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What Can I Use To Clean My Carpet

What Can I Use To Clean My Carpet?

Here’s Some Essential Cleaning Products Well Worth Trying



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What can I use to clean my carpet?

Try these products, they are cheap, easy to get and effective.

You may like to visit DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment for a list of what you can use to clean your carpet. Prices are keenly competitive. You also get a complete satisfaction guarantee with everything you buy. Plus you can have unlimited e mail support and personal help to make a proper start with your carpet cleaning. I wish you good luck with your carpet cleaning equipment hunting. And I will be continuing with this carpet cleaning help ongoing. If you get stuck, please let me know in the comments below.

Free Carpet Cleaning Tools & Solutions Booklet.

Here’s a special FREE GIFT. This link gives you a FREE Carpet Cleaning Tools & Solutions Booklet. In the Booklet, there is a summery of what you can use to clean your carpet. All the essential carpet cleaning products and machine hire you’ll find included. The Booklet is free to you now, so grab it if your serious about cleaning your own carpets. This FREE Booklet shows exactly what to use to clean carpet. It is essential reading for anyone considering cleaning a carpet.

What can I use to clean my carpet?

Here’s a list of tools and solutions I suggest you use for your carpet cleaning. Visit my product sales page for more details. You may like to read my post called “Good Carpet Cleaning Products“.

Quick reference guide

1 Carpet Pile Brush

2 Nylon Hand Brush

3 Pressure sprayer

4 Hand Sprayer

5 Fibre Fabric Rinse Solution

6 Extraction Pro Rinse Solution

7 Data Sheets

8 Multi Pro Pre-­spray Solution

9 Stain Remover Solutions x 3

10 Hand Towel

11 Hose (Multi Fit)

12 Bucket (15 litre with pouring lip)

13 Measuring Jug (1 Litre plastic)

14 Funnels x 2

15 Carpet cleaning Machine

Best Products For DIY Carpet Cleaning

 Best DIY Carpet Cleaning Products.


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You can get the best DIY carpet cleaning products yourself locally.

In the next video, I’ll be showing how.

I think now you can probably see what’s involved in cleaning your own carpets. You should know whether or not you want to take on the task. But I can tell you, with hand on heart, that you can do it. It’s not hard.

Really, if you know how to do it, then you are 85% of the way to actually doing it. Simply implement the ideas I’m showing to you on this site. You will then get a worthwhile result which will motivate you to clean your carpets more regularly.

Think of this as the end to dirty carpets. Clean carpets are healthy carpets. Have a go and see for yourself how much of an improvement you can make. The good carpet cleaning products I’ve mentioned in the video are a complete package for this system. Once you’ve got the products you need, that’s it! You can clean your carpets as and when you like.

Buy DIY carpet cleaning equipment.


PS. All this information works if you want to clean carpets for a living.


Best Carpet Cleaning Products

Best Products For Cleaning Carpet Thoroughly.


Here’s An Overview Of Helpful Tools And Solutions For Superb Carpet Cleaning Results Every Time.



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The few best carpet cleaning products mentioned are very worthwhile. If you want great diy carpet cleaning results these products are a must have. Remember, you only need one lot of carpet cleaning products. These tools and solutions should last you for a lifetime. The solutions are very economical and the tools will last and last providing you treat them with care.

Here’s a summery of the best carpet cleaning products.

Purchase all of these products there. I will gift you my DIY Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and Booklet if you buy any 2 of the products above.

The Carpet Cleaning E Book Is An Essential Tool.


How To Get A Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner Machine.

 Get A Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner Machine.



See the previous video, How To Clean My Carpet.

Carpet cleaning hire machines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But on the hire market, most of the machines available are very similar. However, having said that, prices do vary.

Here’s some links to UK hire shops that hire heavy duty carpet cleaner machines.

HSS Hire

National Carpet Cleaner Hire


Rug Doctor/B&Q


Chemi Clean Products (Buy Only)

Hire Station

Brandon Hire

Speedy Services

National Tool Hire Shops

Best At Hire

Or hire from here; DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment. Complete satisfaction money back guarantee. Hot line telephone support. 


Here is some examples of typical types of DIY carpet cleaning machines.


Most of these machines, you can hire. But these represent the sorts of machines to use for your DIY carpet cleaning. Some of these are heavy duty carpet cleaner machines.


Numatic carpet cleaner, large.

Numatic Carpet Cleaner.

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

Small carpet cleaner.

Puzzi pro 100

Puzzi Pro 100 Karcher.

Carpet cleaning machine for professionals.

Professional Carpet Cleaner.

Tiny carpet cleaning machine.

For Small Areas Of Carpet

cheap carpet cleaning machine for diy.

Common Carpet Machine.


Karcher carpet cleaning machine

Perfect DIY Carpet Cleaner.

Heavy duty carpet cleaning machine.

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner.

Super diy carpet cleaning machine.

Perfect machine for carpets.

Easy to use upright carpet cleaning machine.

Upright carpet cleaner.

Upright carpet cleaner.

Typical Carpet Cleaner.







Prochem carpet cleaning machine for most types of carpet cleaning.

