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Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals.

Clean Your Carpets But Please Do It Without Changing  Your Carpet Colours.

Here’s Two Carpet Cleaning Chemicals That Will Help,


Which will;



Have You ever cleaned your carpets  and the water you extracted out was the same colour as your carpets? YES you have! Well, I can tell you now, the problem arisen because you used a high alkaline carpet cleaning Chemical. Please don’t get me wrong,  carpet cleaning solutions, like any cleaning solution must be high in alkalinity in order for them to clean effectively.

But like most folk, all you were probably interested in was your carpet cleaning end result. So most carpet cleaning Chemicals are in fact high in alkalinity because that is how they clean effectively.

But carpets often have delicate colours in the dyes in the fibres. Using a high alkalinity cleaning chemical will clean your carpets, but the chances of you loosing colour from your carpet is also high. That is why we use a carpet rinsing chemical too. Also the carpet rinse chemical must be a neutral PH solution in order to neutralize the chemical we use to actually clean the carpet with.

Carpet cleaning pre-spray solutionHere’s two carpet cleaning chemicals that compliment one another. The product Multi Pro will do all your carpet cleaning for you. It is a high alkaline cleaning solution and will clean heavy soil, grease, walkways and seating areas too. It will give you great results cleaning most household stains. You can clean any room for instance, bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, lounge, dining room, stairs ext. Simply pre-spray and brush agitate into the carpets pile for best results.


But You Must Never Use A High Alkaline Carpet Cleaning Chemical On It’s Own.


Here’s the carpet rinsing chemical details.


You tackle rinsing by mixing your rinse solution at 100 parts warm water to 1 part rinse solution. So you can fill a 10 litre bucket with warm water. You then simply add 100 mls, that’s just a 1/10th of a litre of carpet rinse chemical. There’s 5 litres of the stuff in one container, so you get to clean your carpet twice a year 5 rooms for about 5 years!

carpet rinse solution

Rinses carpets through after pre-spraying

I love this carpet rinsing chemical so much. Having used it yourself, you’ll see why. Carpets glow! I didn’t know how to make a carpet glow until I discovered rinsing, especially rinsing with Fibre Fabric Rinsing Solution. Not only does this chemical rinse out soils and rinse out pre-sprayed cleaning chemical, it leaves carpets soft and bouncy with enhanced colours and it smells absolutely wonderful too.

Honestly, I’ve used tanker loads of this chemical over the years. Not one single time did I ever fault it and my customers never did either. One of my frequent quotes from customers was always “it looks like a new carpet”. I guess that phrase was said to me a dozen times a week. I even heard it said while I slept!

If you are considering having a go at your own carpet cleaning, I applaud you. But while I’m clapping, please make a bee line to Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution. You’ll be so glad you did.

One last thing,

Alkaline will attract soil to it. If you’ve ever cleaned or had cleaned your carpets and they re-soiled rapidly afterwords, you now know why. It’s so important to rinse carpets through in order to prevent that wicked problem of re-soiling. I won’t even mention how you might react to colour changes in your carpets!!!

You can buy carpet cleaning chemicals here.


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