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 Best Way To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets.

Here’s How You Pick Up More Than Double The Soils From Your Carpet Vacuum Cleaning.


I would like to show you here how to vacuum clean your carpets. But the problem is that your unlikely to use this method, but it is the best. Here’s how to improve your vacuum cleaning.

First thing we do is, we put the vacuum cleaner aside for a minute. Place your hand flat onto your carpet surface, then stroke your carpet across in all four directions, left to right, right to left, up and down. You’ll feel which way your carpet pile flows. There is a rough way when your stroke your carpet and there’s a smooth way.

What we are looking for is the rough way. We want to know which way your carpet pile flows. Remember, it’s the rough way we are looking for. Once you’ve found which way your carpet pile flows, then turn to your vacuum cleaner.

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On the underside of your machine there is a brush that rotates. The brush spins forward. Having this in mind, we think of the flow of your carpet pile. Remember the rough way. We want the brush on the underside of the vacuum cleaner to raise your carpet pile. So, if we vacuum clean WITH the flow of your carpet pile, then in all respects, we are flattening the pile down with the rotating brush. Soils get buried doing it this way and they become difficult to vacuum out.

On the other hand, if we work with your vacuum cleaner against the flow of the carpet pile, then we are raising the pile with the turning brush. Now the soils in your carpet can easily be vacuum cleaned out. We are in effect raising the carpet pile for the vacuum to follow and thus vacuum cleaning the soils from the raised pile. Can you see how this works?


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Now, I don’t expect you to always vacuum clean your carpets against the carpet pile flow. That would be too difficult for most people. But if you keep this method in mind constantly while vacuum cleaning, knowing which way your pile flows, then you will pick up much more soil.

Another great method is to pull your machine slowly towards yourself. The slower you can pull it, the more soils you will pick up. So please remember, work with your vacuum cleaner raising your carpet pile for the vacuum to pull out soils. Work slower with your vacuum cleaner and pull out even more soils.

This carpet vacuum cleaning method works with cylindrical vacuum cleaners too. Rather than pulling the floor tool in any old direction across your carpets. Instead push the tool into the carpet pile. Doing this, your raising the pile pushing into it and the vacuum will follow. Simply feel which way your carpet pile is set. You can do that with your hand. Just stroke your hand across your carpet and feel which way the pile flows.

That’s all I’ve got for you on this post. Please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like me to cover next. I am eager to help you more. You may well like to view, ‘benefits of carpet cleaning‘ a post all about carpets and carpet cleaning benefits.

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Shane Daley

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