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Which Carpet Stain Remover Will Remove Old Or Even New Stubborn Carpet Stains And Spots?


You will be pleased to know, that MOST carpet stains can be removed. Simply take a little time to discover how. Don’t go with your gut feeling that you can rub and scrub with washing up liquid, dish washer, or soap powder. In order to treat a carpet stain and remove it properly, firstly, it helps if you know what the carpet stain is.


Having Identified The Carpet Stain, You Can Then Match Your Stain With The Appropriate Stain Remover Product. 

Obviously, there are hundreds of different carpet stain remover products on the market. But if you follow my advise, you can use solutions for removing carpet stains that have rarely ever failed me.

It’s not like I have no experience with these carpet stain removers. I have actually used the same products for more than 20 years in my own carpet cleaning business. But first, let me just explain how these products are used effectively.

The idea is to use a strong stain remover which is usually high in alkalinity or acidic. These stain remover products are simply not safe to use on most carpets on their own. The solutions are so strong that most probably they can pull colour out of your carpet if left to dry for a day or two. But without a good strong carpet stain remover, most stains will be permanent or they will always show even after you’ve spent hours trying to clean them.

The idea in general is to use a stain removing solution which is high in alkalinity or acidic.


These types of solutions attract soiling to them after the carpet has dried. So how we counteract that process is, we use a separate rinse solution in order to neutralize your carpet and make it safe again.

The neutralizing process is simple, we just use a neutral PH rinse which will bring your carpet back to neutral PH. Hence it will not attract soils and it will not loose color. The rinse solution will immediately counteract the carpet stain remover and put you back on to safe ground.

But Surely This Carpet Stain Removal Process Is Going To Be Expensive?


I’m going to give you two ways you can clean a carpet stain properly. The first is with a bare minimum of spending and the second is if you want to clean your carpets with a machine occasionally.

1/ Here’s the first method for removing a carpet stain;

I will send you to a page on this site to get your carpet stain remover solution. But I’ll run through with you here how a carpet stain is removed. THE TECHNIQUE. Using the appropriate carpet stain remover, you mix it up and poor it into a small hand sprayer (picture below) Now first thing you do, you test the carpet stain remover on an area of your carpet which is out of sight. Somewhere behind a door or a settee is fine.

You spray on the stain remover solution in to your carpet about 4 or 5 times in order to soak your carpet in a small 3-4 inch square area. Next, you need a white plain tissue or toilet roll and you fold this so that it fits nicely into your hand, Fold it a few times. Then press with your knuckles, press the tissue into your sprayed area. You hold it there for about 30 seconds.

This will tell you how your carpet is reacting to the carpet stain remover. Remember, we will rinse your carpet in order to neutralize it. But we must get an idea of how your carpet is reacting to the carpet stain remover first.

Tools used with carpet stain removers.

Carpet stain remover tools.

We need two items which we will use to clean your carpet stain. One is a small hand held scrub brush. Nylon is the best. (picture below) Plus, we need a plain white hand towel. A bath towel is too big for this. We need a simple plain white hand towel. That is all the tools you’ll need in this 1st procedure.  Apart from of course the carpet rinse solution (pictured below).

Having held your tissue on the carpet in an inconspicuous place, you take a look at it after 30 seconds. See if any colour has transferred in to you testing tissue. You may see that no colour has transferred in to the tissue. Or there may be a small amount of colour transferred. This will tell you how stable your carpet colours are. Knowing this, we can treat your carpet stain accordingly.

Here’s the procedure;

From the outside edges of your stain to the center of it, you spray on your carpet stain remover solution as if by fanning. By this I mean that you fan on the solution working from the outside edges of your stain in to the center. You simply spray as if you are fanning the carpet stain. You spray on as if fanning the stain. Like a fan, working into center each time you spray.

Next there is two ways we can go.

1/Is to use your scrub brush.

2/ Is to use your white hand towel.

But I suggest you use both methods, here’s how;

Brush used with carpet stain remover

Carpet stain remover brush

Take your hand scrub brush and work from the outside edges of your stain by rocking the brush onto the carpet stain. Just work your way round the outside edges and gradually work your way in to the center of your carpet stain. So, you rock your brush by placing it onto the carpet stain, then firmly apply a bit of pressure and simply rock your brush on the stain. Work your way round the outside edges in to the center of your carpet stain gradually.

You will see that your stain is slowly being removed. We rock the hand held scrub brush so that we do not damage your carpet fibers. Rocking the brush will loosen the stain right down into the pile of your carpet. Simply continue to rock your brush round the outside edges of your carpet stain until it is barley visible.


Next, We Use Our Carpet Rinse Solution.


Rinse solution for strong carpet stain removers

Fiber and fabric rinsing solution.

How we do this is by mixing 5 liters of rinse solution (pictured below) This solution mixes at 100-1. So we use 50 milliliters of solution and 5 liters of warm water. Mix your rinsing solution in to a clean bucket. The solution is used for rinsing out your hand towel as you will see now.

Take your plain white hand towel and place it into the rinse solution bucket. Give it a good soaking. Then ring out the towel to feel damp. It doesn’t have to be almost dry, just nice and damp. Then from the outside edges of your carpet stain again, we blot and dab with your hand towel. Working in to the center from the outside edges of your carpet stain. This procedure will neutralize your carpet and it will remove any of the stain which is still showing.