Professional Prochem machine




















Ebay is a very good place to find a heavy duty carpet cleaner machine. There is always many of them available. You can get used machines which go for a song as well. Well worth a visit to e bay. Let me know how you get on, simply make a comment below. If you’d like to buy a carpet cleaning machine, I have some machines available here.

DIY Carpet Cleaning E Book Available NOW!

How To Clean My Carpet

How To Clean My Carpet.



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Or, see previous video, Portable carpet cleaning machines.


Always remember, that it’s imperative that you use a carpet cleaning machine properly. Not doing so will leave access water in your carpets. That’s why most carpet cleaning professionals use high powered machines. They want a really strong jet of cleaning solution sprayed into the carpet followed by a powerful vacuum to lift out the soils. But as you can see from my teachings, I recommend that you pre-spray carpets first. Then brush agitate the pre-spray in order to dislodge soils from your carpet fibres. The carpet cleaner machine that your using then becomes a lot more effective. It’s so much easier to extract soils from carpets if first the soils are loose.

How To Clean My Carpet? — Technique Is Everything. Get Your Carpet Cleaning Technique Right And Be Applauded.

The technique you use for rinse extracting is imperative. You must do it in a way that leaves no access solution in your carpets while rinsing. Therefore, the lowering and hiring of your carpet wand tool is more important than the size or power of your carpet cleaner machine. If you decide to clean a carpet and simply follow with your heart the traditional methods that almost everyone uses, two things will happen.

  1. Your carpet will re-soil fairly quickly
  2. You’ll tire yourself out before you finish your first room.

The likely hood of you doing your carpet cleaning regularly is reduced to a dismal, ‘I’ll do it later’, ‘no time for that right now‘ attitude.

Pre-Spray Solution — Rinse Solution = Interaction

But if you use the solutions for cleaning a carpet properly. Ie,, use a rinse solution in the machine. Plus, you first pre-spray your carpet and brush agitate. Then this will enable you to a much better carpet cleaning result. Remember, the rinse solution is very important but equally the pre-spray solution does its job too. Please follow the advice I’ve given you here on this page. It’s far less strenuous to do than the traditional methods of carpet cleaning. Not only will you get a result that pleases you, rather than a dismal frown from a otherwise poor result.

If you are still asking yourself “How To Clean My Carpet? You’ll see that cleaning your carpets this way is actually a worthwhile endeavor. But it only becomes that once you get a worthwhile carpet cleaning result.

The Carpet Cleaning E Book Is An Essential Tool.

DIY Carpet Cleaning.

You may well like to read this DIY Carpet Cleaning E Book. Its packed with helpful information all about how to clean a carpet. Download your copy now. Once you’ve cleaned your carpets here’s how to keep carpet clean.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Here Is Fundamentally How A Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine Operates And Functions.


See next video How to clean a carpet.

Portable DIY soil extraction machines for carpet cleaning are very simple. But used on there own to clean a carpet, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get a reasonable result. Some professional carpet cleaners, they

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

A great little machine.

Karcher carpet cleaning machine

Perfect for DIY.

use high powered machines because they know that working with a small low powered portable machine is often quite useless.

But before you run off and call your local carpet cleaning company, STOP. You can actually get great results from these low powered portable machines, if you use the right methods for carpet cleaning. Ahh, you say, so what are these methods and how do I use them?

Please feel free and look into the subjects I’ve covered on this site. You will discover a method for carpet cleaning that gets results. Not only can you get great results from your own carpet cleaning efforts. But you can do it on a shoe string as well!


My Work Today Is Focused On Helping You To A Better Carpet Cleaning Result.


I’ve dedicated the last 6 years of my carpet cleaning career to actually helping people to do their own carpet cleaning effectively, properly and cheaply. If you’d like to have a go and DIY carpet cleaning, then you are in the right place. Simply follow the video’s I’m putting up for you weekly.

You’ll be given techniques and methods for cleaning carpets that you would not otherwise be aware of. But also, I want you to put these methods into practice on your carpets. So I’m not just telling you how to clean a carpet, I’m trying to encourage you to clean your carpets yourself regularly.

With that said, I’ll now let you look into the teachings of this site. Please feel free and devour your info. Then, seriously consider using what you learn. I’ve covered everything from vacuum cleaning thoroughly, to hiring portable carpet cleaning machines and using them. Now it’s your turn to take some action.


Watch Your Home Visitors Reaction After You’ve Done Your Carpets.


Not only will you benefit from nice, clean, healthy carpets in your home. But I guarantee, that everyone you know who visits your home will seriously want your carpet cleaning secrets. This thing is like an electric dynamo. My experience of it is that it gets peoples interest. It spreads like a wild fire but only if you follow the suggested techniques.

People don’t want their carpets dirty. Offer a good practical and cheap way to keep carpets clean and hey presto! They really want to know.

Small neumatic machine is ideal for diy carpet cleaning.

This machine is perfect.

Portable carpet cleaning machines are adequate for a few rooms of carpet cleaning in most homes. But you must incorporate an effective carpet cleaning method.

