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1,000 website visitors in three week’s. Day 11.


Hello again, welcome to my ongoing quest in trying to get 1,000 website visitors in three weeks.


Post number 11.

.Not an easy task as I thought maybe it would be. So far my budget of £100 has been spent on this project. But in all honesty, I could have got 10 times more from google adwords as I did from the campaign I ran on Facebook.


I worked out how much I paid for each click on the link I placed onto the viral video post. I paid £4 per click!!!


A dear do as you can imagine. Anyway, for this first goal on this site, a publicly announced goal by the way, it went pair shaped. Right now I think the best thing I can do from my few options left is to get 1,000 cheapo visitors and mark the goal as accomplished. Then, we can move on and try something else.

So the site I found on youtube is called hitleap. And according t0 the name of the site, it does just that. You get hits from the site and that leaps your ranking up. The site definitely works. But I’m not sure about the leap part of it. I guess you need a lot of hits to make a leap.


Yesterday, I got 14 website visits from being on the hitleap site for 15 minutes.


Of course the hits won’t produce anything in the real world. But if there is enough of them they may well increase my rankings. But that remains to be seen.

I was right as well about the hitleap site using up lots of data. Right now I have only 1 gig left and that’s got to last for 9 more days. So I am very restricted as to what I can do here now. I would have liked to learn more ways to get traffic from youtube videos. But that too will use up a lot of my remaining data.

What I will do, I will mark this goal as on hold temporarily. I will pause the proceedings temporarily. Then as soon as I can get on with getting traffic from hitleap, I will resume with the goal then. So here it is. THIS GOAL IS PAUSED TEMPORARILY. SHOULD BE ACCOMPLISHED IN  8-10 DAYS FROM NOW. Today’s date is 24/09/16.

Your comments are very welcome. Let me know what you think.

Best I could do on this one.

From Shane.


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1,000 website visitors in three week’s. Day 10

Hi and welcome to post number 10. 1,000 visitors to my website in thee weeks.


Post number 10.

The viral video with the singing dog. Well, things are not going as originally thought. My idea of this viral video strategy was to get thousands of website visitors from the viral video post. But that is not to be. My original budget was just £100 which has now been spent on advertising the viral video. I had 100, 000 reach for £100.

I have stopped the paid advertising now and it has been stopped for a couple of days. During that time things have really plummeted. In those two days I have had just 8,000 organic reach. But only about 35 clicks on my line of text with a link on the post. Its just not enough I’m afraid.

I know from before I stopped the paid advertising, I was getting more clicks on my link.

I have thought about paying again for advertising, but that would only defeat the object here. I would be surpassing my budget, which is really against the rules. So, what do I do?

Yesterday I had a look on youtube. I found dozens of video’s all with the theme of generating free traffic to websites. I found this one which I think will help in this situation. Now like you, I know that traffic coming from a site like hitleap isn’t going to be the best traffic in the world, far from it! But my thoughts are this;

Simply to fulfill the goal as completed. Then you and me can move on to better things rather than be stuck in this hole. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to move on. Mark this goal 1,000 website visitors in three weeks, completed. How about it? I hope I’m making sense.

But first, before we move on to the next goal. I will actually surpass the 1,000 visitors.

I will take a screen shot of my results, then and only then, will I move on. Fair enough? I hopes that’s ok.

Just this last point. My budget was set at £100. Normally every month I get 10 gigs of date allowance on my internet. I pay monthly for it. Its a contract. But so far this month I have used up all but 1.6 gigs. I have 10 more days before my next 10 gigs starts. So another option I did have, was to scour youtube to find something more appropriate. But screening videos on youtube uses up a lot of data. My 1.6 gigs would go in no time at all. So, I want to avoid using youtube right now. Otherwise I will have no internet access in a few days time.

So, I hope you can forgive me for this mortal sin. As well, this is our first goal which we set out to accomplish only last week. Now that’s what I call a bit of a failure. But hey, I’d rather have the outcome as it is other than break the rules. The goal will be completed. But maybe not as I would have liked.

