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DIY Rug Cleaning Tips and Maintenance


All area rug owners will agree that a clean area rug looks much better than a filthy area rug. It is therefore important for area rug owners to clean their area rugs regularly. However, most commercial cleaning services such as deep cleaning can be expensive. Therefore, area rug owners can learn some DIY rug cleaning tips that will help them to maintain their area rugs for as long as possible before they need to call the home cleaning services companies.

Get yourself a vacuum cleaner

Any area rug owner who wants to properly clean and maintain their rug should consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner. They should always vacuum their area rug after every three days in order to ensure that any dirt or dust is removed. This will leave the rug looking cleaner for longer. It is important to empty the dirt bag before vacuuming as dirty bags and filters can reduce the power of the vacuum. Furthermore, it is important to vacuum at the right speed, as a few slow vacuum passes are always better than many fast vacuum passes.

Keep cleaning items nearby

It is always important to act on a stain on an area rug immediately so that it does not dry up. This is because a dry stain is harder to remove, and it could cause the area rug to appear filthy. A cotton cloth is always important for dubbing or blotting a stain as soon as possible. A little water can also help to remove the stain easily. In case these two items fail, the rug owner could use vinegar or baking soda to carefully remove stains from their area rug. There are other chemical solutions and detergents that can help them to clean the area rug. They should check the manufacturer’s instructions on which chemicals are good, and which ones are not.

Steam cleaning services

Unlike the other cleaning and maintenance tips, steam cleaning Brisbane should be done less frequently. It is ideal to steam clean an area rug at least once in every six months. The process is very easy, and the rug owner simply has to hire a steam cleaner for the process. They can clean their area rug from home and ensure that it is free from dirt, dust, pet hair and mud. When using steam cleaning Brisbane services, it is always better to clean the area rug when the dirt is still manageable. If the rug is too dirty, it may be better to get professional area rug cleaning services. It is also important to not use too much moisture when steam cleaning, and to allow the area rug to dry completely before walking on it or returning the furniture.
DIY cleaning for area rugs is quite easy and straightforward. The best part is that it is quite cheap, and it still ensures that the area rug is clean, well maintained and attractive for longer. Individuals who follow these tips will be able to properly maintain their area rugs so that they serve them for as long as possible.

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