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How To Keep Carpet Clean.

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

The very best way for you to keep your carpet clean is using a carpet maintenance system.

What is a carpet maintenance system?

Well, the traditional carpet cleaning method that we all know is soil extraction cleaning. But carpet maintenance cleaning is a system which works differently from soil extraction cleaning.

How does it work?

Well, if you think of it like this. First of all, your carpets need to be thoroughly vacuum cleaned. Get all of the dry soils out, as much as you can anyway.

Carpet buffing machine

Showing disk drive and pad.

Next, we use a simple slow speed buffer machine. On the base of the buffer, we use a micro fiber pad. this pad is damp and the system works by firstly spraying onto your carpet a special solution which is called bonnet buff. This solution is a solvent based solution and helps keep carpets clean. As soon as the solution hits the atmosphere it quickly dries. You may also like to read Diy carpet cleaning without a machine.

How we use the buffer machine is simple.

You spray onto your carpet first the buffer solution. You use a simple pump up sprayer which can be purchased from any good DIY store for about $10-$20. These few tools and solutions are required. This is how to keep carpet clean.

So, back to cleaning the carpets.

This system is best used approximately every 4-6 weeks. It works by removing light carpets soils regularity. Its a very easy system to use. It just glides over the surface of your carpets absorbing the soils as it slowly spins across your carpets on the buffer machine base.

One thing to keep in mind. The buffer machine should always be a slow speed machine. A fast machine which is used for cleaning and polishing hard floors is too quick for carpet cleaning. The machine going fast over the carpets may well pull away at the fixings, especially if they are not too secure to start with. So remember, the machine must be slow speed or at the very least, standard speed. But always try to get a slow speed machine

Buffing a carpet clean.

How the machine works.

Normally, for this type of carpet cleaning we keep furniture in place. We simply just buff round furniture and concentrate mainly on the main carpet areas, walk ways and seating areas especially.

Anyone can do this sort of carpet maintenance cleaning.

The buffer machines are really easy to use. You simply just lower the handle on the machine and it moves across right. Raise the handle then the machine will move to the left. There is no physical excursion needed. The machine does all the work. you just operate it.

How you keep carpet clean is by using this system regularly and often. The idea behind carpet maintenance cleaning is to clean soils out of carpets before they show. That way, you will always have splendid looking carpets because you are actively maintaining them with this buff cleaning method.

Carpets look clean, plus, bright and they usually have a softy bouncy pile due to this sort of cleaning. I don’t know for sure how they make the buff cleaning solution. But it really does have a good over all effect on carpeting. It’s a bit like putting oil into a car engine, the engine works smoother and performs much better.

If you are serious, this is really how to keep carpet clean. The whole system described above is designed especially to;

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