I’ve got a wonderful idea for my next goal.

But first there is a few things I must sort out before I make the goal public. I am going to take a break now while I sign up for hitleap. I’m not quite sure what i’m doing on the site, I haven’t yet looked at it. But I’ll go now and take a look. I’ll let you know the outcome soon.

Back again now! I have now signed up for hitleap. Apparently the site is a traffic exchange with a twist. I guess I can earn one thousand web site visitors. Then my goal is completed, then we can move on.

Hi again, I’ve been on hitleap, few what an experience!

I installed the program, ran it and now it is running in the background. The idea is to earn minutes. So right now in the background of my computer, the hitleap program is running and showing various websites through what it calls a viewer. Now these websites that are being shown are other peoples sites who are members of hitleap. There is no control over these sites apart from a button which allows blocking sites if you don’t want to see them.

I ran the program and I panicked because I tried to turn it off,  but it wouldn’t turn off. The program was running and there was two porno sites showed up. I blocked them both but not sure if the hitleap site will show more of them.

I’ll just go and take a peep at how many minutes I have earned while doing virtually nothing other than writing this post. Hold on while I look.

I’ve earned 9 minutes in about 10 minutes. I think on the free plan they give 70% time back. So if the program runs for 100 minutes, I get 70 minutes back. Now I’m not sure how much data this program is using. But I think it will be a lot, so I will pause the program and return to it soon.

OK, I’ve been on hitleap now only 15 minutes and I have the hang of it already.

I know how to turn the viewer off, I must end my session by closing down my computer. The viewer runs in the background while I can be doing anything on my computer. If it runs solid for 2 hours then I get 70% of that time back. I get my site viewed for how ever long I set the setting too. Could be 20 seconds or 60 seconds each time, whichever I choose. To turn the viewer off, simply close down the computer.

My site is then viewed even when I’m not running hitleap. The website views happen automatically while I am totally detached or attached to the hitleap system. Good idea Ah!

That’s it from  me for now.

I will be back tomorrow. I will get things ready for my next goal which I think you’ll find useful.

Until then, goodbye


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1,000 visitors to my website in three weeks. Post 9

Hello, hello, hello, thank you for visiting this page.

1,000 visitors to my website in 3 weeks.


Post Number 9.

Unfortunately, I have some not so good news. My Facebook viral post is still producing 2-3,000 new views per day. But the link I have on there to my website isn’t doing so well.

In nearly 24 hours I have had just 22 clicks from the post to a page on my site. Just 22, that’s awful! My goal is to get 1,000 visitors to my site in three weeks. right now I have less than 2 weeks left. I don’t see a way forward to accomplishing my goal at the moment.

I went mad today on google plus.

I posted in every cleaning and DIY community. It was all I could think of. I posted during the last hour, so, I have to wait a while to see some results, if any!

As you and I know, traffic is the lifeblood of business on the internet. Websites must have traffic. But in all the years I have been working on line, traffic has continued to allude me. All I’ve ever had is just a trickle of traffic from the search engines. Most of the views on my site have come from my own visits. Traffic has been my greatest problem up to now on the internet.

But this viral post I have now on Facebook, the post will continue to grow. What I mean is, the post will get organic traffic continuously for ever. At the moment the numbers of traffic are low. I’m not doing as well as I expected. But the traffic is there and the post will continue to go viral. Up to now I have 85,000 organic reach. That number will continue to grow on and on.

I ‘m sending my Facebook traffic to a page on my site here is the link;

Remove a carpet stain using a hand held scrub brush.

I also believe that this link to my site is not performing. I have another page lined up which I will test later. I suppose I just need to keep testing. I do not know of any other way other than testing.

