Raise the handle then the machine will move to the left. There is no physical excursion needed. The machine does all the work. you just operate it.

How you keep carpet clean is by using this system regularly and often. The idea behind carpet maintenance cleaning is to clean soils out of carpets before they show. That way, you will always have splendid looking carpets because you are actively maintaining them with this buff cleaning method.

Carpets look clean, plus, bright and they usually have a softy bouncy pile due to this sort of cleaning. I don’t know for sure how they make the buff cleaning solution. But it really does have a good over all effect on carpeting. It’s a bit like putting oil into a car engine, the engine works smoother and performs much better.

If you are serious, this is really how to keep carpet clean. The whole system described above is designed especially to;

Carpet buffer system e book coverYou can do this cleaning yourself if you are able bodied. If you think you can do it, and you’d like some additional help from me. You can purchase my “Carpet Maintenance Guidebook” and “Free Booklet”. You’ll find all the answers in these two products. Download the guidebook and free booklet now and you can get started maintaining your carpets during the week if you like,.

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Cleaning Stains From Carpet

Help With Cleaning Stains From Carpet.


Here’s How To Use A Hand Held Scrub Brush For Cleaning Stains From Carpet Safely.



You’ll need the appropriate stain cleaner solution.

I always use Prochem for all my carpet cleaning solutions. I find Prochem to be very good and they do solutions for every aspect of carpet cleaning, including stain removal. You simply need to match up the solution for cleaning stains from carpet. If you know what the stain is, then cleaning it will be much easier.

On the other hand, there is a solution called Multi Pro from prochem. This solution is good for cleaning stains from carpet. Most stains can be cleaned with Multi Pro. However there is always the appropriate solution should the multi pro solution fail.

The idea of rocking the hand brush works deep into your carpet pile. The stain is removed from the carpet pile base. Working in from the outside edges of the stain to center with a hand brush is a good idea. Otherwise, you would be spreading the stain if you work from the center of it out.

Here is a few of the most common stain remover products from Prochem.


You’ll need these few tools for cleaning stains from carpet.






stain pro

This product is called Stain Pro.

Heavy duty water and solvent based alkaline protein spotter for blood, vomit, wine, ink, fresh tea and coffee, and most food based stains.


Solvall Spotter

A high performance volatile dry solvent for general spot cleaning of oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum, oil based paints and many other solvent soluble stains.


Red RX

Developed exclusively to remove red food coloring’s, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains from carpets and fabrics.

Citrus Gel

A citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpets and fabrics.


Chewing Gum Remover

An aerosol freezer spray for the removal of chewing gum and sticky sweats ext,, on any surface.


Coffee Stain Remover

Specially formulated ready to use acidic spotter for tea, coffee, beer, tannin, water marks and other yellow and brown discolorations on carpets.

Do you need to clean stains from your carpets?

If you you have a stubborn carpet stain or two and you’d like to clean it up, go here for carpet stain cleaning. Please remember that if you have tried to remove a carpet stain and the process failed, it could be set. The solution has caused the carpet stain to set and it now becomes permanent. What that means is that the stain remover products you have used on the stain leave behind a sticky alkaline residue. When you use any of these professional solutions, sometimes getting past the sticky alkaline residue on the carpet stain isn’t possible.

It is always best to use these professional solutions when cleaning stains from your carpet. These solutions will not create a sticky substance on your carpets. Most other high alkaline products will.

Always remember that you need to rinse carpet stain remover solutions from your carpets. Most stain cleaners are high in alkalinity, they must be in order to clean. Therefore, you must always use an appropriate rinsing solution when cleaning stains from carpets.



Carpet Rinse

Carpet Rinse

Carpet rinsing is essential if you want a good carpet cleaning result to last. The idea is to neutralize the PH levels in the carpet with rinsing. That way, you get no alkaline left in your carpet which will only attract soils shortly after cleaning.

How it works is very simple. The rinsing solution goes in the carpet extraction machine. Having pre-sprayed your carpets with a good cleaning product, you then brush agitate the cleaner into the carpet pile.

Then and only then do you switch on your carpet cleaner machine and rinse your carpets through. The chemical that you use for pre-spraying should be an alkaline product. This will effectively clean soiling from the pile and make soils ready to be rinsed out with the machine.

Carpet Rinse Solutions Are In Abundance

(Industry Only)

There are hundreds of rinse solutions available to the industry (carpet cleaners). But few if any on the shelves of diy stores, supermarkets, or equipment hire shops. Thus, few people are actually aware of this DIY carpet cleaning method. Most resort to using an extraction machine and a high alkaline cleaning chemical. (not always the best idea).

20 Years Cleaning Carpets

Having ran my own carpet cleaning service now for more than 20 years, I recommend using a rinse solution. But which one is best and where do you get it. Well, if I wasn’t so selfish, I would refer you to a distributor of these carpet cleaning chemicals. But being selfish to the core, id rather give you this link to my sales page.

But I can tell you, that some janitorial supplies stores require you to set up an account with them. The rinse solution and the pre-spray solution which I recommend are designed for professional use only. Not always available to Mr DIY. But, I continue to recommend these products because they are far better than most.

I Applaud You For Being A DIY Carpet Cleaner.

If you are planning on DIY carpet cleaning, your are in the right place. Here’s the link again to my sales page. Seriously, if you want a worthwhile carpet cleaning doing it yourself, you really can accomplish it.



I’m offering, for just a while, my recently published e book “DIY Carpet Cleaning” for FREE. Get it now while you can. You’ll get all the help you need for your DIY carpet cleaning  activities. Plus get 10% discount on carpet cleaning tools, solutions and machine hire. Great results are always guaranteed every time.

Here’s what rinsing solution to look for.

