Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning.

Why You Should Not Throw Your Carpets Out For Laminated Or Wood Flooring?


People who think their carpeting cannot be cleaned properly due to poor cleaning results before, they tend to remove carpets and go for laminated or wood flooring instead. I think this situation is more than such a shame. Carpets in all sorts of establishments and in the homes of people in general, are being chucked on the scrap heap because owners have little or no faith in the carpet cleaning industry. They had carpets cleaned, they took days to dry, they re-soiled very quickly and sometimes without the owner being fully aware, the carpeting became really quite unhealthy.

Main reason why people get poor carpet cleaning results.

This is a fact of life for many carpet cleaning consumers everywhere. Of course, there is good reason why all of this poor servicing takes place. After all, how difficult is it to get a carpet cleaning machine? Today anyone can pick one up!

You often get people entering the carpet cleaning industry with zero knowledge about the subject. After all, no-one need take exams, train or be equipped adequately. So the industry is open to anyone who wishes to take part. Therefore, people often start cleaning carpets for a living and they have zero knowledge about what exactly it is they are doing. They may have some idea about the benefits of carpet cleaning, but in many cases, not the full story.

I started 30 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about cleaning carpets then.

My own opinion on this is simple. But it won’t change anything. Because this is exactly how I got started cleaning carpets 30 years ago. I made every mistake possible back then. I quit, I started again, I quit and re-started again several times. And this is sometimes how people get into the carpet cleaning business. Some will take training like I did and others will just continue to make mistakes and give poor service for low cost.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean Has Lots Of Benefits, Visual And Invisible.

Let’s say something good about the benefits of carpet cleaning, because not only does cleaning a carpet improve the visual appearance of a room and extend the life of the carpeting. Also the improved human health aspects must be remembered too.

Apart from every day dust and dirt, carpeting collects all sorts of pollutants as the carpet acts as a filter. There could well be manifestations of dust mites living and breading in your carpets. Toxic air born allergens adhere to pollutants found in carpeting. When someone walks across the carpet, it releases the pollutants into the air on a regular basis.

This is why it is advised to vacuum clean carpets at least 3 times per week. Professional carpet cleaning once a year will help remove pollutants and thus clear and clean indoor air.

Dirty carpets = polluted indoor air.

Toxic gas is dispersed into the air as you walk across your carpet believe it or not. The indoor air gets contaminated when carpets are dirty. But professional carpet cleaning kills bacteria and will also improve indoor air quality as a result. This is just a snippet of the actual benefits of carpet cleaning.

Having carpet professionally cleaned regularly will help people with breathing difficulties such as asthma and COPD ext. The air born pollutants which come from the dirty carpeting are greatly reduced as a direct result of cleaning. Anyone with breathing difficulties will experience easier breathing after carpets have been cleaned professionally.

Dust mites are microscopic. The feces and the dead bodies of the dust mites are what causes breathing problems for people rather than the dust mite itself. If you disturb a manifestation of dust mites you will not be aware of it. But the air pollution as a result of the air born feces and dead bodies of the dust mites will in fact cause breathing problems to the room occupants. These pollutants are microscopic and they float around on the air. However, professional carpet cleaning uses high temperature cleaning solution which the house dust mite is unable to withstand and it dies.

Growing mold and mildew can be a problem when indoor air is moist.

Very often, if a carpet is not cleaned for long intervals it will start to grow mold and mildew. During the winter months when moist air in the house is highest, then the mold and mildew will grow in any areas where the moist air is. But don’t despair, because regular professional carpet cleaning will eliminate the chances of growing mold and mildew in your carpets. This is just another of the many benefits of carpet cleaning.

Can you begin now to see how important cleaning your carpets is? Can you also see why a lot of people are reverting to cold wood flooring’s as an alternative to all of these mentioned problems? But there’s even more you should know if your keeping your warm, cozy, room enhancing carpeting.

Carpets are cozy and warm.

You are aware I’m sure, about the benefits of having carpets in your home or workplace. Not only do carpets look nice and they certainly enhance a rooms appearance. Carpets are also good for keeping noise levels down. They also act as a filter which will hold onto lots of pollutants until you vacuum clean them out.

So please don’t throw out your beautiful carpets and replace them with noisy, cold wood flooring. Keep your carpets, but keep them maintained. It’s like anything, if you look after an item then it will serve you well and it will last a long time. There is nothing different about your carpeting.

If you would like to learn how to keep your carpeting clean and healthy, I would be happy to talk with you and show you a few effective ideas. Then you can experience the benefits of carpet cleaning yourself.

Please either send a message to me on Facebook at  or call +44 07576 382821 and simply leave your name and contact telephone number. I will call you back same day. (If you are dialing from outside the UK, leave out the 0)

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