DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution.

For Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions That Work.

You’ll Need Prochem.


The definition of DIY carpet cleaning solutions on google is mostly home made solutions. These solutions are put together from various ingredients found around the home. There’s nothing wrong with using these DIY carpet cleaning solutions, but I prefer not to use these home made jobs. But my old dad insisted that i always use the proper professional solutions for my carpet cleaning work. This I did earnestly.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Because having used Prochem for all of my solutions for my carpet cleaning business. I have realized that professional solutions for carpet cleaning will always give a professional result. This I found is true.

I am not disregarding these people who make up their own solutions for their carpet cleaning. But my own experience of home made remedies is that carpets tend to get dirty again quite quickly. But this doesn’t happen with Prochem solutions. In fact carpets actually take on a new look. They seem to glow after cleaning, they stay clean for a long time too. Lastly, colors and texture is improved with these proper solutions for carpet cleaning.

I want you to do your own carpet cleaning. But I don’t want t you to mess it up. That’s why I suggest Prochem solutions. They are easy to use, simple and most of all they are effective.

If you decide you’d like to use a pre-spray and brush agitation method for cleaning your carpets. There are two solutions which you will require. There is a pre-spray solution and a rinse solution. You can get these products from your local janitorial supplies or a carpet cleaning supplies store. If you go online and search for Prochem products you’ll find what your looking for there.


Alternative DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions Are Always Available.


There is alternative DIY carpet cleaning solutions available. But over the years, I’ve found Prochem to be the best performers and they are simple and easy to use.


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Here’s a link below for you if you’d like to invest in a;

Get Your Solutions Here and you automatically get a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. You’ll also find my prices very competitive. You get priority e mail and telephone support too. Plus I will send you my carpet cleaning guidebook for FREE.


Prices vary for these carpet cleaning solutions depending on where you buy.



If you do a search on line for these products you’ll find them. Or, look for ‘carpet cleaning supplies’. Or look for Janitorial supplies, then check the websites for carpet cleaning solutions.

Don’t forget! If you buy your DIY carpet cleaning solutions from the link below, I will give you a full no quibble guarantee, plus you can call me or e mail me with any carpet cleaning related problems. So give it a go if your on the fence. Start here by getting your solutions.

I don’t think you’ll find a better DIY carpet cleaning method. Grab what you need now and be protected with your guaranteed satisfaction. You can make a start on your carpets this week if you like. We all must start somewhere, how about here?


DIY carpet cleaning solution

Multi Pro pre-spray solution.

£16.80 all inclusive. 5 liters of Multi Pro from Prochem.






DIy carpet cleaning solution, rinse

Fiber fabric rinse solution.

£18 all inclusive. 5 liters of Fiber Fabric Rinse from Prochem.






DIY carpet cleaning solution, extraction pro

Extraction pro rinse solution.

£14.00 all inclusive. 5 Liters Extraction Plus from Prochem.






DIY carpet cleaning solutions Guidebook

DIY Carpet Cleaning Guidebook.

FREE Carpet Cleaning Guidebook and Booklet. Simply buy any solution above and I will send this gift to you same day.


You’ll get fantastic carpet cleaning results when you follow the simple suggestions in the Guidebook and Booklet.


If your carpets are wool rich, you will want to use the fiber fabric rinse solution. But if you know your carpets are a man made fiber then extraction pro is your best bet. But don’t worry about this too much. Fiber fabric rinse can be used on any carpets, IE, wool rich or man made fibers. I hope that you give this method a shout. You really will be impressed with your carpet cleaning results if you do.

Carpet pre-spraying and rinse solutions
Carpet pre-spraying and rinse solutions

All about how to use carpet pre-spray solution and rinsing solution for fantastic DIY carpet cleaning results.

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