How To Clean Carpets At Home.

How To Clean Your Carpets At Home.


First of all, how important is cleaning our home carpets anyhow? Your carpets may look soiled, they may look embarrassing, you may even be thinking that your home carpets are unhealthy. Its like a car engine, it won’t run if your fuel filters are blocked up. Your carpets are much the same because they too are simply filters. Everything that is brought into your home by way of you and your family, it all ends up in your carpets!

All of the dust, dirt, pollen, chemicals and odors to name just a few, all of these irritants are dispersed onto and into your carpets. Your carpets then keeps it within the fibers to prevent it all from floating around your rooms and from you breathing it in continuously. Your carpet is, all said and done, a filter.

Indoor air problems

Air pollutants at home

There is also already a ton of pollutants in the home that will contaminate your indoor air. All of these pollutants whined up in your carpets too. Its stuff like;

There is literally thousands of chemicals and pollutants found in the home which mostly ends up in your carpets.

Here’s something;

Have you ever thought about how best to use your vacuum cleaner?

Because you can increase your vacuum cleaning considerably, not by doing it more often, or by taking longer to do it. There is actually a way you can increase your vacuum cleaner performance by large degrees. You simply must use your vacuum cleaner against the flow of your carpet pile.

Feel with your hand which way the carpet pile flows. Then, use your vacuum cleaner against the carpet pile flow. Check which way your brushes turn if you have an upright vacuum cleaner. They will always turn forwards. If that’s the case, work with your vacuum cleaner slowly against the flow of your carpet pile. Just pull the machine back towards yourself slowly and allow the turning brush to raise the pile of the carpet. Then it will vacuum out more soils from the raised pile.

Baby vacuum cleaning

Baby boy cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner.

If you try to vacuum clean your carpets by flattening the carpet pile with the turning brush, soils get buried in the pile. They are much harder to remove from the carpet.

A cylindrical vacuum cleaner, you can push the cleaning head into the pile of the carpet.  That way the pile is first raised then the vacuum follows lifting soils out from the raised carpet pile.


Always test carpets for color bleed and migration.

Its very simple and easy, but virtually no-one ever does it. You must always remember, that cleaning solutions must be high in alkalinity for them to clean. High alkaline solutions are sometimes stronger than the actual dyes in the carpets. If you clean a carpet using high alkaline solution, then the chances of you loosing color from your carpet is high.


Here’s the test;

Whatever solution you are using for cleaning your carpets, please, always do this test.

You simply use a white tissue. Spray on some solution onto your carpet. Make sure that every color in the carpet is covered by your spray. Then take the tissue and fold to fit onto your knuckles. Press down onto the sprayed solution with your knuckles for 30 seconds. Then take a look at the tissue and see if color has migrated from your carpet into the tissue.

You must never use a solution that causes colors to bleed from your carpet without a suitable rinse solution. Its the rinse solution that will stabilize carpet colors and make your home carpet cleaning safe again. But please always be sure to test your carpets first. If no color migrates into your tissue on testing, then that solution is safe to use.

I always like to use two solutions when cleaning carpets.

I recommend using two solutions to everyone  I teach carpet cleaning to.

One solution must be a good multi purpose pre-spray solution. It is this solution which will be the cleaner. The second solution is simply a rinsing solution and it does exactly that, it rinses out the multi purpose solution which is sprayed on and agitated into the carpets for cleaning. Rinsing is done through the extraction machine and this neutralizers the high alkaline pre-sprayed solution, so you get zero color bleeding.

Carpet cleaning pre-spray solutionfibre fabric rinse solution

There are other test you can do like fiber testing which helps identify carpets that may shrink due to cleaning. All of this information is included in the DIY carpet cleaning guidebook I have written. But today’s carpets rarely shrink due to cleaning. Also, if this method is followed from the book then the chances of shrinking is lessened because less water is used for cleaning. Its the water that shrinks carpets, not the solution for cleaning.

Lastly, you can check a carpet fiber by dropping it into a cup of water. Just check to make sure the fiber floats. 9 times out of 10 a floating carpet fiber is safe to wet clean. A sinking carpet fiber indicates that the carpet has a much increased chance of shrinking. Extra caution must be used by using less water for cleaning. (Cut the fiber out from your carpet edge using scissors)

Spots and stains are very common in today’s homes. The right approach cleans them up always.