Fibre fabric Rinse (Prochem)

fibre fabric rinse solution

I wish you well and I would just like to clarify something important. DIY Carpet Cleaning is a very worthwhile activity to know and do. There are countless benefits, some you know, some you don’t. But if you simply take the time to get it right. To learn how it’s done. Then just like fixing your own car, you’ve gained a new skill. 

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Start DIY Carpet Cleaning.

Start DIY Carpet Cleaning Today.

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SprayBrush & Rinse Extract Your Carpets Clean!


Please, don’t let the thought of buying carpet cleaning tools and solutions put you off! You’ll be investing in your home with these essential carpet cleaning products. You only need buy a few DIY carpet cleaning items once. Then you’ll have it and it is unlikely you’ll need to buy these carpet cleaning tools ever again. Everything you buy for starting your DIY carpet cleaning,

I always advise my web site visitors on getting professional tools and solutions for their DIY carpet cleaning efforts. You see, if you get anything less than this, then its doubtful you’ll get the worthwhile carpet cleaning results I want for you. Take a look at these three short video‘s and get an idea of exactly what is required for truly worthwhile DIY carpet cleaning results.

The three video’s show you DIY carpet cleaning PROFESSIONAL start up tools & solutions.


I know that most towns and cities have janitorial supplies available. But not all of these suppliers stock the equipment you want. You can get started with your DIY carpet cleaning with the tools and solutions from my web site. I have everything available for you there. However, your local janitorial supplier may have what you need too.

The 3 video’s should point the way forward for you. The few tools and solutions you’ll need for starting your DIY carpet cleaning, they don’t cost a lot. If you have your carpets cleaned once by a pro, the cost would be considerably more!

This carpet spraybrush and rinse extract system will give you cleaner carpets always. Without this system, DIY carpet cleaning is often a waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of effort. But people continue to get shoddy results and they continue to do so too. Did you know, most DIY Carpet cleaners even try to make up there own carpet cleaning solutions? They do this in order to make the equipment work better and cheaper. Have you tried making a carpet cleaning solution from your kitchen? I don’t recommend it.


Start DIY Carpet Cleaning The Professional Way.


My last words here are these. If you want a professional result from your DIY carpet cleaning efforts, you need a professional method for cleaning. You’ll need;

Check out these three short video’s now. See for yourself how you can start improving your DIY carpet cleaning results. Start your DIY carpet cleaning at low cost too. If you have your own carpet washer, you can implement these cleaning methods right away.

For simple cleaning and a fantastic carpet cleaning result get your professional spray-brush & rinse extract system today.

Shane Daley

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Cig Burns In Carpet.

Cig Burns In Carpet?

Here’s How Best To FIX It.


When I was actively cleaning carpets every day, often cig burns would show. A cig burn here and there would really spoil the look of nice clean carpets. I often wondered about how to fix these cig burns in my customers carpets.

None of the above carpet cig burn fixes was effective. This next one, however, was!


If you use a smear of glue and you paste the burned area of your carpet, then wait. Let the glue become tacky before you stick on some carpet fibers. Keep putting on the fibers until you have your carpet mended.


You’ll need to use an old piece of carpet which you don’t use anymore. A remnant, for cutting out some carpet fibers. If you don’t have any spare carpet, then you can cut some fibers out from the edges of your carpet. Do this behind a couch or someplace where it won’t be noticed.


Cut out some carpet fibers then paste them into the cig burn.


You can cut out a lot of carpet fibers from different areas of your carpets. Then paste them in onto the burn. But be sure to glue the carpet fibers in while the glue is nice and tacky.

When the carpet has dried, you can scissor the fibers so that they are all even in length. Do this using the scissor points and just cut a small area at a time. Set the pile using a white hand towel. Simply just set the carpet pile so that it flows all in one direction.  Just like combing the pile only your using a hand towel.

Using this idea, you must be quick. Paste the fibers into the burnt areas while the glue is tacky. You can use a pair of tweezers or simply just paste the fibers in with your fingers. Just be very careful and gentle, but do be quick. Obviously you don’t want glue on your hand so do be extra careful when pasting in your carpet fibers.

Please let me know how you get  on with this idea. Your comments are valued.

The Fastest Way To DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Fastest Way To DIY Carpet Cleaning.


Here’s a great way to get you take action. This is not a traditional carpet cleaning method. This is an advanced carpet cleaning method which you must learn.

These techniques outperform the traditional carpet cleaning which often gets a poor result if you do it yourself. So here you get two things,


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If your in timbucktoo or round the corner from me, it don’t matter. I don’t want you to go off to your local hire shop and use the traditional diy carpet cleaning methods that’s available there.


This is the system which gets results. So if you want to clean your carpets very soon, put a little effort into doing it now. Use this advanced DIY carpet cleaning method and see a worthwhile result for yourself. Then you’ll gladly clean your carpets regularly because you’ll know you’ll get good results when you clean.

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Carpet Cleaning Machines For Sale.

Carpet Cleaning Machines For Sale.

If You’ve Ever Wondered How To Keep Your Carpets Clean Without Paying Service Provider Prices, Wonder No More…

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Here’s A Complete Package For All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs.



This Package has been sold.

However, here is another carpet cleaning package similar to the one above.


Now you really can clean your carpets when you like.



Everything is included for you from the ‘how to guidebooks’ to the extraction machine. The machine available is not brand new but is in perfect working order.

These Numatic machines are known to just go forever. You are very unlikely to have any problems with it. But if in the unusual event you do experience a problem, then these machines are easily repaired as everything is replaceable on them.

This carpet extraction cleaning package is on sale in Kent and in good working order.

carpet cleaning package

Complete package

You can have a one month warranty on the machine and all the tools and solutions too. If anything goes wrong during the next month simply let me know. I will arrange it for the machine or any of the tools to be repaired, replaced, or refunded.