I go walking every day for about a mile or so, maybe more. But today, I was racking my brains trying to think of a solution that may work. That was how I came up with the google plus idea, while I was walking. I pondered many ideas, but rejected most of them because they probably would not work.  I still have a few ideas to get my 1,000 visitors. But if I’m honest, I don’t feel like any of them are going to work. Remember, my budget is used up. I have zero cash to invest in traffic.

Do you have any ideas? Please leave a comment below if you have, or even if you haven’t.

I will try and answer your comments within 24 hours. If I’m honest, I am fresh out of ideas that I feel will work. Of course I know of lots, but I don’t know of any which will get me more than 100 visitors per day. I need 1,000 visitors within the 3 weeks. All I can do right now is to keep an open mind and maybe search for some help. But like I said before, my budget is dried up. I have zero money available to invest in the accomplishment of my goal.

Without being all negative, I honestly believe that I am going to fall short of reaching my goal. Unless of course, something turns up. Allowing things to just continue as they are will embrace failure. I am not really very sure about what I will do next. My mind is open though, I am hoping that something will turn up. In the meantime, I will continue to test various offers on my viral video post. Also, I will actively seek out some ways of getting traffic to my site. I will search online and I will try anything that might work.

I will be going to youtube later and seeing what’s available there.

But my experience of FREE TRAFFIC has always been a slow process. Normally it takes months to get any results. Posting in the comments section on websites is one example of  an idea. Forum posting, guest posting might well be worth looking into to. But my gut feeling is against these ideas. Might be worth a try though. Facebook posting, twitter, linked-in, google plus,  are four sites which I use regularly for posting to for traffic. But none of them have produced any decent results. the numbers have never been there before.

We’ll see what happens in a day or two. I am keeping my mind open for opportunities. I will look into youtube for some ideas later today.

Until next time, take care and be good.

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1,000 visitors to my website in three weeks. Day 8.

Hi again folks. Welcome to this, the 8th day of aiming for 1,000 visitors to my website.


Post 8.

So far so good. But with a twinge of disheartened optimism. I really thought I’d cracked it. I thought finally, I’ve resolved the issue of my online business. Broken through the dilemma of making zero money online. I though this is it, no more struggling! I went from all of this, to a very defeated state in less than a few hours.

All day today I’ve been going through in my mind what went wrong. The answers I got every time was that nothing went wrong. The problem I have needs to be looked at sensibly and a solution needs to be implemented. Then, hopefully I can fix the problem.

What happened was; I placed an affiliate link on my viral post. I had reached well over 100,000. I thought it time to try an offer. But here’s what happened with the particular offer I chose and also the link which I placed onto my post.

All in all, I got 24 visits to the sales page of the affiliate offer.

I had no views up to the order form. That means everybody who visited the affiliate sales page for the dog training video, they didn’t make it to the order form. All day long I’ve been trying to work out what to do next. I was awfully defeated and feeling as though I had lost a great deal.

My expectations were very high. I did actually think that I would get a flood of visitors to the affiliate offer. This was not so. Just a trickle of clicks which was no where near enough to make any sales. Also not just the fact that my affiliate offer was not what people wanted. Also the line of text I placed on the viral video post was not performing either. The problem was, I Know nothing about dog training. Never been in the niche before. Obviously my first attempt in the niche was not going to be a roaring success.

Anyway, all that done. This is were I am at the moment.

I decided to stop the paid advertising on viral video post. Already I have spent my budget of £100. Right now, the video of the singing Dog is running on its own power. I am just getting organic views.

As well, I have changed the link on the post. I no longer have the affiliate offer on there. I think it was prone not to work. But maybe another time I can test some new lines of text and offers. But right now all I am doing is, I’m sending people to my website from the viral video post. Here’s the link;

I’ve shortened the link through I’ve also put the link through a tracking system. I will know how many people click the link. But here’s the surprising part; I changed the link in the viral post this afternoon. I have stopped the paid advertising as well at the same time. But in that short space of time from then to now, I have had 12 clicks through to my website. That’s within a few hours only. And that’s on organic views only. The Facebook post is not costing me any money now.

