DIY carpet cleaning without a machine


Cheapest DIY Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Without A Machine.


Regular DIY Carpet Cleaning Every 4-6 Weeks.

By doing this maintenance cleaning work often, carpets get cleaned before they get dirty. Do you see how this system for carpet maintenance cleaning works? You clean without a machine before carpets start to show the dirt!

There is a fully blown system for carpet maintenance cleaning, here’s how it works;

The system uses a buffer machine (slow speed). A round shaped micro fibre pad sits on the machine base and it turns slowly over the surface of the carpets. The pad on the machine base, absorbs the soils from your carpet as it slowly spins.

A special solution (Bonnet Buff) is first sprayed onto your carpets. The solution is a solvent based carpet cleaning solution and it dries very quickly once in the atmosphere. Carpet maintenance cleaning is best done every 4-6 weeks. That way, carpets are cleaned before they start to show the dirt.


Carpet buffing machine

Showing disk drive and buffer pad.

Buffer machine base

Velcro drive board on machine.







Buffing a carpet clean.

Showing how the machine works.

buffer pad

Buff pad for cleaning carpets.

















Through the desire to deliver to you a cheaper DIY carpet maintenance cleaning system you can use yourself.


I came up with this,

The system I have devised came from decades of working with the standard carpet maintenance cleaning system. The principles of this new idea are basically the same as the traditional carpet maintenance cleaning system. It does the very same carpet cleaning but without a machine.

buff cleaning tools.

A few simple tools are required.

Buff carpet cleaner

Tool for buff cleaning carpets.













You can order this DIY carpet cleaning system and clean your carpets without a machine before they start to show the dirt. As you can see from the video below, the system is easy to use, cheap and its effective if you use it regularly.

My recommendation is to use the diy carpet maintenance cleaning system between extraction cleaning. Its best to give your carpets, or have someone do extraction cleaning at least once every year. Then use the diy carpet cleaning system between extraction cleaning’s. That way, you’ll always have wonderful clean carpets with very little effort and cost.

Don’t move furniture, just go round it.

Watch this video, showing you more about this cheap, easy to use tool. I’ll tell you below, how to get what you need to get started. Where to get what you need and what to pay too.



 Here’s Exactly What You’ll Need To Use This Cheap DIY Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Idea.


5 Litre Of Bonnet Buff Solution

Bonnet buff carpet cleaning solution.

Pressure sprayer

Pressure sprayer 3-5 litres.











Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution

Fibre Fabric Rinsing Solution.

Black Bucket 12.5 litres.

Bucket 12.5 – 15 litres.











1 litre measuring jug.

Jug for measuring solution mix.

buff cleaning tools.

These few simple tools are required.











These Few DIY Tools Can Be Used Again And Again.

Plus, You Can Use These Tools and Solutions For Buff Cleaning With A Machine And Soil Extraction Cleaning Too.


The most expensive item shown above is the buff cleaning solution. I have never seen this solution priced lower than £26 for 5 Litres. But the measure you’ll use on this DIY carpet cleaning system is just 10-1 or 20-1. If your carpets are slightly soiled you use 10-1 and for lighter soiling its 20-1, water being the larger part.

1 litre of mixed solution will carpet clean 1 average size room.

You mix a 100-1 of the fibre Fabric Rinse solution in the bucket. You use this solution for rinsing out and squeezing dry your cleaning sleeves. Best to have about three sleeves and keep changing them once they get dirty.

The place to get your sleeves and your T bar applicator tool is B&Q (or similar). You can get a bucket, a measuring jug and a sprayer from B&Q as well.

Your Fibre Fabric Rinse solution and your bonnet buff solution can be got locally at your nearest Prochem Distributors. You can find them by going to and look for distributors. You’ll see a distributor in your local area.


The tools and solutions for this system can be used on buff cleaning with a buffer machine. Plus, some of the tools and the Fibre Fabric Rinse solution can be used with extraction cleaning. So its a win, win.

Usually, DIY carpet maintenance cleaning is done without moving furniture. You simply whiz round your main areas.

If you’d like me to send you the complete package for this buff cleaning method for cleaning carpets, I will.

Total cost all inclusive, I can do it for just £68.50. That’s the same price I would charge to carpet clean two rooms and that price is with 25% off.

So, if you’d like to have a go with this DIY carpet cleaning without a machine, you can have a full no quibble guarantee that it works. If you think for any reason that it doesn’t work, then simply send it back to me. I will promptly refund your money with no hard feelings.

If you’d like to take me up on this simple no risk offer, click the button below. I will send you the complete package. Plus, as a bonus, you can have the DIY Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Guidebook (physical) as a thank you for ordering.


Guidebook for carpet maintenance cleaning.

Carpet Maintenance Cleaning Guidebook.

1/ Bonnet Buff Carpet Cleaning Solution. 5LTR. Get it from Local Prochem Distributor. £26

2/ 3-5 Litre pressure sprayer. Get it from a main DIY store. £15

3/ Fibre fabric rinse solution.  5LTR. Get it from Prochem Distributor. £14

4/ Bucket, 12.5 litre – 15 litre. Get it from local DIY store. £2.00

5/ Measuring Jug. 1LTR. Get it from Supermarket. £1

6/ Win wash window cleaner lambs wool sleeve. Get it from local cleaning supplies store. £2 each

7/ Plastic T Bar. Get it from local cleaning supplies store. £3

8/ Brush pole. get it from DIY store. £2


Be sure that the T bar you get is the same size as the sleeve.


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