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DIY carpet Cleaning Infografic

Carpet cleaning infografic


Start DIY Carpet Cleaning.

Start DIY Carpet Cleaning Today.

Get A Small Selection Of PROFESSIONAL Carpet Cleaning Tools & Solution’s.


SprayBrush & Rinse Extract Your Carpets Clean!


Please, don’t let the thought of buying carpet cleaning tools and solutions put you off! You’ll be investing in your home with these essential carpet cleaning products. You only need buy a few DIY carpet cleaning items once. Then you’ll have it and it is unlikely you’ll need to buy these carpet cleaning tools ever again. Everything you buy for starting your DIY carpet cleaning,

I always advise my web site visitors on getting professional tools and solutions for their DIY carpet cleaning efforts. You see, if you get anything less than this, then its doubtful you’ll get the worthwhile carpet cleaning results I want for you. Take a look at these three short video‘s and get an idea of exactly what is required for truly worthwhile DIY carpet cleaning results.

The three video’s show you DIY carpet cleaning PROFESSIONAL start up tools & solutions.


I know that most towns and cities have janitorial supplies available. But not all of these suppliers stock the equipment you want. You can get started with your DIY carpet cleaning with the tools and solutions from my web site. I have everything available for you there. However, your local janitorial supplier may have what you need too.

The 3 video’s should point the way forward for you. The few tools and solutions you’ll need for starting your DIY carpet cleaning, they don’t cost a lot. If you have your carpets cleaned once by a pro, the cost would be considerably more!

This carpet spraybrush and rinse extract system will give you cleaner carpets always. Without this system, DIY carpet cleaning is often a waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of effort. But people continue to get shoddy results and they continue to do so too. Did you know, most DIY Carpet cleaners even try to make up there own carpet cleaning solutions? They do this in order to make the equipment work better and cheaper. Have you tried making a carpet cleaning solution from your kitchen? I don’t recommend it.


Start DIY Carpet Cleaning The Professional Way.


My last words here are these. If you want a professional result from your DIY carpet cleaning efforts, you need a professional method for cleaning. You’ll need;

Check out these three short video’s now. See for yourself how you can start improving your DIY carpet cleaning results. Start your DIY carpet cleaning at low cost too. If you have your own carpet washer, you can implement these cleaning methods right away.

For simple cleaning and a fantastic carpet cleaning result get your professional spray-brush & rinse extract system today.

Shane Daley

Haulway Carpet Cleaning

PS. Save the cost of a professional carpet cleaning and get your DIY tools & solutions now. Watch the 3 video’s and start DIY carpet cleaning more effectively!



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