Home Carpet Cleaning Machines.

 Simple DIY Home Carpet Cleaning Machines.


Your DIY carpet cleaner machines, here’s some simple tips.

Firstly, you’ll need to have some idea as to what you will be cleaning. One room, two rooms, three ext,,,.

In most hire shops, you can get a small low powered machine that will be good for  2-4 rooms of home carpet cleaning. Hire for a couple of days if you can.

diy carpet cleaning machines

Home carpet cleaning machine

You can also get the larger machines that will clean bigger areas faster, therefore, you can do 3-6 rooms probably in a full day. But remember, I recommend that you use a pre-spray and brush agitation. This will slow you down with your carpet cleaning considerably, but pre-spraying and brush agitation will give you much better and worthwhile, lasting results.

Diy carpet cleaning machines


My suggestion would be — hire the small ‘low powered home carpet cleaning machine‘ to get started.

diy carpet cleaning machines, brush

Diy carpet cleaning brush.

Get familiar with how it all works. Do two or three rooms using the pre-spray and brush agitation method. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be more confident with carpet cleaning.

Remember, these carpet cleaning machines do much the same as each other. Check out this post, small carpet steam cleaner. The bigger carpet cleaning machines have a larger solution tank and recovery tank. The motors are more powerful too. But the principles are very much the same. Both machines work the same way. So do start off with the small hire machine and get the feel of how it works.  Or maybe buy a diy carpet cleaning machine. But try hiring a once or twice first.



diy carpet cleaning machines, sprayer and chemical

DIY sprayer and solution

home carpet cleaning machines

Diy carpet cleaning machine

The small low powered cleaning machines are good enough to use on most home DIY carpet cleaning tasks. Do be sure though to pre-spray and brush agitate, then use the machine for rinsing only.

For carpet cleaning tools and solutions and machine hire, go here.




First time you do this DIY carpet cleaning, it can be slightly hard work.

I suggest you do just 4ft square at a time, then rest a minute. Always pre-vacuum clean all the areas that you will be cleaning. Then, spray your multi-pro solution on, just 4ft square. Brush agitate the solution into your carpet pile. Lastly rinse out your pre-spray together with the loose soiling.

Just work slowly with the machine. The slower you can pass the wand tool over your carpets the better. If you pass the tool over your carpets too quick, then it won’t extract much solution. You must remember to do it slowly. Please, its not a race.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this method for cleaning carpets works brilliantly.

If you’ve done your home carpet cleaning yourself before and now your considering this method, you will see what I’m saying. The difference in results is impressive. Suddenly, you’ll be getting worth while results from your efforts. You will know, that when you DIY you can always expect a super fine result. Much better than drenching your carpets trying to get stubborn soils out.

That’s not an unqualified promise. I’ve used these very same methods for nearly 30 years. Today I brush agitate mechanically. But it wasn’t always that way. I did it exactly as described here in this post. I did it in my own business for several years, then I invested in a buffer machine to do the brushing. If you would like a good machine to help with brush agitation, I would recommend either of these machines.

diy carpet cleaning machines, buffer

Buffer machine

home diy carpet cleaning machines

Sebo duo machine agitator

diy carpet cleaning machines, sebo duo

Sebo Duo carpet agitator machine








You can attach a shampoo brush onto the base of the buffer machine.

This brush spins slowly over the surface of the carpet. You have a measure of Multi-pro in the solution tank of the machine or you can spray Multi Pro onto the carpet with a sprayer. Very important, the buffer machine must be slow speed or at the very maximum standard speed. If you check on the machine you will see a letter; (Numatic and some others)

S = Slow

M = Medium

F = Fast

You can see on the underside of the machine, right in the center where the brush sits on. You will see either of these  three letters S, M,Or F. Please don’t use any machine other than a machine stamped with an S. (Numatic machines and some others)

If you use a faster machine, then what happens is, the fast turning brush will pull away at your carpet fixings and make them loose and unstable. Carpets tend to stretch too. So you get a bumpy carpet where it has sagged and stretched and loosened from the fixings. ALWAYS remember you must use only a slow speed machine for carpet cleaning. (VERY IMPORTANT)


The Sebo Duo is ace.

It is very light weight, very easy to use and it does a good job too. You can pick these machines up brand new for less than £300. But if you look on ebay, you’ll see Sebo Duos going for a song.

Obviously, you don’t really need a machine for brush agitation. You will probably only be cleaning your carpets at home occasionally. The manual brush agitation shouldn’t pose a problem for you. For me though my situation was very different. I was cleaning carpets every single day, I needed a machine to help me.

But for you, I would just go with the manual brushing. You can rest, have a brew, watch telly, relax as and when you like. In fact I recommend that you take your time and go easy. But at least now you know that these diy carpet cleaning machines are available should you really want to use them.


That’s me signing off on this post. If you have any queries, let me know in the comments below. I read every one and answer them too. Thank you for reading this post.


Here’s a free report all about hiring a carpet cleaning machine.

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