Carpet Stain Removal – Here’s How Not To Do It.


This Carpet Stain Removal Approach Is NEVER Going To Work.


The lady in the video has tried numerous solutions on this one carpet stain. So far, no joy. Her carpet stain removal method has not worked.

Can you imagine what just happened when the carpet was soaked through? Can you see that the stain in the carpet is likely to have gone all way through to the carpet backing now?

If I was to impart just a morsel of my carpet stain cleaning knowledge to you, it would be this… PLEASE DON’T TRY TO TACKLE CARPET STAINS AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO.

Cleaning stains from carpet its best acting more timidly. A suitable hand brush, rocking, working in from the outside edges of the carpet stain. Using an appropriate carpet stain remover solution is always best. Identify the stain and then call up your local janitorial supplier or carpet cleaning supplies store. If you get a product from your local suppliers, be sure to follow label instructions. If the solution from your local suppliers fails to remove the stain, its doubtful you’ll find better elsewhere.

To give you some idea of the type of carpet stain remover solutions  available, click here for Carpet Stain Removers.


To Remove Carpet Stains Thoroughly,,,,,, Just Wait.


Wait until your cleaning your carpets yourself. Then be sure to use a rinse solution after you’ve pre-sprayed and brush agitated your carpet stains. When you tackle stains, rinse out the stain remover solutions after application. Carpet staining is always best to remove when the carpet is being cleaned. Your likely to have a rinse solution then, which will neutralize your carpet PH and prevent colour changes and re-soiling

If your not DIYing,Then your local carpet cleaner will have solutions to tackle the stains. Simply tell the technician what the stains are when you make your booking. It always helps if you know what the stain is. That way, the appropriate solution can be applied and the stain will then extract. If it does not, then the chances of it being permanent is high.

Do check out the stain remover products by clicking the link above. You’ll have some idea as to what products are available. Most carpet stains can be removed but there is always the odd few which are set and sadly, permanent.

Remember, if you are DIY carpet cleaning, that’s the best time to clean up carpet stains. Have the equipment at the ready on the day. Be sure to have the appropriate carpet stain remover solution. Take your time and follow guidance. You can do it if you try.

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