Carpet cleaning pre-spray solutionUsually, I like to use a solution called multi-pro pre-spray to tackle carpet stains. Its a good all rounder carpet cleaning solution and will clean up most stains. It always helps if you know what the stain is should you come across a more difficult stain. There are many solutions available today that covers practically every type of carpet stain. For simplicity, I would recommend multi pro pre-spray solution for tackling stains. But remember that this solution must always be rinsed out. Never leave multi pro to dry in the carpet. Always use a rinse solution to neutralize the pre-spray. These home carpet cleaning solutions are Prochem products

There are dozens of ways to clean up carpet stains.

I like to use a spray on and dab method or a spray and brush agitate. Both methods work very well when a certain procedure is followed. Normally, stains are best tackled from the outside edges and work into the center. Even when your applying the cleaning solution, its always best to spray on from the outside edges working into the center of the stain.

For brush agitation, simply just rock the brush around the outside edges of the stain working your way to the center. So it’s spray and rock the brush around the outside edges of the stain in to the center.

With the dabbing method, its much the same. Spray on from the outside edges into center, then work your way round the outside edges of the stain into the center.

There is also a method where you can use a hot iron onto a clean white hand towel. You just spray onto the stain the appropriate solution and then use the iron hot to absorb the stain through the towel.

Carpet cleaning solutions must always be used to the recommended strengths. When mixing solutions with water, always mix to the recommended strengths every time. These solutions are designed to work most effectively when mixed properly. Simply just follow instructions on the labels.

Be aware about how to effectively use a carpet soil extraction machine.

In my book I always recommend you use a soil extraction carpet cleaning method. But for most folk, that means just getting a machine and whizzing round the room with it to clean the carpets. I’m sorry, but that is not how it’s done.

You must always use the proper technique in order to clean your home carpets effectively. If you don’t, then the chances of you over wetting your carpets is 99%. I will try to show you here how you can use a carpet cleaning machine for cleaning the carpets at home. Please watch this video.


So now you have an idea about how best to use a simple soil extraction machine for your home carpet cleaning. But its worth mentioning about just how do you do a carpet cleaning from start, right through to the finish

For you, the very best you can do is always treat your spots and and stains FIRST.  Then have the equipment at the ready and start your cleaning using the pre-spray and brush agitation method. Do it this way from start to finish without having to stop to clean up stains, or spots, or spills. Do it so that you can go all the way from start to finish without stopping.

At the end of the cleaning, you will want to set your carpet pile so that it flows in one direction and not all over the place. You do this with a carpet pile brush, give the brush a quick clean if you’ve used it for agitation and then comb the pile so that it is raised. Doing this will help your carpet to dry faster. It will look better as well once dry. I usually recommend that my customer stays off the carpet for 4 hours after cleaning. But I also say that if the carpet must be walked on, then feel free to do so. 

Most people believe that professional carpet cleaning is better than DIY carpet cleaning.

Of course this belief holds true for most folk. But how many professional carpet cleaners do you think are willing to give away their carpet cleaning secrets? And besides, would it actually be in their interests to do so?

On the market today there’s all sorts of home carpet cleaning machines and most owners swear by them. They are cheap, easy to use, and convenient.

But still the overall view about home carpet cleaning is to get the pro’s in. That though is a matter of whether a professional service is affordable. In many instances, it is not.

So, how to clean carpets at home?

You have many DIY carpet cleaning machines available at low cost, that does the job OK, but only partial compared to a professional service provider. But people invest in hiring or buying these low priced machines in droves and mostly for economical reasons.

Then There is Home Made Remedies Like Mixing A Concoction Of Ingredients To Magically Clean Up Stubborn Carpet Stains And Spots.

remedies for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning remedies

Of course some of these home carpet cleaning remedies work, but don’t you think that cooking ingredients are best kept in the kitchen for cooking only? Stuff like Vinegar  Soda Water, even Johnsons Baby Shampoo I saw mentioned on youtube!




The DIY Hire Machine Group, My Favorite Group, Who Try To Clean Carpets But Often Over Wet Them To The Point Of Saturation.

over wetting

Carpet cleaning over wetting.

Admittedly, this group of people all say that the diy hire carpet cleaners are better than most other available low price machines. These hire machines need to be used regularly and often. If they are not being used effectively, the cost goes up. If you are on a tight budget, then it looks like reverting to investing in your own machine is usually the better option.