Just keep on rinsing your towel through in the rinse solution and continue to blot and dab away at the stain from the outside edges into the center. After you are sure that the stain is no longer showing any improvement, then your job is almost done.



fibre fabric rinse solution

Fibre Fabric Rinse

Price is just £14.00.

5 Litres 

stain pro

1/ ‘Stain Pro’ Is heavy duty stain cleaning. This product will clean blood, vomit, wine, coffee, tea, even ink. It is a good product for almost every food based carpet stain. A pleasant mint fragrance, it is a water based solvent cleaner. You always should use Fibre Fabric Rinse solution with this product as it is a high alkaline product.

Your Carpet Cleaning Guidebook has more easy to follow details.

Order Stain Pro. The product is just £8.00; for 1 liter. 

coffee stain remover

2/ Next is ‘Coffee Stain Remover’ Removes coffee, beer, tannin, tea, and other brown and yellow discolorations. This is an acidic solution and has a pleasant lemon fragrance. Don’t forget, it is all in your Carpet Cleaning Guidebook. Order Coffee Stain Remover at just £8.00;

citrus gel

Thirdly, is ‘Citrus Gel’

This product is a spot remover for grease, oil, tar, wax, gum and most other spots which are oily.

A pleasant smelling fragrance of citrus. Order Citrus Gel at just £14.

red rx

Forth, Carpet Stain Remover Is ‘Red RX’ If you have red food coloring’s staining your carpets Red RX will help. Fruit juices, carbonated drinks and wine stains can be removed. But please, do use your Carpet Cleaning Guidebook for Red RX application instructions. Order Red RX at just £16.

chewing gum remover

Next we have ‘Chewing Gum Remover’ Which basically speaks for itself. For the removal of chewing gum on carpets.This is a freezer product which will freeze sweets and gum which then can be chipped away with a blunt knife.

Get Chewing Gum Remover at just £11.

solveall spotter

Lastly we have ‘Solvall Spotter’ For solvent soluble stains like oil based paint, grease, tar, oil, gum and adhesives. This is a solvent solution for general spot removing.

Order Solvall Spotter at just £19;

Here is few carpet stain cleaning tools which you will find useful.

Nylon Hand Scrub Brush for agitating carpet stain cleaning solutions after application £4.00


14 Litre Bucket for your Carpet Rinse Solution £1.75


Perforator, used for dislodging chewing gum and sticky sweets £6.95

White Hand Towels for blotting and dabbing carpet stains X 2 = £2.75  <


white hand towel for carpet stain removal

1 Liter Hand Sprayers X 2 = £2.00

Measuring Jug for mixing solutions £1.00


Simple Funnel for pouring solutions £1.00 >


Funnels for carpet stain removing


As a final finishing, you must set your carpet fibers to flow in a natural way.


Simply just feel which way your carpet pile flows by rubbing your hand across the pile. You’ll feel the flow of the pile going in a certain direction. You simply just wipe your carpet in the same direction as your carpet pile flows. That way, it will dry in one direction and not all over the place.

Machine for rinsing out carpet stain removers.

Machine for carpet stain removing.

Procedure number 2/

This method is identical to the previous one but with one addition. Toward the end of the carpet stain removal cleaning, we use an extraction machine to rinse the carpet stain through. If you would like to hire a carpet cleaning machine, here’s where you can hire a carpet  cleaner machine if you are in the UK.

If you are outside the UK, please click here for help with getting  carpet cleaning equipment.


In the carpet cleaning machine we use a 100-1 mix of carpet rinsing solution.


Just as before, we work from the outside edges of your carpet stain in to the center. With the machine you will have a small hand tool. (pictured below) How you use it is simple. You press the trigger and pull the hand tool across your carpet stain from the outside edges into the center. You release the trigger spray once you arrive at the center of the stain, then you move round slowly working from the outside edges in.

Carpet stain remover hand tool.

Hand tool for rinsing out carpet stain removers.

Please don’t be tempted to keep the trigger spray pressed and thus spray in too much rinse solution. That will saturate the carpet and you will be left with a worse problem after would.  Always remember to release the trigger spray once you arrive at the center of the carpet stain. Then move on to the next part and do the same again. Releasing the trigger spray each time at the center of your carpet stain.

Having done about four rinse extraction passes, then you can go over the area again using only vacuum extract. To do this, you simply let go of the trigger spray and push and pull your hand tool over the area where you have cleaned. This will pull out any access solution and it will help your carpet dry much faster.

Last thing, please always remember to set your carpet using your hand towel. You do this so that your carpet fibers dry in one direction and not all over the place.

Always open a couple of windows to allow the moisture in your room to escape. If you fail to do this, the dampness will stay in your room because it has no other place to go.


I’ve used these carpet stain remover techniques many hundreds of times. The solutions I am suggesting you use are perfect. They are professional carpet stain remover solutions and will always give you a professional result, if used properly.

If however, these suggested solutions are not available to you. Then any cleaning supplies store will have alternatives. Simply ask at the store and they will help you. These people are very knowledgeable and they can often point you in the right direction.


Carpet cleaning guidebook shows how to use carpet stain removers.

Shows in detail how to use carpet stain removers.

Check out your Carpet Cleaning E Book for a thorough education on cleaning a carpet. This is available to you now in e book format. Get it while you are here.

GOOD LUCK from Haulway Carpet Cleaning

Helping you with your carpet cleaning needs now and in the future.



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