This complete carpet extraction cleaning package is good for any carpet cleaning you want to do. Either in your own home or even as a service provider.

brush agitator

sebo duo machine

Delivery or collection in Kent can be negotiated. But a £50 deposit is required now so I can hold the package for you.

If you’d like to discover more about how to use this carpet cleaning package, the Guidebook and Booklet which are available shows you how. If you’d like to review these two items I can send them to your e mail right now. Simply click here for your carpet cleaning e book.

There’s no obligation or commitment required from you. I’ll send you the Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and Booklet for FREE so that you can see how the Carpet Extraction Cleaning Package works before you make a decision to buy or not.

The extraction machine has recently been fitted with a new water pump. Therefore it’s unlikely to need a replacement for several years. These water pumps do require changing with constant use. However the new one just fitted will last a long time depending on how much you use the machine.

carpet soil extractor

twin vac motors


The vacuum motors on these machines just go forever.


Normally, vacuum motors outlive everything else on the machine, so you should have no worries about the vacuum motors. The machine itself is a very sturdy build. The body and the rest of the construction on the machine will last a lifetime. But if for some unusual reason anything on the body of the machine breaks, then a replacement part is simple and easy to do.

60 litre box

Tools and solutions box

Follow the instructions in your Carpet Cleaning Guidebook, you can have your carpets looking super 24/7.

The Guidebooks and Booklets was written personally by me in order to help people clean their own carpets. I actually have my own carpet cleaning service which is 20 years old. So if at any time you come across a problem, just e mail me. I’ll help you all I can, ongoing.

What’s In The Package?


Here’s A List Of What You Get.


1/ Numatic CTD575 Carpet Extraction Cleaning Machine.

2/ Carpet Wand Tool And Hoses.

3/ Hand Tool For Cleaning Stairways And Upholstery.

4/ Carpet Pile Brush For Agitating Carpet Pre-spray Solution.

5/ 5 Litres  Of Multi-Pro Carpet Cleaning Pre-spray Solution.

6/ Hand Scrub Brush For Cleaning Stairways, Spots And Stains.

7/ 5 litres of Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution.

8/ 12.5 litre Bucket.

9/ 5 litre Pressure Sprayer.

10/ Face Mask.

11/ Plastic Measuring Jug For Mixing And Pouring Solutions.

12/ Funnels x 2 For Pouring Solutions.

13/ 2 x 1 Litre Hand Sprayer For Cleaning Spots And Stains.

14/ Sebo Duo Carpet Agitator Machine (optional)

15/ 2 x 1 white hand towels for setting stairway carpets and stain removal.

Total Price For The Complete Carpet Cleaning Starters Package Is Just £492. Price includes Sebo Duo carpet agitator machine. 

Complete package price without the Sebo Duo machine is £347. Delivery Or Collection In Kent Can Be Arranged. A £50 Deposit Is Required As A Holding Charge.

Plus You Get These FREE GIFTS.

 16/ Upholstery Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

17/ Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

18/ Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

19/ Lastly, you get a 60 Litre plastic container to store all your equipment in.

Pay £50 deposit now then £442 on collection or on delivery (negotiable). Or, if you do not want the Sebo Duo Machine then pay £50 holding charge now then just £297 on collection or delivery. 

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Here is another machine which is available NOW,


This package includes a complete set of carpet cleaning tools, solutions and guidebooks.

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The machine is a Prochem, steam easy extraction machine with built in solution heater. This machine is a good powerful machine that will clean practically any carpet.



The vacuum hose and solution hose and couplings are brand new, never been used before.

You can get started with this package right away. everything is included for you. You won’t need anything to make a start.


The hand tool is a Prochem Glidemaster.

This tool will help you get superb upholstery cleaning and stair cleaning results. The hand tool is brand new, never been used before. Like I said to you, everything is included for you. Not forgetting, you get a 30 day warranty.

So, if you do want to do some carpet cleaning, grab this opportunity NOW.

Here’s A List Of What You Get. IMG_0062

1/ Prochem Steam Easy Carpet Extraction Cleaning Machine.

2/ Carpet Wand Tool And Hoses.

3/ Hand Tool For Cleaning Stairways And Upholstery.

4/ Carpet Pile Brush For Agitating Carpet Pre-spray Solution.

5/ 5 Litres  Of Multi-Pro Carpet Cleaning Pre-spray Solution.

6/ Hand Scrub Brush For Cleaning Stairways, Spots And Stains.

7/ 5 litres of Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution.

8/ 12.5 litre Bucket.

9/ 5 litre Pressure Sprayer.

10/ Face Mask.

11/ Plastic Measuring Jug For Mixing And Pouring Solutions.

12/ Funnels x 2 For Pouring Solutions.

13/ 2 x 1 Litre Hand Sprayer For Cleaning Spots And Stains.

14/ 2 x 1 white hand towels for setting stairway carpets and stain removal.

Total Price For The Complete Carpet Cleaning Package Is Just £497. 

Delivery Or Collection In Kent Can Be Arranged. A £50 Deposit Is Required As A Holding Charge.

Plus You Get These FREE GIFTS.

 15/ Upholstery Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

16/ Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

17/ Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Guidebook and tools & solutions Booklet.

18/ Lastly, you get a 60 Litre plastic container to store all your equipment in.

Pay £50 deposit now then £447 on collection or on delivery.  



Nilfisk Advance AX 14


Nilfisk machines are known for reliability and long lasting.

Here’s a nifty little machine for those people who want to keep their own carpets clean. This machine is easy to maneuver, light weight, long lasting and reliable.

Carpet cleaning machine

This machine comes complete with hoses, hand tool and wand tool.

