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Carpet Cleaning Sprayer


Carpet Cleaning Sprayer.

Pre-Spray Your Carpets By All Means. But Do Use A Suitable Carpet Cleaning Sprayer.


Have you ever wondered round any of the big diy stores and thought twice to check out sprayers. You know the type I mean, pump up pressure sprayers. You push down the handle at the top in order to create pressure in the sprayer.

If you haven’t checked these tools out, then I urge you to do so. A good idea is to always pre-spray your carpets and brush agitate before rinse extracting. You can get a carpet sprayer in a 1 litre size, 3 litres and 5-6 litres. And what’s most appealing about what you’ll find in your local stores, is the prices.





Most Good DIY Stores Will Stock Sprayers You Can Use For Carpet Cleaning. You don’t need anything extravagant.


You simply need something that will spray solution onto your carpet. The best size to work with is a 3 litre sprayer. But any size would be suitable so long as it sprays. Do be sure though to get a pump up pressure sprayer and not a trigger type sprayer. You do need a good consistent spray and you won’t get that with a hand trigger sprayer.

Take a look next time your in your local diy store or even a supermarket. Do try to get a sprayer with a lance as they are easier to work with. Prices vary, but you can probably get a decent sprayer for under £20. Anything more expensive would be for consistent daily use. These type of expensive sprayers are built to last. But you only need one for your carpet cleaning. Twice a year usage won’t surmount to paying £100’s. You just want a cheapo one to do your carpet cleaning with.

Try to remember to have a look next time your in town. It’s well worth investing if you want clean carpets. You’ve got to make a start somewhere, so why not start from here.

sprayer small

Left is a typical example of what you need for carpet spraying. 1 litre, 3 litres or 5-6 litres. Click here to buy a carpet sprayer.

I wish you well

Until next time.


Carpet Cleaning Complete Hire Package.

Important Message For Home Owners In Kent


One Room Of You’re Choice Carpet Clean It For FREE! Here’s Why…

Summer 2016.

Dear Home Owner,

You can choose from a number of companies when you want your carpets cleaned. But I want to prove to you that the deep cleaning system available from me will give you the most effective results.

Please therefore, accept my offer and clean one room of your choice, – maybe your lounge, a dining room or a bedroom, it’s up to you – absolutely FREE of charge and without obligation.

The reason why I’m offering one room free is simple. I am sure you would never dream of buying a car before you test-drive it. In the same way, I don’t believe you should pay for carpet cleaning before you know the system your using and the person doing the cleaning will produce a superb result. That’s why I want you to clean one room free, so you can see how very effective, efficient and lasting my carpet cleaning system is.

Then — only if you are as pleased and impressed with your results as I think you’ll be – you can ask to clean more of your rooms. As I say there’s no obligation at all. But if you DO want to clean more rooms (you probably will after you see how well your free room turns out) I will gift you 30% OFF my usual hire rate as a “Thank You” for demonstrating the system and to welcome you as a new and valued customer.

However, if you don’t, I will just say “thank you” and walk away. No questions. There’ll be no hard feelings, either. Obviously, I know the likely hood of you not being over the moon with your free room is very small indeed. Otherwise, I would be foolish to offer free demonstrations. I’m betting that most people will want to clean additional rooms, either on the spot or at a later date, but the risk is on me, not you.

One thing, it’s important. I am limiting the number of free carpet cleans to 100. Once I’ve received 100 bookings, I’ll have to turn away everyone else who calls because of the volume of work involved. So — please — if you would like to take me up on my no-risk offer, call me now while it’s fresh in your mind on 0777 4568092. (Please leave your name and telephone number after the message) and I will call you back same day to arrange a convenient time and day for you to clean your carpets.


Shane Daley
Haulway Carpet Cleaning

PS. There is NO obligation or commitment what-so-ever! You receive one FREE carpet cleaning. (one room of your choice) so you can demonstrate the effectiveness of my system before you decide whether you’d like to do more of your rooms. But you must hurry – only 100 free cleans available. Call 0777 4568092 now!

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