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Carpet Rinse

Carpet Rinse

Carpet rinsing is essential if you want a good carpet cleaning result to last. The idea is to neutralize the PH levels in the carpet with rinsing. That way, you get no alkaline left in your carpet which will only attract soils shortly after cleaning.

How it works is very simple. The rinsing solution goes in the carpet extraction machine. Having pre-sprayed your carpets with a good cleaning product, you then brush agitate the cleaner into the carpet pile.

Then and only then do you switch on your carpet cleaner machine and rinse your carpets through. The chemical that you use for pre-spraying should be an alkaline product. This will effectively clean soiling from the pile and make soils ready to be rinsed out with the machine.

Carpet Rinse Solutions Are In Abundance

(Industry Only)

There are hundreds of rinse solutions available to the industry (carpet cleaners). But few if any on the shelves of diy stores, supermarkets, or equipment hire shops. Thus, few people are actually aware of this DIY carpet cleaning method. Most resort to using an extraction machine and a high alkaline cleaning chemical. (not always the best idea).

20 Years Cleaning Carpets

Having ran my own carpet cleaning service now for more than 20 years, I recommend using a rinse solution. But which one is best and where do you get it. Well, if I wasn’t so selfish, I would refer you to a distributor of these carpet cleaning chemicals. But being selfish to the core, id rather give you this link to my sales page.

But I can tell you, that some janitorial supplies stores require you to set up an account with them. The rinse solution and the pre-spray solution which I recommend are designed for professional use only. Not always available to Mr DIY. But, I continue to recommend these products because they are far better than most.

I Applaud You For Being A DIY Carpet Cleaner.

If you are planning on DIY carpet cleaning, your are in the right place. Here’s the link again to my sales page. Seriously, if you want a worthwhile carpet cleaning doing it yourself, you really can accomplish it.



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Here’s what rinsing solution to look for.

Fibre fabric Rinse (Prochem)

fibre fabric rinse solution

I wish you well and I would just like to clarify something important. DIY Carpet Cleaning is a very worthwhile activity to know and do. There are countless benefits, some you know, some you don’t. But if you simply take the time to get it right. To learn how it’s done. Then just like fixing your own car, you’ve gained a new skill. 

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