Easy to use, simple and can be transported easily in the boot of any car.


The machine is nearly new.

Everything works good, there are no faults. Ready to go and use for light carpet cleaning duties. This machine won’t clean heavily soiled areas. The idea is to clean carpets regularly so you are not cleaning heavy soils.

Hand tool

This is a picture of the wand tool below.

Nilfisk wand tool

Here is the machine, the wand tool, the hand tool and hoses, complete.

Nilfisk wand tool and machine

On sale now for collection only in Kent UK. Just £147 with a 30 day warranty.


What Can I Use To Clean My Carpet

What Can I Use To Clean My Carpet?

Here’s Some Essential Cleaning Products Well Worth Trying



View the previous video Best Products For Carpet Cleaning.

What can I use to clean my carpet?

Try these products, they are cheap, easy to get and effective.

You may like to visit DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment for a list of what you can use to clean your carpet. Prices are keenly competitive. You also get a complete satisfaction guarantee with everything you buy. Plus you can have unlimited e mail support and personal help to make a proper start with your carpet cleaning. I wish you good luck with your carpet cleaning equipment hunting. And I will be continuing with this carpet cleaning help ongoing. If you get stuck, please let me know in the comments below.

Free Carpet Cleaning Tools & Solutions Booklet.

Here’s a special FREE GIFT. This link gives you a FREE Carpet Cleaning Tools & Solutions Booklet. In the Booklet, there is a summery of what you can use to clean your carpet. All the essential carpet cleaning products and machine hire you’ll find included. The Booklet is free to you now, so grab it if your serious about cleaning your own carpets. This FREE Booklet shows exactly what to use to clean carpet. It is essential reading for anyone considering cleaning a carpet.

What can I use to clean my carpet?

Here’s a list of tools and solutions I suggest you use for your carpet cleaning. Visit my product sales page for more details. You may like to read my post called “Good Carpet Cleaning Products“.

Quick reference guide

1 Carpet Pile Brush

2 Nylon Hand Brush

3 Pressure sprayer

4 Hand Sprayer

5 Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution

6 Extraction Pro Rinse Solution

7 Data Sheets

8 Multi Pro Pre-­spray Solution

9 Stain Remover Solutions x 3

10 Hand Towel

11 Hose (Multi Fit)

12 Bucket (15 litre with pouring lip)

13 Measuring Jug (1 Litre plastic)

14 Funnels x 2

15 Carpet cleaning Machine

Best Carpet Cleaning Products

Best Products For Cleaning Carpet Thoroughly.


Here’s An Overview Of Helpful Tools And Solutions For Superb Carpet Cleaning Results Every Time.



Click to see next video best products for carpet cleaning.

The few best carpet cleaning products mentioned are very worthwhile. If you want great diy carpet cleaning results these products are a must have. Remember, you only need one lot of carpet cleaning products. These tools and solutions should last you for a lifetime. The solutions are very economical and the tools will last and last providing you treat them with care.

Here’s a summery of the best carpet cleaning products.

Purchase all of these products there. I will gift you my DIY Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and Booklet if you buy any 2 of the products above.

The Carpet Cleaning E Book Is An Essential Tool.


How To Clean My Carpet

How To Clean My Carpet.



Click to see next video, How to get a carpet cleaner machine.

Or, see previous video, Portable carpet cleaning machines.


Always remember, that it’s imperative that you use a carpet cleaning machine properly. Not doing so will leave access water in your carpets. That’s why most carpet cleaning professionals use high powered machines. They want a really strong jet of cleaning solution sprayed into the carpet followed by a powerful vacuum to lift out the soils. But as you can see from my teachings, I recommend that you pre-spray carpets first. Then brush agitate the pre-spray in order to dislodge soils from your carpet fibres. The carpet cleaner machine that your using then becomes a lot more effective. It’s so much easier to extract soils from carpets if first the soils are loose.

How To Clean My Carpet? — Technique Is Everything. Get Your Carpet Cleaning Technique Right And Be Applauded.

The technique you use for rinse extracting is imperative. You must do it in a way that leaves no access solution in your carpets while rinsing. Therefore, the lowering and hiring of your carpet wand tool is more important than the size or power of your carpet cleaner machine. If you decide to clean a carpet and simply follow with your heart the traditional methods that almost everyone uses, two things will happen.

  1. Your carpet will re-soil fairly quickly
  2. You’ll tire yourself out before you finish your first room.

The likely hood of you doing your carpet cleaning regularly is reduced to a dismal, ‘I’ll do it later’, ‘no time for that right now‘ attitude.

Pre-Spray Solution — Rinse Solution = Interaction

But if you use the solutions for cleaning a carpet properly. Ie,, use a rinse solution in the machine. Plus, you first pre-spray your carpet and brush agitate. Then this will enable you to a much better carpet cleaning result. Remember, the rinse solution is very important but equally the pre-spray solution does its job too. Please follow the advice I’ve given you here on this page. It’s far less strenuous to do than the traditional methods of carpet cleaning. Not only will you get a result that pleases you, rather than a dismal frown from a otherwise poor result.

If you are still asking yourself “How To Clean My Carpet? You’ll see that cleaning your carpets this way is actually a worthwhile endeavor. But it only becomes that once you get a worthwhile carpet cleaning result.

The Carpet Cleaning E Book Is An Essential Tool.

DIY Carpet Cleaning.

You may well like to read this DIY Carpet Cleaning E Book. Its packed with helpful information all about how to clean a carpet. Download your copy now. Once you’ve cleaned your carpets here’s how to keep carpet clean.

Best Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Introduction.

Best Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Introduction.

Powerful Carpet Cleaning Spray Cleans Carpets Before You Rinse Extract.

