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Beyond Slow Drying Carpets.

Beyond Slow Drying Carpets.


There’s nothing worse than spending endless hours cleaning a carpet only to have it wet next day. Please believe me, it’s not the machine at fault here. Even a tiny low powered carpet cleaning machine can clean a carpet fast and leave it dry within 5-6 hours and less.


How To Clean A Carpet. — Use Effective Carpet Cleaning Techniques, It Puts You Streets Ahead.


The answer to all of the questions above is simply this — “Technique!” It is how you use the carpet cleaning machine. If you don’t use the correct technique, then the price you pay is;

You see, quick drying is essential if you want your carpets looking bright with nice soft and bouncy pile. I’m certain that you can imagine how too much water in your carpet will cause a dull drying effect.

Faster drying times = better looking carpets. But please don’t focus on how much heat you can bring to your carpet after you’ve cleaned it. What you must focus on is the technique you use while your cleaning.


A Low Powered Machine Is PERFECT After You’ve Discovered How To Clean A Carpet.


Let’s cut long stories short by explaining in detail exactly how to clean a carpet. This technique should be used when cleaning almost any carpet. First off, it’s absolutely senseless to start with only a small, low powered soil extraction machine hoping that this will clean your carpets, because it won’t! Here’s the reason why, — if your hiring from your local tool hire shop, (which I recommend you do) then it’s likely you will wind up with a low powered soil extraction machine. But please don’t you worry, because a low powered machine will fit the bill perfectly (if you use the right technique).


A Gift From God — What Would We Do Without Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Solutions?



So, getting back to how to clean a carpet. Here we use a carpet cleaning pre-spray solution. We pre-spray our carpets in small sections at a time. (about 4ft square) Then brush agitate the pre-sprayed solution into the carpet pile using a carpet pile brush. Only then, do we use our small low powered machine in order to rinse out the carpet soils, pulling out the loose soils from deep within the pile.

But remember, we spoke about technique. Well, there is a special technique which should ALWAYS be used when working with a soil extraction machine. And here’s the technique in a nut shell:  Click “how to use an extraction machine for quickest drying results”.


Here’s The Definite DON’TS When Cleaning Carpets With A Soil Extraction Machine.


Some people tend to think that if you put bucket loads of water through the extraction machine and into your carpets, this cleans them good. Going backwards and forwards with the machine, with the solution spray ‘on permanently’ will over wet your carpets. When you come to a soiled area, the norm would be to blast the area with gallons of water from your carpet cleaning machine. This is a dreadful sin and this should be completely eliminated from your future carpet cleaning technique.

The logic behind this sort of saturation is to penetrate soils with cleaning solution hoping that the soils will loosen and eventually extract. They won’t! Because the soil gets soaked and seeps down into the carpet pile. Days later when the carpet dries, the soils will be back and black on the carpet surface. Foot traffic squelches the soil up from the pile base making it re-surface and so re-soil.

If I can transfer any thought to you at this point regarding how to clean carpet, it would be this one. Never over-wet a carpet while cleaning with a soil extraction machine. Please, take a look at the suggested post. You’ll get better understanding of the essential technique for how to clean carpet using the simplest soil extraction methods.

Check out the post now.


Guest Post by Ella Andrews.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips


Rugs and carpets can be a real challenge to deal with, especially when you have to remove stains. Depending on the nature of the stain you may need to use professional carpet cleaners, which would require a decent bit of finances to hire them. If things are not that bad you can always go with the cheaper option by working on things yourself. You can easily make a carpet cleaner yourself, allowing you to tackle the issue head-on with a clever application of it via good old-fashioned sponges and cleaning brushes. On the other hand you can use a rented carpet cleaning machine as well if you have money to spare. Regardless of that you should choose a cleaner based on the contents of your home. The following cleaners can be made with materials easily found at home in most cases:

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

· You can make a detergent-based solution by mixing up liquid dish detergent and warm water together. Use about a quarter teaspoon worth of detergent to a cup of warm water as a ratio for basic cleaning of spots on the carpet. If you happen to need more of it, then you will need to expand the measurements until you reach the desired quantity you can work with. Once you mix them up you can clean by either using the carpet cleaning machine or a good, old-fashioned scrubbing brush or a rag and sponge mop. Make sure you remember to vacuum any residue after you’re done cleaning.

· You can also make a cleaner with a normal, all-purpose household cleaner that contains no bleach. Use about half a cup fabric softener, one cup of ammonia and a gallon or so of warm water. Mix that up and use it to clean your carpet for a softening and very effective solution. Just remember to never mix any bleach into it or the hazardous fumes resulting from that will be very dangerous. Once you’re done cleaning once again vacuum the carpet for any residue.

· Another option for cleaning can be made with laundry detergent. All you have to do is mix up a part of detergent together with about ten parts of warm water. The soapy mix can then be used to clean your carpet without excessive foam, leaving it with a nice and fresh scent when you’re done. You should also once again vacuum when you’re done.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips2

Another way of cleaning can be achieved with a half cup of powdered detergent, mixed with a teaspoon of ammonia and about half a cup of water in a bowl. Stir it all together well enough to create a frothing surface and use that froth to rub the carpet’s top with a sponge, or alternately a clean cloth. Remember you’re using the froth and not the mixture, so you will need to stir to crate more of it. Allow the carpet to dry when you’re done and vacuum once more.

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