Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution.

For Exceptionally Clean Carpets, You Will Need To Pre-Spray And Brush-In This Fantastic Carpet Cleaner Solution.


I know, that if you’re reading this post, the likely hood of you being serious about keeping your carpets clean is high. But just having a desire for cleaner carpets is sometimes not what gets them clean.


Multi-Pro Is A Powerful Solution Which Is Pre-Sprayed Onto Carpets FIRST.


Without Multi-Pro carpet cleaner pre-spray, you will probably be creating a cleaning related problem for yourself. If carpets are not cleaned properly, then you can get all sorts of problems.

and many more other cleaning related problems.

3 litre carpet sprayer and multi pro fluid cleaning fluid

Carpet sprayer and Multi pro. (Prochem)

In order to avoid such mishaps when cleaning your carpets, this pre-spray solution which I am recommending to you is pretty crucial. (There are many other carpet cleaning pre-spray solutions you can use) You need one that will clean your carpets thoroughly. You see, most carpet pre-spray solutions will actually clean your carpets before you even approach them with a machine.

Like so many people who have a go themselves, cleaning a carpet with just a machine is not the answer. The machine you use for cleaning should be looked upon as a rinsing machine and not a cleaning machine. Most DIY’rs soak carpets trying to remove heavy soils using just the machine.

This is the best carpet cleaner solution (Multi-Pro). It does all the cleaning work for you first. Then you switch on your machine and simply rinse out the pre-sprayed solution which has pre-cleaned your carpet for you. But this process does not take place without effort. Multi Pro needs to be brush agitated into your carpet pile for it to loosen, dissolve and separate soils from your carpet fibers.


Two Solutions Interact And Cause A Cleaning Action.

fibre fabric rinse solution

Best carpet rinsing solution

A rinse solution is used in the extraction machine which works in combination with the Multi Pro. The two solutions together create a cleaning effect. The rinse solution works by attracting the soils which you have loosened, separated and dissolved with your pre-spay. As you rinse your carpets through with the machine, the soils are more prone to be extracted because they are no longer matted in your carpet fibers. The soils are loose and are much easier to extract with any machine.


Carpet Pile Brush


Essential Carpet Brush For Agitating Pre-Spray Solution

You should never be without A Carpet Brush.

You simply must use a suitable carpet cleaning brush which you can only get from a suitable cleaning supplies store. This procedure will help you to keep your carpets cleaner and for much longer too. You’ll get zero over wetting and as a result, you’ll notice that your carpets dry bright and healthy. Too much water in your carpets make them dry dull and they become unhealthy as a result.


The best carpet cleaner solution is Multi-pro pre-spray. This method pound for pound cleans carpets better than any other system available to the DIY market today.


In fact, not a lot of people know about this pre-spray method. The majority just use an extraction machine, which means that their carpet will require cleaning more often. And generally, they have sick carpets because too much water has been used to shift stubborn soil.

Don’t be in the same category of the machine be all and end all group.

Also, last point, — you should never use a carpet cleaning machine without knowing how. So many people simply have no clue about how to operate a soil extraction carpet cleaning machine. See this post on this blog carpet steam cleaner hire. The post will show you a special technique for using a soil extraction carpet cleaning machine. Please don’t race out and get stuck into cleaning your carpets without first reading the post. I’ll tell you exactly how to operate a soil extraction machine so you get substantially better results.

You’ll be the pro because you’ll know exactly what your doing. Please refer to the above blog post, it’s on this site, for more important info.

For the best carpet cleaner solution, use Multi Pro, get it here.

You can get your products here-UK

Multi Pro

Fiber fabric rinse

Carpet pile brush



If you are in the USA you can get carpet cleaner tools and solutions (Prochem) here.



Shane Daley


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