This simple method was once upon a time reserved for carpet cleaning experts. Now this carpet cleaning pre-spray technique is available for anyone to use. It’s an easy, effective and thorough way to clean a carpet.


Click here to see the next video.

In the next video, I’ll be showing you;


Carpet Brush Video Introduction

Carpet Cleaning Brush, Video Introduction.

An Important Tool Which Has Transformed My Carpet Cleaning Business From Mediocre To Runaway Success.


Its such a simple philosophy, but hardly anyone uses this tool or knows about it. If you think I’m the only fool who uses a carpet pile brush, then no, your wrong. I learned all about the carpet brush tool and how to use it at a professional training course for carpet cleaners!

But anyone can do a great carpet cleaning using a carpet brush. Its so simple to use and so highly effective, you’ve got to see it to believe it. I can personally guarantee, you’ll get outstanding carpet cleaning results if you adopt this carpet brushing method for cleaning your carpets.



Here’s the Link to the next video, click now.

Link to the previous video.

Stay tuned for the next carpet brush videos this week. I’ll be showing you;

See you in the next videos.

Don’t forget your carpet cleaning e book, available here.

Go top right of the page and get your guidebook for FREE.

Essential Carpet Brush For Agitating Pre-Spray Solution

You should never be without A Carpet Brush.



£29.00 all inclusive




Very best from

Shane Daley

DIY Carpet Cleaning Costs


DIY Carpet Cleaning Costs.

The Real Cost Of Keeping Carpets Ship Shape Clean


If you decide that you’d like to try my methods for cleaning your carpets, that’s great. But what about the carpet cleaning cost’s involved? Isn’t it expensive using professional solutions and tools? And what products exactly would be needed?

If you are hell bent on using the methods for carpet cleaning which I have outlined, you’ll save £££!

Here’s why,,,

Once you have the few low cost tools and solutions, your carpet cleaning costs are almost complete. You can pick up the essentials tools and solutions in your town for probably under £70. From then on, you need only hire a carpet cleaning machine which again you get for less than £30 for 24 hours.

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

A great little machine for carpet cleaning.

Or, have you thought about buying a machine new or used? E bay is a great place to start looking for a good carpet cleaner machine. You don’t want anything super special, just something simple and cheap will clean your carpets.

I have a service which I offer to my subscribers, its called equipment scout. I just help get subscribers the tools and solutions and a machine. Sometimes I offer it FREE and other times I make a small charge. Go here if you are interested in my “equipment scout“service.

So let’s say for instance that you are sure you want clean carpets 24/7. You have 3 rooms that you want to do every 6-8 months. Therefore, your initial costs for carpet cleaning tools and solutions is approximately £70. The tools and solutions will last you almost for a decade. Your only ongoing outlay is for the machine. You work it out. £30 machine hire costs or less, 4 times over 3 years that’s just £120 for 3 rooms cleaned every 8 months over 3 years. Works out at £40 per year, that’s just £13.30 per room per year. Cheaper than carpet re-placements, I’m sure you would agree.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs Can Hit The Roof.

My normal charges for this outlined type of carpet cleaning work was £76 for one room cleaned. £81 for 2 rooms and £117 for 3 rooms. You try getting a professional carpet cleaner in to do 3 rooms for under £100. You could find one, but I’m not sure what the quality of work would be like.

So why not do it yourself. As you can see from these figures, you’ll save a bundle and your carpets will always look good and clean too. At just £13 per room per year, over 5 years cleaning, your carpet cleaning cost’s is just £66.5 per room. But without cleaning, you’ll probably be thinking about replacing your carpets within a few years. It makes good sense to clean and it makes good sense to clean them yourself.

Rug doctor machine

Rug doctor

You may like to use the Rug Doctor machine.

For just £22.00 plus your carpet cleaning chemicals, you can hire the rug doctor for 24 hours. Personally I prefer to carpet clean using a wand tool. But my preferred method isn’t right for everyone.

Lots of people have used the rug doctor and many seem to give it praise. I have not used this machine myself. But that doesn’t mean you must never use it.

You can get the rug doctor machines almost every where now. Or at least in every supermarket. Don’t be afraid to give it a go. But if it doesn’t measure up, then please do revert back to my teachings. I personally like to encourage people to use the wand type carpet cleaning with pre-spray and brush agitation.


The carpet cleaning methods which I have described on this site for you are top notch. You’ll always get a great and lasting result.

level of appearanceLastly, you’ll want to keep your carpets, they’ll be too good to replace. Remember, carpet cleaning costs is just £13 per room per year. In 5 years, cleaning every 6-8 months you’ll have great looking carpets that will last for many more years to come.


That’s mathematically it from me for now,

Take care and clean well.




Pet Hair Remover Brush

Here’s how to use the pet hair remover brush.


This tool should be used on carpets and the small hand brush is used for upholstery. It can be really messy when you try to clean your carpets and there’s a ton of pet hairs tangled up in the fibers.

The pet hair remover brush will effectively remove the hairs from your carpets and suite. Gradually bit by bit you brush them into a pile on your carpet or upholstery. You simply just brush a bit at a time so that you can effectively get all of the pet hairs into a pile.

How I normally do it is to simply brush a small area at a time, about four feet on carpets. Brush all around your small area and  gather the pet hairs into a pile. Then move on and do another small area. So, you should have a few or more small piles of pet hairs about 4 or 5 feet distance from each other.

When you think you have cleared your carpet of hairs, you simply just vacuum clean the piles of pet hairs up in to your vacuum cleaner. The pet hair remover brush has electro static rubber fibers and it is through these rubber fibers that it can collect the pet hairs from your carpets or suite. I have yet to find a better way to remove pet hairs from carpets and suites.

