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Carpet Washers

Carpet Washers.

Choose A Carpet Washer Which Incorporates Two Fundamental Task’s. SQUIRT AND SUCK!



That’s right, there are hundreds of carpet washers available for DIY carpet cleaning. But here’s a few common ones below which are likely to be available for hire locally.

These machines are simplicity in itself. They are easy to use and will produce great carpet cleaning results when you use a pre-spray and brush agitate prior to rinsing with the machine. The norm is to simply fill up the machine with cleaning solution and clean your carpet. That method will work, but pre spraying and brush agitation always works much better.

Pre-spray and brush agitate your carpets first, then use the machine only to rinse out loose soils and the pre-sprayed cleaning solution too. Cleaning solutions are high in alkalinity, they must be in order to clean. Usually, solutions are left in the carpet after cleaning, they will attract soil which makes the carpet look dirty again quit quickly.

This method of pre-spray and brush agitation is the best. You get no re-soiling, and carpets are left exactly as clean as you want them to be. The cleaning is done via the pre-spray and the brush agitation, the machine is used only for rinsing.

Suddenly A Carpet Washing Machine Becomes A Very Worthwhile Piece Of Kit.


Without pre-spraying and brush agitation, the rating of diy carpet washers is not very high. However, the outlined method for carpet washing gets the job done much better. Here is a few carpet washer machines which I can hire to you. These will give you an idea as to what DIY carpet cleaning machines are available on the high street.


These two carpet washers are perfect for DIY carpet cleaning. There are lots of others available, but these two have the fundamentals of every machine out there. They all work much the same. The idea is squirt and suck. The machine sprays a rinse solution in to your carpet and immediately sucks it back out. Therefore the squirt and suck is common to all DIY carpet cleaning machines.

Everything is controlled by the wand tool which sucks up the soils in your carpet. The wand tool is pushed and pulled across your carpet slowly. You spray in solution then  suck it back out with one slow sweep of the machine.

carpet washer machine

small carpet washer.


This Idea For Washing Carpets Has Always Been Around. But We Can Improve On This Fundamental Concept.

It Works, There’s No Doubt About It. But Using Only A Machine Will Greatly Reduce Your Carpet Washing End Result.




My advise would be to always use a pre-spray solution first, before rinse extracting with the machine. Brush agitate the pre-spray into your carpet pile. Then simply use the carpet washer to rinse out loose soils and pre-sprayed solution.

While looking for a diy carpet cleaner, aim at something like the carpet washers above when considering hiring or buying. There are techniques to using these machines. You can greatly increase your carpet washing results by perfecting your cleaning techniques described for you in your Carpet Cleaning E Book. Get a copy now by simply clicking the link above.

Small neumatic machine is ideal for diy carpet cleaning.

perfect machine for DIY carpet cleaning.

Your carpet cleaning e book has ideas which I’ve used in my own carpet cleaning service for decades. These ideas are normally used in professional carpet cleaning. They are available for you to use if you want to advance in your carpet washing endeavors.


Thanks for now

Shane Daley 


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