So, rather than going over my budget of £100. I am just going to let things ride.

I will keep the link to my website live. Remember there is still 2 weeks time left before the 3 week deadline. So hopefully, I may well reach my goal.

Right now, I’m feeling better with things. The turmoil has passed. But earlier today I was feeling at a loss. My hopes and expectations were very high yesterday. To see them plummet to the ground was emotionally tough. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s always tomorrow, and there’s always new opportunities. I’m pretty sure that something will turn up. An idea will come. Lets see how these next few days turn out. Time will reveal more.

I do know one thing which has developed during this quest. I am no longer going to spend any money on advertising. What happens between now and the end of the 3 week period will happen from now for FREE. After all, what’s the point in setting goals if I have no intentions of trying to accomplish them?

From me. That’s it for now.

I hope to see you back here tomorrow.

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1,000 website visitors in 3 weeks. Day 7.


Hi and welcome to this, day 7 of my quest to get 1,000 website visitors.

.Day 7. Post number 7.

I’m really sorry because I’ve done something which may not be right. My goal says 1,000 visitors to my website. Total funds for this project is just £100. Mmmm. I have done something else. I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Here’s what I’ve done.

I went to Clickbank and found a really neat video of a dog trainer. I signed up to become an affiliate on Clickbank. I put the affiliate link into my post on Facebook. My post had 100, 000 paid views at a cost of approx £75. Now there is just £25 left from my budget. I’m spending £15 per day on 3 of the same campaigns, copies of the same campaign at £5 each per day.

One good thing which is still valid from my goal is time. I have two more weeks before my time is up. But definitely, my funds will be all washed up. But hey, there again, I can stop the paid adverts today if I like. There has been 46,000 organic reach on the posts. So I’m sure if I stop the paid advertising the post will continue to get organic views and clicks as time goes on.

I think two weeks would be a good time to get some decent clicks to my affiliate offer.

Or, I can spend a week on the affiliate offer and a week on  sending traffic to my website. But 1,000 visitors maybe outside my scope with the time I’ll have left, ( just 1 week)

Let me tell you what has happened with the affiliate offer up to now. So far there has been zero sales. But I have a had 10 hops to the offer. What happened was, I set the campaign up by placing the affiliate link into my post this afternoon. The time was about 4.00pm. I went out for shopping and came back, had some tea then I checked the affiliate offer. I had 10 hops, 10 visits from my post to the affiliate offer in about 1 hour and 30 mins.

Now those stats are not dynamite, but it is a start don’t you think? I will be happy to let things proceed for a few days. Check the results again and if they show no sales, or few hops only, I’ll drop the affiliate offer.

Today I have felt so sure that this was going to be successful. I couldn’t help thinking about what I would do if I was earning a good wedge. In my head I’ve done all sorts of fantastic things, been in relationships, traveled round the globe, moved house, all sorts in fact! But I’m certainly not tarnished because the results are not overwhelming at the moment.

This is all on complete auto pilot almost remember.

There is very little to do to keep the campaigns running. I just check the results occasionally and that is it. Having had a very inspired day, I am now somewhat deflated and back down to earth again. Maybe during these next few days, I’ll get a gut feeling about the affiliate offer. I may well abandon it if it doesn’t produce good results.

To place a link into the viral post today was not easy. I had a problem with it. The post would not allow me to edit. But I knew that what I was doing would work. I knew I could make it work because my sources told me how. But I tried and tried and could not get it to accept editing.

Then after about an hour trying, I had a flashing thought. The post was not editing because I had another post conflicting with the editor. Once I realized this, I quickly deleted the conflicting post and hey presto, I could edit the post. I was so excited all day long. I thought that wherever I sent the traffic, there would be a massive rush of thousands of visitors almost immediately. However, that was not to be. Not as yet anyway.

