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Small Carpet Steam Cleaner


Small carpet steam cleaner machines vary widely.

There are hundreds of these machines on the market today.


I would like to give you some idea as to what is available. Also I will make a few suggestions as to what to consider buying or hiring.

I’v been running my own carpet cleaning service now for 25 years. I am a very much old school type of dude. I will admit that I don’t know everything about what is actually out there with regards to small carpet steam cleaner machines. But I do know how to best clean a carpet. Therefore I think I can point you in the right direction if your looking to buy or hire a machine to clean your carpets.

If your not necessarily buying new, you can always look on ebay and other sites that sell used goods. I know from my own experience that e bay has a lot of carpet cleaning machines available most of the time.

Here’s a few pics of what I have come across recently, prices and usability included.

Nilfisk wand tool and machine


This small carpet steam cleaner is a Nilfisk AX14.

These machines are renowned for reliability. I got this machine off a young man who was using it to do end of tenancy carpet cleaning. This Nilfisk machine was given to me in part exchange for a bigger, more powerful machine. This Nilfisk simply didn’t have the guts to do a whole house carpet clean.

But don’t let that put you off a machine like this. because if your just planning on doing one room occasionally, then this sort of small carpet steam cleaner is ideal.

This small carpet steam cleaner with DIY package is a CTD575 Numatic.

A machine such as this will clean a complete average size room no problem. I actually used one of these machines as a back up machine in my business. I easily did the job and it turned out good. You can get this sort of small carpet cleaner from ebay for around £100. A brand new one costs about £500. But these machines just seem to go forever. Occasionally though the pump may need changing but that’s a simple, easy job.

This machine above costs me £25 from e bay. I had to put a new pump in the machine. Today it works great and I use it as a hire machine for my DIY customers. The pump cost £50.

These three machines are from e bay. All of them are priced below £150.

So its always a good idea to consider buying a machine rather than hiring. The good thing about buying is that you get familiar with the machine. You get to know its strengths and weaknesses. I would personally go for any of the above home carpet cleaning machines but would consider carefully about how much cleaning you will be doing. If you plan on doing a lot of carpet and suite cleaning, then go for the larger machine. But these small machines are perfect for doing just a room at a time. But do remember to use the system I have outlined on this site.

If you would like some training and ongoing support simply purchase your diy carpet cleaning ebook. I will help you personally get started cleaning your carpets if you do.

That’s all from me on this post. But I do hope you found it useful. If you have any questions, please make a comment below.

One more thing, it’s important; if you would like me to help you buy a machine, I would be happy to help. Go to this page for details “buy a carpet cleaner“.

Do it yourself couch cleaning


Do It Yourself Couch Cleaning


Cleaning your couch and chairs at home is a must for every one. But not every one knows how to do it effectively. That’s why most people prefer to have someone do it for them. But now that you are on this page, I would like to show that, do it yourself couch cleaning is something you can do. You can also do it effectively as well with proven methods, tools and solutions that I have used for over 20 years. You can do it yourself and get a lovely result each and every time you clean.

Here Is A Superb Way To Clean Your Suite.

This Simple Upholstery Cleaning System, I’ve Used Hundreds Of Times!



If your suite is looking anything less than new like, cleaning is a must. Here’s your chance to discover a superb cleaning method that gives excellent results every time. You’ll be surprised to know that cleaning your suite is cheap and easy. Once you’ve discovered how to clean your suite, you’ll never forget. Even heavy soiled areas will clean up like new!

Clean Your Upholstery Safely

upholstery cleaning e book coverYou can, with about 1 hours study, learn how to clean your Suite safely. You can avoid problems like over wetting, color change and texture distortions. The ‘Suite Cleaning E Book’ helps you to clean properly right from the very start. The E Book shows you how to test your suite so that cleaning is safe.
Good cleaning solutions are important for great results. I’ve selected the best solutions I’ve found from 35 years Suite cleaning experience. An important part of Suite Cleaning is using solutions to the right strength. But first you have to be certain that your suite won’t react to cleaning solutions. The E Book shows you EXACTLY how to approach Suite Cleaning without causing any damage.
The cleaning method I’m suggesting is a simple one. But cleaning technology has come so far since the days these traditional cleaning methods were found. A combination of old hat cleaning and the use of professional solutions, guarantees maximum cleaning results.

Gone are the days you had so much soapy suds that you could never quite get rid of it. And gone are the days that you wouldn’t dare attempt to clean your suite for fear of making it worse.
You don’t have to be content with your suite looking just about acceptable, no. Now you can have your suite looking clean. So clean in fact, it will always look like new. You don’t have to wait years for your suite to be ready for cleaning either. You can clean your suite at any time. Remove harmful soils that destroys a nice suite by making it old before it’s time.
You won’t ever make your suite look worse either, not with the methods described in your ‘Upholstery Cleaning E Book’. The cleaning system described for you is the best, most thorough way to clean ANY suite.

Traditional Cleaning Method With High Tech Upholstery Cleaning Solutions.