Sliced bread was invented for your convenience, but right now you have a superb way to keep your carpets clean ongoing. You can use it or loose it.

Please, I want you to keep your carpets ship shape and please, I want you to use this site to do it.

The Carpet Cleaning E Book Is An Essential Tool.



For superb DIY carpet cleaning results:- You’ll want some help through the mazes.

Simply follow this link and get this fantastic free DIY carpet cleaning guidebook and booklet. Shows you in detail just how to do your own carpet cleaning superbly well.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution.

For Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions That Work.

You’ll Need Prochem.


The definition of DIY carpet cleaning solutions on google is mostly home made solutions. These solutions are put together from various ingredients found around the home. There’s nothing wrong with using these DIY carpet cleaning solutions, but I prefer not to use these home made jobs. But my old dad insisted that i always use the proper professional solutions for my carpet cleaning work. This I did earnestly.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Because having used Prochem for all of my solutions for my carpet cleaning business. I have realized that professional solutions for carpet cleaning will always give a professional result. This I found is true.

I am not disregarding these people who make up their own solutions for their carpet cleaning. But my own experience of home made remedies is that carpets tend to get dirty again quite quickly. But this doesn’t happen with Prochem solutions. In fact carpets actually take on a new look. They seem to glow after cleaning, they stay clean for a long time too. Lastly, colors and texture is improved with these proper solutions for carpet cleaning.

I want you to do your own carpet cleaning. But I don’t want t you to mess it up. That’s why I suggest Prochem solutions. They are easy to use, simple and most of all they are effective.

If you decide you’d like to use a pre-spray and brush agitation method for cleaning your carpets. There are two solutions which you will require. There is a pre-spray solution and a rinse solution. You can get these products from your local janitorial supplies or a carpet cleaning supplies store. If you go online and search for Prochem products you’ll find what your looking for there.


Alternative DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions Are Always Available.


There is alternative DIY carpet cleaning solutions available. But over the years, I’ve found Prochem to be the best performers and they are simple and easy to use.


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Here’s a link below for you if you’d like to invest in a;

Get Your Solutions Here and you automatically get a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. You’ll also find my prices very competitive. You get priority e mail and telephone support too. Plus I will send you my carpet cleaning guidebook for FREE.


Prices vary for these carpet cleaning solutions depending on where you buy.



If you do a search on line for these products you’ll find them. Or, look for ‘carpet cleaning supplies’. Or look for Janitorial supplies, then check the websites for carpet cleaning solutions.

Don’t forget! If you buy your DIY carpet cleaning solutions from the link below, I will give you a full no quibble guarantee, plus you can call me or e mail me with any carpet cleaning related problems. So give it a go if your on the fence. Start here by getting your solutions.

I don’t think you’ll find a better DIY carpet cleaning method. Grab what you need now and be protected with your guaranteed satisfaction. You can make a start on your carpets this week if you like. We all must start somewhere, how about here?


DIY carpet cleaning solution

Multi Pro pre-spray solution.

£16.80 all inclusive. 5 liters of Multi Pro from Prochem.






DIy carpet cleaning solution, rinse

Fiber fabric rinse solution.

£18 all inclusive. 5 liters of Fiber Fabric Rinse from Prochem.






DIY carpet cleaning solution, extraction pro

Extraction pro rinse solution.

£14.00 all inclusive. 5 Liters Extraction Plus from Prochem.






DIY carpet cleaning solutions Guidebook

DIY Carpet Cleaning Guidebook.

FREE Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and Booklet. Simply buy any solution above and I will send this gift to you same day.


You’ll get fantastic carpet cleaning results when you follow the simple suggestions in the Guidebook and Booklet.


If your carpets are wool rich, you will want to use the fiber fabric rinse solution. But if you know your carpets are a man made fiber then extraction pro is your best bet. But don’t worry about this too much. Fiber fabric rinse can be used on any carpets, IE, wool rich or man made fibers. I hope that you give this method a shout. You really will be impressed with your carpet cleaning results if you do.

Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray

 Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray.

Here’s How To Apply A Carpet Cleaning Spray, How To Mix And How To Test.


Using a carpet cleaning spray is a simple process providing you follow instructions. The idea is to spray on the solution and brush agitate it to loosen, soften and dissolve soils in carpets. The carpet should then be rinse extracted in order to remove the loose soils.

This system works really well. The advantages are that you get very little re-soiling. The carpet should stay clean for longer because there is no cleaning residue left behind after rinsing.

My own personal experience with this system has been very good. My customers liked it too. I’ve actually cleaned thousands of carpets using this very same pre-spray method, all of which turned out great.


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In the final video in this series I’ll be showing you;


Carpet cleaning pre-spray solution

£16.80 all inclusive.5 Liters Multi Pro from Prochem.FREE email & telephone support.

Best Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Introduction.

Best Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray Introduction.

Powerful Carpet Cleaning Spray Cleans Carpets Before You Rinse Extract.

This simple method was once upon a time reserved for carpet cleaning experts. Now this carpet cleaning pre-spray technique is available for anyone to use. It’s an easy, effective and thorough way to clean a carpet.


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In the next video, I’ll be showing you;


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