At the moment I am promoting dog training on the viral post. But I can change that at the drop of a hat. Really, I would like to continue with my goal. But honestly and truly, my website is not so good at converting at this moment in time. I would probably be better finding another affiliate offer. But lets see what unveils these next couple of days.

From me for now that’s all.

Until tomorrow,  see you then.

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1,000 website visitors in 3 weeks. Day 6

Sorry folks, I missed a day yesterday, Sunday.

Had a nice day out instead. I hope you don’t mind!


Post number 6. No number 5.


Rather have time off on Sundays. I think occasional time off work is well spent. Helps to get a better perspective on things. Anyway, Monday now, day 6. Remember I have a budget of £100. You won’t believe what’s been happening on Facebook, its gone absolutely bonkers.

I’ll give you some stats below. But I must say now that the singing dog video has had a 118.000 reach. 41,000 organic and  77,000 paid reach. That’s pretty exciting don’t you think? Saturday, I said to you that I was to wait until the video post had 100,000 paid reach. That won’t be long now before it happens. I won’t put a link on the video until I have a reach of 100,000 paid. Then the link will send traffic to where ever I point it to.

If I’m honest, I’m still not sure where to send the traffic to. I thought about an affiliate offer for dog training. And then I thought I could send the traffic raw to this DIY Carpet Cleaning website. I’m still really not sure where the traffic will go to right now. But I do hope that  I can make a decision soon. Remember I have 3 of the same viral videos. So I can test sending traffic to three web addresses all at the same time!

I think the key here is test, test, test.

Here some stats you may be interested in;

The video has 52,000 views.




The cost has been £0.001 per post engagement.

Yesterdays and today’s total cost was £26.00 for all three videos. £5 per day.

My guess is that tomorrow I should see the paid reach very close to 100,000.

I’ll have to stew about where to send the traffic. I think I’ll check out some affiliate offers. I know that the best way to deal with traffic is to have a squeeze page. But I’m not really keen on that idea. Although that idea is the professional way to deal with traffic. After all if you get people on your list then they are lifetime subscribers most of them or at least some.

I haven’t forgotten that you might like to try this idea yourself. Let’s just see what happens during these next few days. You and me will surely see some fantastic results. But let time take care of that. No use getting all impatient like I was a couple of days ago. Lets just go with the flow and stay calm.

I’m going to give you a link in a mo. The link goes to my publishers page where my e books are being sold from. One thought I had about sending traffic, was sending them to my e book sales page. I have 4 titles in e book format. They are all focused on DIY Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Here’s the link;

Affiliate offers are in abundance. Some of them really do sell well. Clickbank is a good place to start. I have an account with clickbank. I think one of my tasks later will be to check out what’s available on Clickbank.

If you have any ideas, please comment in the section below. I will gladly read and reply to your comments on a daily basis. Always good to get some feedback.

Do you believe the results though.

52,000 video views for just £60.56 and that cost includes all of the testing I did at the start. Here’s the crazy number Facebook has charged me per view of the video post — £0.00116462p, how about that for cheap advertising!

I do have the option to stop the paid advertising. But that would be silly. Obviously if the paid advertising stops, then the viral aspect of the video will kick in. But for the price of just (as above) per view, then advertising costs are neither here nor there. They are super cheap. It makes sense to just keep paying the low, low price.

Just quickly with this — I just visited Clickbank and found a great offer for my traffic. The offer is dog training. There’s a sales video on the front end with a 3 days free trial. I think that would really help my traffic. You see, I did use the keyword Dogs in my paid advertising campaign. So lots of my traffic will be dog owners or dog lovers.

That’s it from me for now. But I will be here again tomorrow. Don’t forget, leave a comment if you like what you’ve seen up to now. Soon we’ll be moving onto getting traffic to various websites. I am looking forward with optimism.

Until then, take care, see you soon.

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1,000 Website Visitors In Three Weeks. Day 4

Hi and welcome to day 4 of my new quest. 1,000 website visitors in three weeks.


Post Number 4.