These brushes vary in price. Its always best to get the small hand brush for your upholstery and get the brush on a pole for your carpets. These are very easy to use and effective too.

You can get both products here for just £12.95. The carpet brush and the upholstery brush as a set. Simply click on the pic.

For USA you can go here

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Would you be willing to help? I discovered a fantastic DIY carpet cleaning system a while ago. The very nature of it is simplicity in itself. Any able bodied person can clean their carpets to fantastic results.

The trouble I have been having is traffic! Ye your right, not the easiest obstacle to over come. But honestly, this carpet cleaning system is cheap as chips and very simple and straightforward. But I’ve been struggling trying to get eyes to my pages, that’s why I found you.

I need help to spread the word about this carpet cleaning system. I have written a guidebook which illustrates the system in easy to follow language. I have also created 2 other titles, one for carpet maintenance cleaning and the other for upholstery cleaning. The three titles can be sold individually or in two or even as a complete package of all three.

But like I said to you before, I need eyes on my offers for the books to sell.

Would you be willing to help?

If you’d like to offer me a proposition with regards helping with showing my offers to more people, I am all ears. I would be happy to give you a generous cut of all books we sell. Prices can vary from £19.99 – £5.99. I would be very happy to speak with you if you have any interest in this offer. Please put your e mail into the box below and I will contact you personally — no auto responders.

Or telephone me on +44 7576 382821. Alternatively my facebook page is

Here’s the web form


Carpet Cleaner Hire South East Kent

Important Message For Home Owners In And Around Folkestone

One Room Of You’re Choice Carpet Clean It For FREE! Here’s Why…


Autumn 2017.

Dear Home Owner,

You can choose from a number of companies when you want your carpets cleaned. But I want to prove to you that the deep cleaning system available from me will give you the most effective results.

Please therefore, accept my offer and clean one room of your choice, – maybe your lounge, a dining room or a bedroom, it’s up to you – absolutely FREE of charge and without obligation.

The reason why I’m offering one room free is simple. I am sure you would never dream of buying a car before you test-drive it. In the same way, I don’t believe you should pay for carpet cleaning before you know the system your using and the person doing the cleaning will produce a superb result. That’s why I want you to clean one room free, so you can see how very effective, efficient and lasting my carpet cleaning system is.

Then — only if you are as pleased and impressed with your results as I think you’ll be – you can ask to clean more of your rooms. As I say there’s no obligation at all. But if you DO want to clean more rooms (you probably will after you see how well your free room turns out) I will gift you 30% OFF my usual equipment hire rate as a “Thank You” for demonstrating the system and to welcome you as a new and valued customer.

However, if you don’t, I will just say “thank you” and walk away. No questions. There’ll be no hard feelings, either. Obviously, I know the likely hood of you not being over the moon with your free room is very small indeed. Otherwise, I would be foolish to offer free demonstrations. I’m betting that most people will want to clean additional rooms, either on the spot or at a later date, but the risk is on me, not you.

One thing, it’s important. I am limiting the number of free carpet cleans to 100. Once I’ve received 100 bookings, I’ll have to turn away everyone else who calls because of the volume of work involved. So — please — if you would like to take me up on my no-risk offer, call me now while it’s fresh in your mind on 07576 382821. (Please leave your name and telephone number after the message) and I will call you back same day to arrange a convenient time and day for you to clean your carpets. Or complete the form below. I’ll contact you same day.


Shane Daley
Haulway Carpet Cleaning

PS. There is NO obligation or commitment what-so-ever! You receive one FREE carpet cleaning. (one room of your choice) so you can demonstrate the effectiveness of my system before you decide whether you’d like to do more of your rooms. But you must hurry – only 100 free cleans available. Call 07576 382821 now! Or complete the form below.

PS. If you’d like me to clean your carpets for you, it would be my pleasure. For a professional service and a no quibble satisfaction guarantee. Plus one room of your choice carpet cleaned free, no commitments or obligations.

Book additional carpet cleaning only if you are happy with your free room. Please go here for more info.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment USA

DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment In The USA


Jon-Don stores have everything your likely to need for your DIY carpet cleaning activities. I have sourced a hand full of essential tools and solutions for you. These products are available at Jon- Don stores in the USA.

Prochem pre-spray solution

Prochem Carpet Pre-Spray Solution

Prochem carpet rinse

Prochem Carpet Rinse Solution.


Pressure sprayer

Pump Up Pressure Sprayer


Carpet brush


Carpet Pile Brush

In Canada, you can get these very same products here.



These additional six products will help you get started.

You may well want to add additional products to your carpet cleaning collection. These six items will get you started more comfortably.

There is a few very low cost products you can get to help your carpet cleaning activities run a little smoother. I will list these products for you here.

Get these products locally from your local hardware store or supermarket.


1/ Plain white hand towel x2

white hand towel






2/ Bucket

Black Bucket 12.5 litres.

3/ Measuring jug

1 litre measuring jug.

4/ Hand trigger sprayer x2

Hand Sprayer

5/ Hand scrub brush

Nylon Hand Scrub Bush

6/ Funnel





12 Jon-Don Stores spread out across the USA




If you order your carpet cleaning solutions from Jon-Don stores, ask for safety data sheets. These are free and they are for each solution you buy and use. Much better to have these documents rather than not.

I can help you with carpet cleaning technique and hiring a machine locally. Simply fill out the form if you’d like me to help you further. There is no obligation to buy anything. I just want to help you clean your carpets. Filling out the form gets you a free telephone consultation. An ideal way for you to let me know how I can help you with your DIY carpet cleaning needs in the USA.

Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of

You are now one of the privileged who has mastered how to clean your carpets either at home or in a professional manner.

