How to get rid of fleas in the house.

Here’s how to get rid of fleas in the house.


I know its not a fortunate problem, but the solution to rid your home of fleas is fortunately easy and simple. Some people prefer to get the experts in. But if you follow what I and lots of other people have found to work, then you won’t go far wrong.

How to get rid of fleas in the house, flea.

A Flea.

Fleas, live on blood mostly. And because they live on blood, they have the ability to move around wherever you move around to. They may well be on your body for a while, or on your pets body then once they have had their fill of blood, they will leap off and take shelter someplace.

So, I am going to suggest that you use a smoke bomb to kill these creatures and eliminate them from your house. But the very main place where fleas will abode, is in your pets fur. Its warm, its a hiding place and there is enough food to last for all eternity.

So, how to get rid of fleas in the house, firstly, you have to treat your pets and keep them out of your house until you have finished treating your home with bombs.

Now then, flea treatments come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But may I suggest that you look into buying a smoke bomb for each of your house rooms. May I also suggest that you be cautious about which brand of bomb you choose.

A supermarket will have these bomb products on the shelves. But you want to purchase from a reputable supplier and you want a reputable brand. Otherwise, a cheap imitation may not work well and your stuck with the flea problem.

So do be cautious and take your time while seeking out a reputable brand of smoke bomb.

The idea is to have one bomb in every room of your house. You need to wash all of your bedding at a high temperature on the day you bomb. Windows must all be closed, cupboards closed, doors closed, laundry should be outside of your house and bagged ready for the machine after bombing is completed. Curtains should be open.

Some people suggest that you must vacuum clean your house from top to bottom. But I would personally not do that before bombing. Although numbers of fleas are known to be easier to destroy if the numbers are small. In other words the less amount of fleas in the house then you have a better chance at eliminating them altogether.

It is up to you how you bomb.

My experience of how to get rid of fleas in the house has been good one. The bombs actually wipe the fleas out regardless of in depth preparation. There is no need to over do it. Just think sensibly about what you are about to do. Vacuum cleaning your house from top to bottom before bombing is not something I would suggest.

My friend recently had fleas in his house from his pet cat. The cat was very old so they waited until it eventually died. Then they sought advice about how to go about clearing the house of fleas.

Bombing was suggested, so they went to their local pets office and made an inquiry about bombing the house to kill of the fleas. I know they ended up with a good reputable product and they purchased one for every room in the house.

They followed the instructions on the labels of the bombs, then they did the bombing.

They left the house so the treatment would work. They stayed out for about 10 hours. After they got home, they opened all the windows in the house. Then they left again for a couple of hours. But prior to the bombing, they asked me to clean the carpets in the house for them, just to remove the dead and the already laid eggs.

I cleaned the carpets during the very same week after they bombed. I did this for them and now it has been over 2 months and they have been completely FLEA FREE! here is some additional reading about this subject.

How to get rid of fleas in the house, salt.


Another way to remove the already laid eggs is to sprinkle carpets with salt.

The salt will dry out the eggs and eventually the eggs will die. You can fill a spray bottle with water, vinegar and a little tee tree oil. Spray your carpets with this solution and it will take care of any fleas that are still in your carpets. The salt will dry them out.

Or if you prefer you can clean your carpets with hot water extraction cleaning. Simply hire a machine and follow this link;- how to get rid of fleas in the house for effective carpet cleaning methods.

If you follow these suggestion and the instructions on the bomb labels, then success is virtually inevitable.

While I was cleaning my friends house, I did every room. Along the skerton boards I kept seeing dead spiders and dead moths. So for me that was proof that the bombing was effective and thorough.

The place to start your inquiry about bombing fleas in your home is your pets vet. They will be able to advise you and guide you to a successful remedy. But for me, my experience of bombing was a positive one, it worked! If you don’t have a pet and you want to bomb your home because of fleas, then simply follow instructions on the products you buy.

Remember, fleas will multiply very quickly.

What was once the odd few here and there, soon becomes a small nest of fleas. Which then becomes, after just a short while, a manifestation of fleas. Once your home becomes a breeding ground, then stopping the fleas from multiplying becomes harder.

So I would suggest that you bomb your house quickly rather than wait for one reason or another. The sooner you tackle the problem the sooner you can relax a bit. Don’t let it get out of control. Act right away.

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