Seems things are going good. There has been lots of activity on the posts. I will give you the details below in a minute. Like I said to you yesterday in post 3, I have 3 of the same videos running in different campaigns. It is for this reason that the posts will produce more activity because now there is three of them, not just one.

I’ll quickly show you what’s been happening today.

These stats are from the first viral video post, the original one.

6,965 post engagements.

14,508 reach.

Cost £0.002 per engagement.

Total cost £10.66.

These stats are from the second duplicated post which is running in its own campaign. Post 1b.

2,754 post engagements.

5,709 reach.

Cost £0.002.

Total cost £5.45.

These stats are from the third post which is post 1a.

Post engagement 2,390.

Reach 4,879.

Cost £0.002.

Total cost £5.43.

I will share all of the other stats with you soon. The shares, comments and the likes. There has been a lot of activity in these areas.

So, as you can see, things are moving along  nicely don’t you think? My intention is to let the campaigns run until I have 100,000 paid visitors to the posts. Having achieved that number then the organic visitors numbers will be high. Not sure exactly how high but there will be a lot of organic traffic.

The good thing about this idea is that I can see results all along the way.

I can see all of the people coming to the posts and commenting, sharing and liking the posts. That’s encouraging, it gives me some optimism. There’s nothing worse than trying a new idea only to see it flop at the first post. So great, up to now this idea has produced results.

Do you think you’d like to have a go at this and get a video going viral too? Its not hard to do. But there are a few twists and turns which you must know about. But here’s an idea that may help you.

If you think you would like to have a go at this idea, then let me know about it. If you do, then I will put you on an early bird list and then I will create the content for you. I can do video and text. I will as well, try my very best to do it in plain easy to understand English.

So, how about it? Would you like to have a go?

If the answer is yes, then I need you to put your e mail address on the form below. Once you are on the list, I will send the details about how to create these Viral Video Campaigns,

I’m sure you’ll want to see results before committing to the Facebook traffic hack idea. Please , put your e mail on to the form now. It won’t cost you anything and you are here now. Later you may well not be able to find this form and you’ll be confused as to what page its on. The form is below now. Simply just put your e mail on it, then you’ll be on my early bird list.


Click here for the web form,,,


Today, I’ve been thinking about why I’m keeping the Facebook traffic hack campaign running at just £5 per day. According to my sources, they tell me to let the ad run until it reaches 100.000 paid traffic reach. At the moment the reach stats show that the posts have gained approx 25,000. Now I can just continue to let the ads run. Soon the reach will be at 100,000. But what if I was to increase my daily spend. What If I put my Facebook advertising budget up to £25 per day! Surely then I would get 5 days results in just one day!

There is no info on this subject, but I know I could get in touch with my source and inquire about this idea. I’m sure my source has tested this before. Or maybe I should just be impatient and go for the £25 per day advertising and see the results.

Patience, patience, patience, that’s just what I need right now.

I’m following suggestions. Do as what was shown to me and the results will be there. Racing ahead is impatience. £5 per day, that’s my limit! No running before I can walk. Not yet anyway!

However, you might like to put your details on the form above if you haven’t already done so. I will look forward to our next meeting soon. Until then, be patient, be good, be happy!!!

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Thank you, free e book

Well done and thank you for choosing Haulway Carpet Cleaning.


I am happy to forward you to my publishers site now so that you can redeem your coupon. Simply scroll and click on the title you have chosen and download the e book. You can download to any device and the book will alter accordingly.

That’s the great thing about publisher sites today, they configure the e books to various file formats. You can choose from a list of them. I personally like epub files for downloads. Epub can be used for almost every device.

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want me rambling on. Here’s your link to your e book. If you have any issues arise from reading the book please, please, please let me know.

There is a link on a page about one quarter of the book through. Please don’t be afraid to click the link. It will download your FREE BOOKLET which you’ll require if your serious about keeping your carpets clean yourself. A well worth while activity and a long lasting way to save thousands of pound or dollars over the course of future years.