You might think at first that the system described in the Upholstery Cleaning E Book’ is outdated. But let me assure you, some people would shy away at the cleaning methods in the E Book. But for many years, even in my own business, the suite cleaning methods I’m suggesting in the ‘E Book’ will and have always achieved excellent cleaning results.
For anyone who may be skeptical at first, my advice is to try the system. You’ll see for yourself how marvelous your suite looks after you’ve cleaned. You’ll see a new fresh look with a rich textured feel to the fabric just like when your suite was new. That’s how effective the cleaning methods are.
Soils that have penetrated into your suite fabrics, soils that you thought you’d never shift, you’ll see these problems gone with a clean. Soils and greasy areas were you rest your head and hands, see these areas clean. You’ll see no visible soiling showing after you’ve cleaned.

Bring Your Suite To Life With Enhanced Colors And A Real Rich Textured Feel

You don’t have to do it all in one go either. Do just some of the cleaning, then take a rest. Or just admire your cleaning result for a bit. Clean a chair, a settee, do what you feel you want to.

Almost Anyone Can Clean A Suite

You don’t have to be overly fit or youthful to clean your suite. So long as you are reasonably well and fairly healthy then you are fit to clean. A mild brush agitation does 70% of the cleaning. The brush agitation loosens soils which are pre-sprayed with a special cleaning solution.

A gentle brush agitation loosens soils from fabrics before extracting them out with rinsing. The system uses very little water so your suite dries fast and bright with no dull colors.
If you’d like to clean your suite to a high standard, you must order your ‘Upholstery Cleaning E Book’. I’ll gift you 30% discount if you order today.



iTunes Books

Kobo Books

About £65 gets you every tool and solution you’ll need for a lifetime of suite cleaning in your home. A good hire machine for cleaning is about £25. Get your 30% discount now, simply click ‘order now and get your upholstery cleaning guidebook now’.



How To Deep Clean Carpets

How To Deep Clean Carpets At Home.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Now On Every High Street. 


Most people believe that professional carpet cleaning stands tall over diy carpet cleaning. Of course this belief holds true for most folk.

But how many professional carpet cleaners do you think are willing to give away their carpet cleaning secrets? And besides, would it actually be in their interests to do so?   On the market today there’s all sorts of home carpet cleaning machines and most owners swear by them. They are cheap, easy to use, and convenient. But still the overall view about home carpet cleaning is to get the pro’s in. That though is a matter of whether a professional service is affordable. In lot’s of instances, it is not.

So, now you have many diy carpet cleaners available at low cost, that does the job, but only partial compared to a professional service provider. People invest in these low priced machines for economical reasons.

And What About The Home Made Remedies Crew. Believers In Mixing A Concoction Of Ingredients Will Magically Clean Up Stubborn Carpet Stains And Spots.


You take a look around the internet and you’ll find these people in droves. Of course some of these home carpet cleaning remedies work, but don’t you think that cooking ingredients are best left for cooking only? Stuff like Vinegar,  Soda Water, even Johnsons Baby Shampoo to name just a few!

And Lastly, We Have The Good Old DIY Hire Machine Group. My Favorite Group, Who Clean And Often Over Wet Their Carpets Regularly.

Ideal DIY carpet cleaner

A great little machine for carpet cleaning.

They all admit that the diy hire carpet cleaners are better than most other available machines you can buy at low prices. But again, these hire machines need to be used regularly and often. Hence, again, the cost goes up and if you are on a tight budget, then it looks like reverting to investing in your own machine is a good option.   I’d like to point you in the best direction I can. Not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of the sort of result you will get from your home carpet cleaning efforts.

I said to you before about the pro’s holding onto their deepest secrets, but I can tell you now, that professional carpet cleaners use professional solutions, professional techniques and professional tools.

This is what I’m getting at. For less cost than to go out and buy a cheap diy carpet cleaning machine, you can invest your money in quality solutions, tools, and hire a machine less often. Your home carpet cleaning results will last much longer. Hence less cleaning but better results when you do!

On This Site, You’ll Find Essential Techniques, Effective Solutions Which I’ve Used For Decades. Plus, The Cheapest Tools That Will Enable You To A Perfect Carpet Cleaning Result Every Time.

To start you off though, you will need your Diy carpet cleaning e book which is available above. Study the guide and you will see for yourself how you can clean your carpets. It all makes sense after you discover these effective carpet cleaning methods. Once you’ve got the few tools and solutions for carpet cleaning, that’s it. You simply hire a machine locally as I’ll show you in your guide, or buy one.




If you can spare one day twice a year cleaning your home carpets, then grab your guidebook now. You’ll wonder how you would be doing without it after you’ve used the knowledge within. It’s a real eye opener when you discover just what most people don’t know or have never even thought about before. You may like to check out, how often should carpet be cleaned?


Eliminate This Exhaustive List From Your Home Carpet Cleaning Activities .                                                                                                                        


Get you carpet cleaning e book now and clean your home carpets just like a pro. Here’s a more descriptive link DIY Carpet Cleaning E Book.

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