I’d like to help you through this maze. I’d like to show you how to clean your carpets at home. Not only in terms of cost, but in terms of the result you will get from your home carpet cleaning efforts. I can tell you now, that professional carpet cleaners use professional solutions, professional techniques and professional tools. For less cost than to go out and buy a cheap DIY carpet cleaning machine, why not invest your money in quality solutions, tools, and hire a machine less often. Your home carpet cleaning results will last much longer. Hence less cleaning but better results when you do! This is how to clean your carpets at home.

Use Essential Techniques,and Effective Solutions Which I’ve Used For Decades. Plus, The Cheapest Tools That Will Give You The Best Carpet Cleaning Results.

To get started on this pathway, you will need your E book for cleaning carpet. Study the guide and you will see for yourself how you can effectively clean your home carpets. It all makes sense after you’ve discover these advanced carpet cleaning methods in your e book. Once you’ve got the few low cost tools and solutions for carpet cleaning, that’s it. You simply hire a machine locally as I’ll show you in your guide. Or use you own carpet cleaner machine with this system if you have one.

Can you spare one day twice a year cleaning your home carpets? If you can, grab your guidebook now. You’ll wonder how you would be doing without it after you’ve used the knowledge within. It’s a real eye opener when you discover just what most people don’t know or have probably never thought about before.

carpet cleaning result

Before and after.

Why not get started properly? DIY carpet cleaning is something that more and more people are doing. However, only a very small selection of these diy ‘ers are getting decent carpet cleaning results.
It’s a well known fact that most people really don’t know how to keep carpets clean. They always mess up the job of cleaning a carpet or two.
But don’t despair, because there is a solution. It’s a solution that anyone can use. It’s simple, easy to do and it rewards you with lovely, clean, healthy carpets.
See how this DIY Carpet Cleaning book and booklet can change your carpet cleaning results forever. No more will you settle for;



Its a pretty lengthy list don’t you think? But I bet I could add a further 10 more undesirable outcomes from the wrong approach to carpet cleaning.

But lets look at the solution rather than concentrating on the problems.

Here you have a simple book written by me. In the book, I have transcribed my professional carpet cleaning routine for you in easy bites. You can simply and easily copy the sequences from the book and you will be guaranteed a great carpet cleaning result if you do.
But please, don’t take my word for it, not without some proof of what I am saying.

Here’s what I’m suggesting.

If you really want to learn how to clean your carpets, get great results and have your carpets looking lovely again. If you want the confidence to clean your carpets really well every time. Lastly, if you are willing to try these simple, easy methods, then I want you on my team.
But you must really want to put these tactics into practice and not just read about them. You must be willing to try this carpet cleaning method 99.9%.

Here’s what to do.

Get the book for FREE and the Booklet too. Read the sequences and the how to clean a carpet details. Then let me help you through the process, through the setting everything up, and let me get you started cleaning your carpets with me watching over you every step of the way.

I’m not going to be there with you on the cleaning day of course. But I will be at the end of the phone, a Facebook message, or just an e mail away. I will be right there for you while your learning from the book.
Does that sound good for you? If it does, then I’m willing to help you get started cleaning your carpets. Plus, I am guaranteeing you get a great result that you are happy with. THEN, you will be the go to person that practically everyone you know will come to for help with their carpet cleaning. But of course, you only get this raving exposure if you want it. If you don’t want it, then just keep the carpet cleaning method to yourself. That’s OK.

So, are you up for it? Are you finally going to learn how to clean your carpets better. Get great results and have all of your friends green with envy.

Then if you answered YES, then get the book and booklet now for FREE.
If you are 100% thrilled with what you learn and how you implement the ideas and lastly with your great carpet cleaning results. Then you can pay me for it. But not otherwise. I only want you to pay me if you get the super results I’m promising first.  That’s the deal.
I can send the book to you now by e mail.  Order your Carpet Cleaning E Book and Booklet right here. There’s no obligation with this offer. But I would like to help you through the procedures to nice looking, clean and healthy carpets.

You Can Eliminate This List From Your Home Carpet Cleaning Activities With Your Carpet Cleaning E Book And Tools And Solutions Booklet.                                                                                                                      

Get your carpet cleaning e book now and I’ll show you how to clean your home carpets. All time money back guarantee. Great results every time or it’s free.

100 e books and booklets available only. I will take this offer down once I’ve reached 100 downloads. The volume of work will be too intense with more than 100 downloads. So, if you really want to clean your home carpets, grab your copies now. No obligations.

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