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DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment USA

DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment In The USA


Jon-Don stores have everything your likely to need for your DIY carpet cleaning activities. I have sourced a hand full of essential tools and solutions for you. These products are available at Jon- Don stores in the USA.

Prochem pre-spray solution

Prochem Carpet Pre-Spray Solution

Prochem carpet rinse

Prochem Carpet Rinse Solution.


Pressure sprayer

Pump Up Pressure Sprayer


Carpet brush


Carpet Pile Brush

In Canada, you can get these very same products here.



These additional six products will help you get started.

You may well want to add additional products to your carpet cleaning collection. These six items will get you started more comfortably.

There is a few very low cost products you can get to help your carpet cleaning activities run a little smoother. I will list these products for you here.

Get these products locally from your local hardware store or supermarket.


1/ Plain white hand towel x2

white hand towel






2/ Bucket

Black Bucket 12.5 litres.

3/ Measuring jug

1 litre measuring jug.

4/ Hand trigger sprayer x2

Hand Sprayer

5/ Hand scrub brush

Nylon Hand Scrub Bush

6/ Funnel





12 Jon-Don Stores spread out across the USA




If you order your carpet cleaning solutions from Jon-Don stores, ask for safety data sheets. These are free and they are for each solution you buy and use. Much better to have these documents rather than not.

I can help you with carpet cleaning technique and hiring a machine locally. Simply fill out the form if you’d like me to help you further. There is no obligation to buy anything. I just want to help you clean your carpets. Filling out the form gets you a free telephone consultation. An ideal way for you to let me know how I can help you with your DIY carpet cleaning needs in the USA.

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