To subscribe to part 3 simply click the button below. But first, I want to say thank you for the time you spent on parts 1 and 2 of For your subscription today, you will have access to the third part of and you will learn more advanced methods for cleaning and keeping your carpets clean. Plus you can get access to private training for your upholstery cleaning. I will also help you with protection treatments too.

Please click the button below.

Your subscription rate is £27 per month. You also get a copy of my latest Upholstery Cleaning Guidebook physical and downloadable format.

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Part 2 subscription

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Here is your payment button for £14.97. One month subscription charge to access part 2 of

This payment today will allow you access to all of part 1 and all of part 2 membership posts and pages for one month. Your subscription will automatically renew after one month, or you can cancel it if you no longer want to continue.

You also get a satisfaction guarantee with this subscription. If for any reason you are not completely happy with the arrangement, simply contact me and say so. I will try my very best to rectify any problems you have, if you are still not happy, I will cancel and refund your monthly subscription.

Please click the button to continue.

The Best Method To Clean Carpets

Here’s How You Can More Than Double The Effectiveness Of Your Carpet Cleaning Results, Forever!

For the best method to clean carpets. Simply follow these 11 revealing training video’s.

The very best method to clean carpets without being a professional carpet cleaning expert, without being a perfectionist, or without using an ultra-powerful machine. A bold claim – and you should be skeptical…. But in the next minute or two I will prove this to you with undeniable proof.

Here is a photo of a client’s results before and after taking these video training tactics.

Best cleaning method

Best carpet cleaning method

The procedure is, we simply take the same 11 steps laid out in the training videos every time. And every time it results in a fantastic carpet cleaning outcome. (Even for a carpet cleaning newbie). It is that easy because these 11 videos perfectly map out the best method to clean carpets by achieving a wonderfully clean result every time. The videos remove faulty reasoning which is usually the cause of a dull, lifeless and pure dowdy traditional carpet cleaning result.

I have been there too. There’s nothing worse than spending hours and hours trying to keep carpets clean and ending up with a result that just does not impress. You fail to reach your carpet cleaning expectations because you’ve used the wrong carpet cleaning techniques. Even with the best carpet cleaning machine on earth, you’ll still be short of the most effective techniques, hence you’ll be likely to mess up!

Method for best carpet cleaning

Best carpet cleaning method

I had the very same dreadful issues trying to keep carpets clean when I started out. My experience was over wetting, re-soiling, slow drying and a dull look. So now, I’ve created these 11 videos to help people avoid the common, costly, carpet cleaning mistakes that everyone else makes.

Unless you are a trained carpet cleaning professional, without the best methods to clean carpets you’ll have to play Russian roulette when your trying to keep your carpets clean. You may hire expensive carpet cleaning equipment, or maybe a service provider, Or maybe you’ll spend years and years trying to get good at cleaning a carpet.


All you need do, is follow these 11 videos.

Best cleaning method result

Best method for superb carpet cleaning results

Just follow these 11 videos over and over. (Can you do that?) Imagine doubling your carpet cleaning results without the extra work.  You get the exact 11 videos, but more so you get the power to clean any carpet absolutely brilliantly. You’ll want to keep your carpets clean, you’ll be motivated purely by your own results.

I will throw in my  ‘Carpet cleaning tools and solutions Booklet’ so you don’t have to struggle with getting what you need for your new carpet cleaning projects. The Booklet includes, tools, solutions, machine hire, prices, pictures, how to order, telephone numbers, online ordering and much more,,,.

Click here and register to view 11 carpet cleaning videos, for the best method to clean carpets. 

You must subscribe to part 2 of this site for access.

When you click the link above and become a member of this site, you then have access to pages and posts that would otherwise be closed off to you as a none member. Simply register on the next page to become a member of this site. You can then access 11 Carpet Cleaning Videos and many other pages and posts on this site which I created and will continue to create specifically for members only.

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Buy A Carpet Cleaner

Buy A Carpet Cleaner.

You don’t have to do it on your own!

If you’ve pondered the idea to buy a carpet cleaner, here’s some help if you haven’t yet purchased. There is in fact hundreds of different sorts of machines out there. You have basically two different types of soil extraction machine.

Upright carpet cleaner.

Upright carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaning machine for professionals.

Professional machine.

There is the upright machine and the portable machine with a wand tool. There is also lots of other types of machines. The most effective carpet cleaning machines available has got to be the soil extraction machine.


If used properly, a good soil extraction machine will always give you a worthwhile carpet cleaning result.

The machines are mostly light and easy to manoeuvre. But you can actually get professional machines with more  power. There is every type regarding power from a small low powered machine right the way up to the truck mount machine, and everything in between.

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

DIY carpet cleaning.

So your choice can be anything because there is so very many machines to choose from. If you look on ebay to buy a carpet cleaner, you’ll find a large selection of carpet cleaning machines available there. You can get a machine from new or invest in a second hand machine, the choice is yours.

Here’s how to choose the right machine for you.

But because there are so very many machines to choose from, how does someone like you make the right choice? After all if you don’t know what to choose you’ll probably choose the wrong machine, or not buy a machine at all.

I’m happy to help you get the right machine.

If you was to go out and buy a car today, chances are, that if someone in the know is with you, you’ll get a better car, right? Well, how about if I help you with getting a carpet cleaning machine? We can look on Ebay and sometimes machines for private sale show up in google search results. You and I together can scour the market and make a choice after we see what’s available. Would you like me to do that with you?


If your answer is YES then simply text “carpet cleaning machine” on 07576 382821.

Or outside the UK please use +44 7576382821

This is a totally FREE SERVICE. No obligations or commitments at all. I have been helping people with their carpet cleaning needs now for 30 years. Simply text to the number above and I will help you buy a carpet cleaner. You don’t have to do it alone. Text Now!

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning.

