How Important It Is To Clean Your Carpets?

How Important It Is To Clean Your Carpets.

If You Could See Under A Microscope What’s Beneath You Feet At Home, I’d Dread To Think!!!


Carpet cleaning has come a gazillion miles from how it was 30 years ago. The equipment, solutions and techniques today more than adequately do the job. Chemicals for carpet cleaning are constantly being improved, not to mention easier to clean carpeting which you’ll buy when you do replace your carpets.

But all of these new advances can only be beneficial after the decision to clean a carpet or two. One thing that hasn’t changed much during the last 30 years is the rate of accumulated soils which will contaminate your carpets on a daily basis.

Therefore, like anything else in life, if you maintain your carpeting, then it will remain in good stead, not for just the short period between cleans either. Years from now, a  cleaned carpet will remain in good shape due to increased wear-ability.

You never see deep within your carpet pile the manifestation of crawlies multiplying daily.


These creatures, like for instance, the house dust mite, they multiply very quickly. To them, your carpet is home from home. They are like birds in the jungle. I bet you didn’t know that the dust mites in your carpets are less harmful than the actual droppings they drop daily. The dust mite does little harm to you, but it’s the droppings that causes us harmDust mite Picture

Because these creatures breed at a an astronomical rate, they multiply in numbers in a very short time. Mites mainly live on the dead skin which we disperse from our bodies while at home. The dead skin is consumed by the mites and they drop their load many times each day. Remember, these creatures will thrive in soiled carpets. There is more than enough for them to eat. And they will multiply several times within just a few short weeks.

As time goes on, these creatures grow in numbers but what is more important to us as carpet owners, is they will do droppings many times each day. The droppings cause all sorts of respiratory problems in humans. Asthma is aggravated by the droppings of the dust mite. So for these people with breathing difficulties, regular cleaning of carpets is essential for them to stay well.


If You Was To Clean Your Carpets Properly About Twice A Year. You Will Prevent These Dust Mites From Multiplying As They Would Normally


A proper thorough cleaning of carpets will eliminate the dust mites almost completely every time you clean. But without cleaning, the dust mites will grow in numbers quickly.

Remember, the house dust mite is really quit harmless to humans, but the problems occur in breathing difficulties because of the droppings from the mites. The droppings will cause  all sorts of respiratory conditions which will worsen with time especially without thorough carpet cleaning.

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Shane Daley

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