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How To Use A Carpet Pile Brush.

How To Use A Carpet Pile Brush

A carpet pile brush is very easy to use. It will clean your carpets thoroughly before you rinse extract with a carpet cleaning machine. In all the years I’ve spent cleaning carpet, so far I have yet to find a more simple and effective way to clean a carpet. This carpet pile brush will clean any carpet, from a lounge room carpet to a bathroom carpet.


The idea is, that you pre-clean your carpets before using an extraction machine for rinsing.

By pre-cleaning, I mean that you pre-spray your carpets and brush agitate. Then you can use a soil extraction machine with a rinse solution in the tank. So its spray, brush, rinse. very simple and very effective. You probably won’t find a more effective way to clean your carpets this side of a truck mount system which is very powerful indeed.

The cost of a carpet brush varies from £20 – £27. You can actually order one below for just £24 vat included.

Watch the video and then decide whether the carpet pile brush will clean your carpets and it is right for you. If it is right for you, simply make an order below.



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I hope you enjoyed the video. I also hope that you’ve decided that a carpet pile brush is a worthy tool for cleaning your carpets. Like I say, you’ll only ever need one carpet pile brush. If you keep using this pre-spray – brush agitation system for carpet cleaning, you’ll get fantastic results every time you clean.

You can easily have a good system which you can use always. So why not make an order for your carpet cleaning pile brush now? This one system will be all you’ll ever need.

Take a look at my sales page which has a complete range of DIY carpet cleaning products. You’ll find everything you need there.

Or, order your carpet pile brush here for just £24. Plus, you’ll get;

Order your carpet pile brush here for just £22.23.

Carpet Brush Details

 Carpet Brush Details.

If You’ve Never Heard Of A Carpet Pile Brush Before, Don’t Worry, Your Not Alone.


In this video below, my intention is to give you practical information to help you to a great carpet cleaning result. You’ll find that I myself swear by using a carpet brush for every carpet cleaning job.

However, seeing is believing. So take a look at the video now and I’ll try to help you over come any doubts you may have about cleaning your carpets effectively.




Here’s a link to the next video, click now.

Here’s a link to the previous video.

The carpet brush is a very worthwhile tool. You’ll only ever need one, so it’s well worth investing in a carpet pile brush today. I do hope that you can follow the suggestions in the video. I also hope that fitting the brush pole onto the pile brush won’t be too big an obstacle for you.

Essential Carpet Brush For Agitating Pre-Spray Solution

Never be without A Carpet Brush.

Help is available locally no doubt. And don’t forget, you only have to fit the pole on once. After you’ve done it, then that’s it DONE!


£29.00 all inclusive

Until next time,

See you in the next video,


Shane Daley


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Carpet Brush Video Introduction

Carpet Cleaning Brush, Video Introduction.

An Important Tool Which Has Transformed My Carpet Cleaning Business From Mediocre To Runaway Success.


Its such a simple philosophy, but hardly anyone uses this tool or knows about it. If you think I’m the only fool who uses a carpet pile brush, then no, your wrong. I learned all about the carpet brush tool and how to use it at a professional training course for carpet cleaners!

But anyone can do a great carpet cleaning using a carpet brush. Its so simple to use and so highly effective, you’ve got to see it to believe it. I can personally guarantee, you’ll get outstanding carpet cleaning results if you adopt this carpet brushing method for cleaning your carpets.



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Link to the previous video.

Stay tuned for the next carpet brush videos this week. I’ll be showing you;

See you in the next videos.

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Essential Carpet Brush For Agitating Pre-Spray Solution

You should never be without A Carpet Brush.



£29.00 all inclusive




Very best from

Shane Daley

Carpet Cleaning Tips. Video Intro.

Carpet Cleaning Tips. Video Intro.

Here’s What Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Expect During The Next Few Week’s Ahead.


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Best Way To Clean Carpet

Best Way To Clean Carpet.

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