Don’t forget now, Please contact me if there is anything your not sure about. Or even if you just want some support. I am here to help you.

Thank you once again for your time. I hope you enjoy, use and benefit from your new E Book.

Very best from me.

Shane Daley

1,000 Website Visitors In Three Weeks. Day 3

Post number 3.

Hello again, this is day 3 of 1,000 website visitors in three weeks’.

There has been some development with my Facebook campaigns. I’ll share the results with you below. What I’m aiming for is 100,000 views on my adverts, then I will ad a link to the post back to my website.

I’m not particularly overjoyed about the video which is leading in the stats. Here it is here;

The other videos which I tested were more relevant to my carpet cleaning business. But maybe I can send traffic to the beginning of this 21 day review. I’ll think more on the subject as we proceed along.

The stats are as follows;

Post reach 5,800.

Video reach 4,482.

Post engagements 1,965.

Cost £0.003.

Total cost £5.15.

As you can see from these stats, I’ve had 1,965 post engagements for just £5.15. The traffic results are 598 organic video views and 5,173 video views paid. These stats should change as the video goes more viral. I’ve had some people like, comment and share the video. Here’s the results;

173 post clicks.

83 comments and shares.




So, I’m sure you can see how this idea will start going viral quite soon. I’ll keep the advertising running at £5 per day.

Here I’m attempting to increase blog traffic by creating more posts.

I have actually created two more similar ads. Its very easy to do on Facebook. The ads are copies of the original which is performing best. I have made all of the other less performing ads inactive. They are no longer running. The other two ads which I have created are done on Facebook advert manager. I have simply copied the winning post and duplicated it with  1a, 2b or 3c at the end of the ad title. So, these other two ads are identical to the winning ad only the post name is slightly altered.

This is what’s happened to those other two ads during just the first 3 hours.

Advert 1a has had 333 reach.

137 post engagements.

Cost per engagement £0.004.

Total cost £0.57.

That’s all good. If i keep the ad running I should see very similar results to the first original advert. I did create a third ad, I did it the same as before by simply copying the original and making one slight change on the title. The advert is ad 1b.

This ad 1b is not doing so well at the moment. It’s unlikely to increase my blog traffic at a low cost.

I don’t know the reason for this. But I will keep the ad running for 24 hours and then see what the outcome is. If the ad doesn’t perform as well I’d like, then I will make the post inactive. That way it doesn’t cost me anything. Maybe I can try again a bit later and the results might well be different.

It’s great to see all of the people on Facebook  sharing and commenting and liking the posts. I think that within the next few days we will see some dramatic results and the video posts will start to go even more viral. I’m aiming for 100.000 reach, then i will put my link into the post. Hopefully, I’ll start getting the website traffic that I’m aiming for. This takes a bit of time and patience, but the results should be interesting.

I think I might like to find a second video that will definitely increase my website traffic.

But maybe later for that. As of right now, I think that I will just concentrate on getting this first ad off the ground. Then later I can look into creating more viral posts. Hopefully i can make them more relevant to my offers which i’ll be sending the Facebook traffic to.

The whole of this process is really very easy to do. But I know that some people reading this may well want to do it themselves. If this is you, then I may be able to help. But first I think its important to see some solid results before trying it yourself. Then you’ll be sure that you won’t be wasting your time.

Simply just follow along for the next week or so and watch as the posts go viral. That should be enough evidence for you to know that this idea works. You can then go for it yourself with enthusiasm having seen it working with your own eyes first.

Remember, my goal is to get 1,000 quality website visitors in just 3 weeks.

Today is day 3. So far so good. It will be interesting to see what happens during these next few days. So please stay around and I’m sure you’ll be excited  by what happens. Remember, my budget is £100. Up to now I have spend £16.06.

Hopefully, I’l see you here tomorrow. Please feel free and leave a comment.

If you want to see what happened yesterday click here for post number 2.

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Here’s a link to day 1. Post number 1.

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