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Offering diy carpet cleaners a superb method 
which will get carpets clean.
The Haulway Carpet Cleaning System Gives Superb Results. My Customers Have Stayed Loyal And Always Made Referrals.
     Hi, and welcome to Haulway Carpet Cleaning. For the past 14 years I have been active in running my own carpet cleaning service. I operated in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, in England for 8 years were I cleaned carpets for more than 500 local residents. I also did carpet cleaning for many local businesses, including pubs, shops, restaurants, cafes and even the local bus station.
     The thing about my business which was different from most other carpet cleaning services, was my advanced method for cleaning. Rather than just use a machine for washing carpets, I incorporated a pre-spray solution followed by brush agitation, then finally a rinse.
     The method I used is slower, but the great cleaning results are much better. The solutions I used are Prochem Europe products and are amongst the very best in the world. The two combined, solutions and method, has proved to be a great combination for carpet cleaning effectiveness. Any machine for carpet cleaning will be effective. A hire machine from your local hire shop. A vax machine even, you can use a high street hire machine from a dry cleaners store even.
     My customers are always very pleased with the carpet cleaning work I do. To be honest I was the only one in Morecambe and the surrounding areas who used the pre-spray and brush agitation method for cleaning. This is why my carpet cleaning is a success.
     You’ll find in the carpet cleaning guidebook I’m offering today, a wealth of important information. The cleaning system described in the guide is easy to do. Any one can get superb carpet cleaning results if they use the right techniques and solutions for cleaning.
      My business today is all about helping people to do their own carpet cleaning. My aim is to offer help and support in order for my new customers and existing customers to do their own carpet cleaning properly.
Haulway Carpet Cleaning
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