Day 1. ~Carpet maintenance e course

Welcome To This, Your First Days Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Training.

Hi again Friend
Welcome to this, your first days training. In this first session, I will be showing you the tools and the solutions you’ll need for your carpet maintenance cleaning. There are just a small handful of essentials to get you started. The most expensive item is the ‘buff cleaning solution’.
The other few tools, you can get from almost any hardware store. If you go into a store and make an inquiry, if the store does not stock what you are looking for, they will tell you where to get the items. Major hardware stores are the places to visit.
Here, I’m going to run through the list of tools and make suggestions to you about how to get the products.
Starting at the first product which is the ‘buff cleaning solution’.
You must either go on line and do a search in your local area for carpet cleaning equipment. Also, you can do other searches, for instance;
janitorial supplies,
cleaning supplies,
cleaning equipment ext,
Another alternative, is to use your YELLOW PAGES. Find ‘cleaning supplies’ companies and give them a call. I will tell you the products you want, but the main one to get from cleaning supplies companies is your ‘buff cleaning solution’.

Some people describe this solution as ‘bonnet mop cleaning solution’, others describe it as ‘buff cleaning solution’. You are simply looking for a solution to buff clean your carpets. If the contact you make does not know what you are looking for, tell them what you are aiming to do.

You are wanting to use a buffer machine and a micro fibre buffing pad on your carpets to clean them.
The solution in the UK, ‘Prochem product’ costs about £26 for 5 litres. This will last you for a decade if you are just doing your own carpets.

The second item you can get from your local cleaning supplies store is this ‘buffing pad’. The term used is ‘Micro fibre buffing pad’ used for cleaning carpets with a buffer machine. You can see the item pictured and the buff cleaning solution too.
The buffing pads are washed after use in the washing machine. They can be re-used for a lifetime.
Prices vary with suppliers, but in the UK, a buffing pad costs about £23. You will need at least two pads, three is better though, but two is ok.

Next we need a pressure sprayer. This item can be got from any hardware store. You can use a ‘5 litre pressure sprayer’ or even a ‘3 litre sprayer’ would do. The sprayer must have a lance from which you spray the cleaning solution onto your carpets. A ‘5 litre pump up pressure sprayer’ in the uk costs about £17. A ‘three litre sprayer’ you can get for just £8. One pressure sprayer should last you a lifetime, if you look after it. This item you can get from any hardware store.

Next item we need is a ‘carpet rinse solution’. When you find a cleaning supplies store who stocks buff cleaning solution, they will have a ‘carpet rinse solution’. Just ask.

Again, ‘carpet rinse solution’ comes in 5 litre containers. One container will last you for a decade. I’ll be telling you how to use these solutions in day 2, tomorrow.

Lastly, we need a buffer machine. The machine must be slow speed, or at the very maximum, standard speed. A fast machine will not serve our purpose for cleaning carpet.

The fast machines will pull away at your carpet fixings and make them loose. You may even get lumps and bumps in your carpet after you’ve cleaned using a fast machine.
What happens is, the machine will pull your carpet in the direction the machine is spinning. You must never use anything other than a ‘slow speed machine’ or a ‘standard speed machine’.
The faster machines are used for hard floor cleaning and not used for carpet cleaning.
With the ‘slow speed buffer machine’ you will need a Velcro disc. This is pictured. The disc fits onto the base of the buffer machine and the buffing pad sits on the Velcro disc. The disc will hold the pad in place as it spins slowly over your carpets.

So, there’s two items you want from your local tool hire shop or machine hire shop. You want the ‘slow’ or ‘standard speed’ buffer machine and you want the ‘Velcro disc’ which your pad fits onto. The best thing to do, is to get your buffing pads first. These come in 2 sizes, 15 inch, 17 inch. you must match up the Velcro disc with the buffer pad. For instance a 15 inch buffer pad requires a 15 inch Velcro disc. and likewise with the 17 inch pad.

Here’s the ‘Velcro disc’ sitting on the buffer machine base. It simply just slots on very easily. No tools needed.
We can do a search on line for;

‘machine hire’,
‘tool hire’ ext
You can look in your yellow pages and find these companies local to you.
In this course, I will be telling you about getting discounts from these stores. It’s all to do with regular hiring. You’ll discover more during this week.

So as an overview. we can look on line for
janitorial supplies
cleaning supplies
cleaning equipment

carpet cleaning products
carpet cleaning equipment
POINT OF REFERENCE. for uk and international sales.
We can look in the YELLOW PAGES and find what we are looking for there. Use both options so that you will have an idea as to what is available in your local town. If you get stuck, you can skype me at shanedaley59. Or e mail me at It is always best to go with quality products, I’m talking here about ‘buff cleaning solution’ and ‘carpet rinse solution’. Usually, suppliers have two brands in their stock. One is from a reputable manufacturer and the other is their own in house brand. It is always best to go with a quality brand from a reputable manufacturer, not the in house brand solutions. Just ask for good quality products and they will supply you with what you ask for. Here’s a check list of the bare bone essentials. You can make a start with the products listed here.

1/Buff cleaning solution’ 5 litres. UK prices approx £27
2/Buff cleaning micro fibre pads’ x 2 or 3. UK prices approx £21 each
3/5 or 3 litre pump up pressure sprayer’. UK prices approx £17
4/Carpet rinse solution’ 5 litres. UK prices approx £13
5/Slow or standard speed buffer machine’. UK prices approx £23 per day hire.
6/Velcro disc’. Included with machine hire. approx £2 per day.So now you know what you need, how much it costs, and where to find.

Next, tomorrow I’ll be showing you how to use these tools and solutions for your own carpet maintenance cleaning.

One last thing, it’s always a good idea to have a ‘1 litre measuring jug’. This is used for measuring your solutions for mixing with water.

You can pick up a plastic measuring jug from any hardware store, or supermarket for a £1.

That wraps us up today. But tomorrow, I’ll be showing you how to use the tools and the solutions. You get started easily once you know how to use everything.
I look forward to our next session. See you there.
Shane Daley
Haulway Carpet Cleaning
Helping you with your carpet cleaning needs now and in the future.
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