Why You Should Not Throw Your Carpets Out For Laminated Or Wood Flooring?


People who think their carpeting cannot be cleaned properly due to poor cleaning results before, they tend to remove carpets and go for laminated or wood flooring instead. I think this situation is more than such a shame. Carpets in all sorts of establishments and in the homes of people in general, are being chucked on the scrap heap because owners have little or no faith in the carpet cleaning industry. They had carpets cleaned, they took days to dry, they re-soiled very quickly and sometimes without the owner being fully aware, the carpeting became really quite unhealthy.

Main reason why people get poor carpet cleaning results.

This is a fact of life for many carpet cleaning consumers everywhere. Of course, there is good reason why all of this poor servicing takes place. After all, how difficult is it to get a carpet cleaning machine? Today anyone can pick one up!

You often get people entering the carpet cleaning industry with zero knowledge about the subject. After all, no-one need take exams, train or be equipped adequately. So the industry is open to anyone who wishes to take part. Therefore, people often start cleaning carpets for a living and they have zero knowledge about what exactly it is they are doing. They may have some idea about the benefits of carpet cleaning, but in many cases, not the full story.

I started 30 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about cleaning carpets then.

My own opinion on this is simple. But it won’t change anything. Because this is exactly how I got started cleaning carpets 30 years ago. I made every mistake possible back then. I quit, I started again, I quit and re-started again several times. And this is sometimes how people get into the carpet cleaning business. Some will take training like I did and others will just continue to make mistakes and give poor service for low cost.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean Has Lots Of Benefits, Visual And Invisible.

Let’s say something good about the benefits of carpet cleaning, because not only does cleaning a carpet improve the visual appearance of a room and extend the life of the carpeting. Also the improved human health aspects must be remembered too.

Apart from every day dust and dirt, carpeting collects all sorts of pollutants as the carpet acts as a filter. There could well be manifestations of dust mites living and breading in your carpets. Toxic air born allergens adhere to pollutants found in carpeting. When someone walks across the carpet, it releases the pollutants into the air on a regular basis.

This is why it is advised to vacuum clean carpets at least 3 times per week. Professional carpet cleaning once a year will help remove pollutants and thus clear and clean indoor air.

Dirty carpets = polluted indoor air.

Toxic gas is dispersed into the air as you walk across your carpet believe it or not. The indoor air gets contaminated when carpets are dirty. But professional carpet cleaning kills bacteria and will also improve indoor air quality as a result. This is just a snippet of the actual benefits of carpet cleaning.

Having carpet professionally cleaned regularly will help people with breathing difficulties such as asthma and COPD ext. The air born pollutants which come from the dirty carpeting are greatly reduced as a direct result of cleaning. Anyone with breathing difficulties will experience easier breathing after carpets have been cleaned professionally.

Dust mites are microscopic. The feces and the dead bodies of the dust mites are what causes breathing problems for people rather than the dust mite itself. If you disturb a manifestation of dust mites you will not be aware of it. But the air pollution as a result of the air born feces and dead bodies of the dust mites will in fact cause breathing problems to the room occupants. These pollutants are microscopic and they float around on the air. However, professional carpet cleaning uses high temperature cleaning solution which the house dust mite is unable to withstand and it dies.

Growing mold and mildew can be a problem when indoor air is moist.

Very often, if a carpet is not cleaned for long intervals it will start to grow mold and mildew. During the winter months when moist air in the house is highest, then the mold and mildew will grow in any areas where the moist air is. But don’t despair, because regular professional carpet cleaning will eliminate the chances of growing mold and mildew in your carpets. This is just another of the many benefits of carpet cleaning.

Can you begin now to see how important cleaning your carpets is? Can you also see why a lot of people are reverting to cold wood flooring’s as an alternative to all of these mentioned problems? But there’s even more you should know if your keeping your warm, cozy, room enhancing carpeting.

Carpets are cozy and warm.

You are aware I’m sure, about the benefits of having carpets in your home or workplace. Not only do carpets look nice and they certainly enhance a rooms appearance. Carpets are also good for keeping noise levels down. They also act as a filter which will hold onto lots of pollutants until you vacuum clean them out.

So please don’t throw out your beautiful carpets and replace them with noisy, cold wood flooring. Keep your carpets, but keep them maintained. It’s like anything, if you look after an item then it will serve you well and it will last a long time. There is nothing different about your carpeting.

If you would like to learn how to keep your carpeting clean and healthy, I would be happy to talk with you and show you a few effective ideas. Then you can experience the benefits of carpet cleaning yourself.

Please either send a message to me on Facebook at  or call +44 07576 382821 and simply leave your name and contact telephone number. I will call you back same day. (If you are dialing from outside the UK, leave out the 0)

Good Carpet Cleaner Products

You’ll want products for cleaning your carpets, but what do you choose? It can be a maze out there, especially when your not sure what it is your doing. So here today I’d like to show you a few important tools and solutions you’ll need for cleaning your carpets.

Have you ever hear’d of a pre-spray solution for help with cleaning a carpet?

If you have, you’ll know that pre-spraying before using the extraction machine is always a good idea. The pre-spray works by softening soils in the carpet pile. The pre-spray is normally brushed into the pile before rinse extraction with the machine.

Obviously, this process will clean carpets much better than the traditional type of carpet cleaning. But in order to do this, you will need a few important tools and a couple of useful solutions.

For the cost of these few items, it is well worth the investment. You get long term clean carpets with practically zero re-soiling. You get quick drying carpets and they normally have a soft bouncy pile after this method of cleaning. You also get a pleasant fragrance on the carpet as a result of cleaning.

If you would like to see these products and get more info about them, ie, prices, where to get and what to get. Please visit good carpet cleaner products. You’ll find all the information you need.



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