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Carpet Cleaning In Folkestone

Carpet Cleaning In And Around Folkestone.

Pound For Pound, The Best Carpet Cleaning System On The Market Today.


Winter 2017.


You don’t want wet for days carpets after I’ve cleaned. I’m sure you really want to see your carpets enhanced and looking their very best, don’t you? Well now you can!

Here’s a carpet cleaning system available in Folkestone that really does get you superb results. I’ve been cleaning carpets now for more than 35 years. I’ll show you how I clean a carpet and get a fantastic result for you every time.

YOU Can Have The Most Effective And Thorough Carpet Cleaning In Folkestone Today! Simply Call 07576 382821.

Some people will tell you that carpet cleaning doesn’t work. Soil is back on the surface after just a few days. Carpets take forever to dry. And so on,,,  My intention is to give you carpet cleaning that leaves all the rest standing. To get a piece of the action, I’ve got two FREE GIFTS for you.

FREE gift 1,

One gift is a personal no obligation visit from me. While I’m there, I will tell you how I clean a carpet. I will check for stains and tell you if and how I can remove them. I will also test your carpets for cleaning safely.

FREE gift 2,

The second free gift is One Room Of Your Choice Carpet Cleaned FREE.

The FREE carpet clean is just my way of saying thank you for considering using my carpet cleaning services in Folkestone. The free clean is to make you say WOW of course. Then, if you are happy and delighted with your free room (I’m sure you will be), then you can ask me to clean more of your rooms.

Book your additional carpet cleaning there and then after your free clean. Or book at a later date if you prefer. Or don’t book at all if you don’t want to.

To book your free personal visit with me today, there is no obligations or commitments what-so-ever. Simply request a convenient day and time for me to come and assess your carpets for cleaning.

These two FREE carpet cleaning GIFTS are available in and around Folkestone.

I know you’ll be delighted with your free carpet clean. The chances of you booking more rooms is very high. But the risk is on me, not you. So please, call or text today on 07576 382821. And I will book your 2 free gifts at a convenient time and day to suit you.

Gift 1/ A personal visit from me to assess your carpets for cleaning. I’ll tell you how I clean a carpet. I will check for stains and tell you how and if I can remove them. I will also test your carpeting for cleaning safely. (Testing takes just a couple of minutes). I will also give you 30% discounted price for any additional carpet cleaning you’d like me to do.

Gift 2/ One room of your choice carpet cleaned free.

I’m only doing 100 free cleans with this offer. The volume of work will be too great if I do more free carpet cleaning in Folkestone. So call now while its fresh in your mind. Simply say “2 free gifts offer” when you call or text. Leave your name and telephone number after the message, if I’m busy at work. I will call you back same day.


Shane Daley


Haulway Carpet Cleaning

PS. All my carpet cleaning work is fully guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely happy, simply say so. I will re-do the cleaning at my expense. If you are still not happy, I will refund your payment in full, there’ll be no hard feelings either.

Call 07576 382821 today! Or just complete the form below and I will contact you within the next 24 hours.

PPS. If you’d like to DIY, I have a complete DIY package available. You can even do one room for FREE just to try it out and see if you like it. If you don’t like the DIY package for any reason, then it doesn’t cost you anything. Click here for further DIY Carpet Cleaning details. Or book your two FREE GIFTS NOW!



Download DIY Carpet Cleaning FREE Gifts.

Thanks For Getting This Far.

Download Your Helpful Carpet Cleaning FREE Gifts Here.

Simply click on the linked text below to download your gifts.

Carpet Cleaning Booklet


Free booklet

Essential Tools And Solutions Free Booklet For Carpets.


For Upholstery Cleaning


Free Upholstery cleaning booklet.

Tools And Solutions FREE BOOKLET For Upholstery.



For Carpet Maintenance Cleaning. (Buffer Cleaning)

Tools and solutions

Free Booklet

FREE BOOKLET for Carpet Maintenance Tools and Solutions


For Machine Hire UK

How To Hire A Carpet Cleaner Machine Locally.

Outside the UK, take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.


Go here for your Carpet Cleaning Guidebook at 30% discount. Plus, remember your protected with a 100% complete satisfaction 90 day money back guarantee. Clean carpets or your money back!

DIY Carpet Cleaning In Hythe & Folkestone.

DIY Carpet Cleaning In Hythe And Folkestone.

Most People Never Clean Their Home Carpets Themselves, Here’s Why…

Hiring a carpet cleaning machine can be a dilemma sometimes. What with added extra’s, VAT and delivery and collection charges. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine and paying double the original price for it, isn’t unusual.

With add on’s and extras and the ‘here it is and give it a go‘ approach, it’s really not wise to hire a machine on your own!

What gets me more than anything else is, how most customers leave the hire shop with just a snippet of how to info. Its this lack of info that causes people to mess up. You know what, I’m pretty sure that staff at the hire shop don’t know much about cleaning carpets either. But people still make a bee line to these hire shops ever day.

Also, the hire machine on its own will NEVER clean a carpet properly.

You can, like most other folk go over your carpets with the machine repeatedly. People do this to remove heavy soiling. But you know what, these people are drenching the carpets. They dry dull and lifeless. They take days to dry. That is the norm you get when you trot off to the hire shop for a machine.

These DIY machines though, really are good. But people just don’t know how to use them.

People don’t know that they need additional tools. The hire shop doesn’t know that customers require additional tools either. But let me tell you this. You can use a hire machine on its own. You can clean your carpets just as you think you should. But I can guarantee that most people with soiled carpets will repeatedly go over areas in order to clean heavy soils.  The outset for repeated passes of the extraction machine is over wetting.

The outset for over wetting is dull lifeless carpets that will re-soil rapidly.

You get wet for days carpets that will look just as dirty within, lets say a week or two. Lastly, let me just say this. Its hard work making a mess of your carpets. But the harder you try the worse it gets, because you’ll just be pumping in water in an attempt to remove the heavy soils. WET, WET, WET!

Don’t go into the hire shop wearing your ‘hit me with the charges tee shirt’ on. Discover right now in your Consumers Awareness Guide what most people fall for again and again. Get smart and pay for just what you need with no extra add on’s!


Discover Advanced DIY Carpet Cleaning And Use It On All Your Home Carpets.


Don’t settle for ‘I’ll give it a go‘. That approach has ruined carpets for far too long. Get your FREE Consumers Awareness Guide To Hiring A Carpet Cleaner. Click below and put yourself in the know.

Never be lead up the garden path to paying access charges for your home carpet cleaning ever again. Discover exactly how to clean your carpets then get the very best results yourself without paying a fortune.

No longer will you be paying for something you won’t need.

Discover more, Download Your Free,

Consumers Guide To Hiring A Carpet Cleaner.

Clean your carpets properly, don’t make a mess.

Hire your machine here (UK)


 Use Advanced DIY Carpet Cleaning And Get A Much More Worthwhile Result.

Please go here for,,,

Essential education for all your DIY carpet cleaning endeavors.


Simply take your time, do your research because preparation is very important.

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