How to get smells out of carpet

How To Get Smells Out Of Carpet


If you have smelly carpets at home, don’t despair, because there are various products you can try to remove unpleasant smells. There are those products which come complete from your supermarket. These products are ready to use and the more common ones, actually do help eliminate smells from  carpets quite well.

Then, there is the products that you make yourself. The DIY products that you can put together from house hold ingredients like vinegar, essential oils, baking soda, even vodka is good for eliminating smells from your carpets. So obviously, you are not short of things to try. After all, no-body wants lingering smells around the house. So let’s take a look at these smell removing ideas and put one or two of them to work.

Firstly, we have spray products, the sort you can pick up from your local supermarket.

Personally, I prefer spray products over powders. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. Two of the best spray products available now for help with getting smells out of carpets are;

‘1001 carpet fresh pet’ and ‘Febreze’.

Both of these products actually work quite well. The ‘1001 carpet fresh pet’ is known to be a safe product for you and your family and pets. You don’t need to vacuum up after using this product.

How to get smells out of carpet, 1001 pet.

1001 carpet fresh.

All though there are lots of concerns about how safe these spray products are to humans. I think that 1001 have been around for such a long time. They obviously check products for safeness. And I am sure that these manufacturers who are house hold names, they won’t put a dangerous product on the market for their own good. Most of these carpet odour removal products go through rigorous testing to make sure they are safe. ‘1001 carpet fresh pet’ is just another one of the many tested products.

‘1001 carpet fresh pet’ is sprayed onto carpets and allowed to dry. This will instantly neutralize and trap odours deep within the carpet pile. The foam dries within minutes. It is safe to use on wool carpets. It is designed to remove every day odours from carpets like pet smells, tobacco and cooking smells.


The second popular product to help with how to get smells out of carpet is febreze.

This product (febreze) uses a chemical called cyclodextrin. What it does is, it locks odour molecules into a round ringed doughnut like action and then it will neutralize the smells. This does not mean that the smells are covered over with a another smell. The febreze actually neutralizers odour smells and hence the smells get eliminated from your carpets.

We have all heard of febreze before and the name itself is built on reputation. So my guess is that the febreze odour neutralizer treatment is a safe bet for you to use on your carpets.

Carpet powders.

how to get smells out of carpet. Neutradol


how to get smells out of carpet. Carpet fresh.

Carpet fresh.


These powders too are normally in the light of skeptics. Some folk are concerned that these products are not safe on carpets. The idea of these products is to vacuum clean all of the product up after sprinkling over your carpets. Again the active ingredients get to work on odour molecules and the smells found in carpets are neutralized.

After sprinkling the carpet with powder, it  should be vacuum cleaned up completely. But some skeptics suggest that this product is not always sufficiently vacuumed up from the carpets. Hence, the product remains in the carpets long term, which in turn could pose a health threat because of the chemicals used in this product.

My own take on this is that in some respects, you don’t want this powder lingering in your carpets indefinitely. The idea is that if you are using powders to eliminate odours in your carpets, then please always be sure to vacuum up thoroughly. Then you can rest assured that the carpet is free from any harmful chemicals and you can relax.

Just one more thought about carpet powders.

Although I don’t think it is a good idea to have powder in your carpets. Also, some skeptics say that this powder clogs up your vacuum cleaner too. So therefore, it is for you to decide to shower your carpets with this odour neutralizing powder. Then do be sure to keep your vacuum cleaner empty and not allow it to over fill with the powder from your carpet neutralizing treatments.

Simply don’t let your vacuum cleaner to get too full. Make sure that you thoroughly vacuum clean the powder out of your carpets and you should be ok.


how to get smells out of carpets. Febrez

Febreze for smells in carpets


This solution is my own personal choice of carpet neutralizing. Febreze has been around forever and known to be a good product for removing smells from carpets and fabrics. Fabreze will eliminate every day odours from your carpets. The product releases a pleasant fresh odour which replaces the smell in your carpets and your rooms will smell fresh and clean.



Febreze comes in 8 different fragrances;

You can try these products to see how they work. For the small cost, you can do a test for yourself. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If you do have odours lurking in your carpets, then the above products are always worth a try.

If you have pet smells in your carpets, here’s some additional help.

Homemade remedies.

If you’re not keen on trying the suggested products from your local supermarket, here’s something you can try.

You can use baking soda.

Here’s how to get smells out of carpet using home made remedies;

Simply mix a small measure of your favorite essential oil, something like lavender or eucalyptus oil. Mix the oil into a cup of baking soda. Then sprinkle the powder over your carpets at knight and leave to absorb into your carpet fibers. Next day, vacuum clean all of the baking soda out of your carpets. The baking soda acts as a an absorbent and it will attract unpleasant smells.

You can repeat the procedure a second time. But this remedy is known to work on carpet smells. Give it a try, I am sure you will be surprised.


This too has odour neutralizing components. You simply spray the vinegar onto your carpets and let it dry. The smell of the vinegar will gradually go as the vinegar dries, so don’t worry about you carpets smelling worse. White vinegar is the best to use for this remedy. Simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray into your carpets evenly. Allow to dry and see for yourself how it works. You can repeat this procedure if the unpleasant odours are still noticeable.

One more tip for this procedure.

You can add a slice of lemon to the vinegar. Simply put a slice of lemon into the spray bottle for best results.


Remember that if your home is constantly humid, then this can cause all sorts of problems. One problem in particular is odours from mold and mildew. The remedy is to be sure to keep your rooms well ventilated. You can even go to the extremes of buying a dehumidifier.

Cleaning the carpets

Remember too that cleaning your carpets regularly will keep them fresh and smelling good. There are lots of DIY machines available for hire, or you can even buy a machine these days for just a bit over £100. When you clean your carpets, you can add a deodorizer in with the rinsing solution. I always tell me DIY carpet cleaning customers to use a pre-spray, brush agitation and a rinse extract when cleaning the carpets. This way you get the very best results possible.

Here’s a link to an article which illustrates how to get smells out of carpet using a carpet cleaning, spray, brush and rinse procedure.

Getting rid of carpet smells is not always the simplest or the easiest of tasks. But you can actually prevent carpets from smelling by cleaning regularly. There is a way you can clean your carpets often. The system available is called buff cleaning.

The idea is that you use a buffing machine with a micro fiber pad on the base of the machine. You spray your carpets with a special solvent based, fast drying cleaning solution. You then simply buff clean all the main areas of your carpets. Normally doing this type of carpet cleaning , we leave all the big items of furniture in place. We just go round the furniture.

This method of carpet cleaning is known as a maintenance system. You should use it at least once every 4-8 weeks. The idea is that you clean your carpets before they start to show the dirt. That way your carpets are always clean and smelling fresh too.

You can actually add a little deodorizer treatment to the cleaning solution so that you get great smelling carpets after you’ve cleaned. Plus, my experience of carpet maintenance cleaning is that your neighbors, your friends and your family members, they all want your carpet cleaning secrets.

Check out carpet maintenance cleaning.

I hope this post has helped you through the mazes of odour control on your carpets. You can call me on 07576 382821 with any questions. I am always happy to help.



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